52 min 2016 FIM X-Trial World Championship - Wiener Neustadt (AUT)
I hate it when they turn the game into a sport

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52 min 2016 FIM X-Trial World Championship - Wiener Neustadt (AUT)


It’s Xerxes : Its 4:45 am, I have to get up early and I'm watching an hour long video of a sport that I don't even understand

Steven Phillips : No dynamite and exploding fuel barrels at the end of the course?

danlatu : No lava pit, no aligator moat. Totally disappointing.

Ryan : Apparently 2nd place is the best you can do if you can't win. Groundbreaking.

Laurynas Stankevicius : I started with stadium truck videos, and ended up in herre after an hour or so. And it starts to blow my mind, how we as humans always try to push the limits of every single thing that exist :D make everything a competition. It's crazy and yet thats what drives us as a species in general.

Jack Frost : Makes those idiots doing wheelies down the highway look like a bunch of kids playing with their toys.

LiangHuBBB : trials in RL

Jerry8yomomma : real life trials fusion lol

Nada vê : hahahahah quem e BR curte ae pra mostra que nois e ativo

sailentxx : the new graphics and physics for Trials look great

AJ G : Wtf i thought trials was just a video game lmfao

tazmon122 : did youtube just recommend i watch ESPN8 (the ocho) presents: Trials Evolution in real life........ cool.

Shanty Town : not enough triple back flips while jumping from prop to prop, and not enough landings on the head, thats usually how my trials play out

SugaRr789 : Invite danny macaskill to do this Parkour with he s bike 😂

Love Xiaomi : Doug Lampkin was the beast of all time)

James : 17:10 They Have CHEERLEADERS!!

El Gumbo : I fell off my 1100 just getting bread. Wth? Lol.

jackson7177 : THIS IS BEYOND CRAZY!!!! WOW

catzoo : I think I found a new sport to watch

MaoNoUse : He may be the champ but he got some "chiclets" for teefers. Toni Bou

Dale Kemp : whoever has put this video together for the tv wants his head looking at! why would u keep using the helmet cam footage for the biggest jumps so that we cant actually see how they have made it up there?? spoiled the whole video for me!!

Herman Böök : Danny MacAskill is not impressed.

Sharp- - Vintage - : Damn trials rising looks amazing

Matthew McEwen : Yo dirt max racing 4 looks awesome

whitey g : They may not ride fast, but they are the BEST motorcycle riders in the world.

Bill Kerr : I've never watched trials before. This was exciting and the riders' talents amazing.

1million subs with no vids challenge : What the fk is wrong with Bou, watching him ride is more soothing than ASMR

Dev Guy : 16:20 I was like, oh no he isn't...oh sh!t he did :-D lmao

Penguinox : I've played this flash game before

Dame Frances Yates Fan Club : I've never even understood how this sport is possible at all. These guys are crazy.

Drifter D : I thought this was only possible in Trials Fusion :v This is sick!

Eratiik : So much skill. I just stumbled across this randomly. But I am enjoying it. Great upload. Thanks. 😁

upplsuckimcool16 : I like big air.... FMX freestyle.... but THIS........ THIS RIGHT HERE, THIS is DEFYING GRAVITY!

sublime929 : These guys are not human.

Sushi Mamba : Top level is when they complete the same course on Harley Davidson 1200 Customs

Value ___? : Outstanding cuts/clips and great commentary make this a pleaseure to watch even for people who have never seen this spot before. Great work. Fun to watch.

ArthurVeselov : Пиздец я ранервничался пока смотрел

Danny Sullivan : Just clicked the video because I saw wiener in the title

Mirrorz : "Ain't no mustard on my bike." -Rake Yohn

Gilles LAPEYRE : je respecte ton job man, mais ta une voix a pourrie!

GhostPhace : Trials Fusion

cvcoco : They make it look so easy. Trials is my favorite kind of riding and its one thing to get over rocks and logs but what these guys do is insane. Go watch vids of Tony Bou, he is not even from this planet!

MaggotDiggo1 : Skips to Tony Bou*

deldridg : "Second position in such a short championship is the best you can do if you can't win". (3:42)

Popin : 16:21 to tvl !!!

Kenny Lewis : If it's a motorcycle sport where you ride in yoga pants...is it really a sport?

DISCO BIANCO : X-Moto in real life

lee155912000 : Its like Trials Fusion in real life.

P h o e n i x. : 4:31 um.. wut?