52 min 2016 FIM X-Trial World Championship - Wiener Neustadt (AUT)

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It’s Xerxes : Its 4:45 am, I have to get up early and I'm watching an hour long video of a sport that I don't even understand

danlatu : No lava pit, no aligator moat. Totally disappointing.

John R : The graphics in *Trials Rising* is looking great

LiangHuBBB : trials in RL

James : 17:10 They Have CHEERLEADERS!!

Jerry8yomomma : real life trials fusion lol

Ryan : Apparently 2nd place is the best you can do if you can't win. Groundbreaking.

Dale Kemp : whoever has put this video together for the tv wants his head looking at! why would u keep using the helmet cam footage for the biggest jumps so that we cant actually see how they have made it up there?? spoiled the whole video for me!!

Ice Carpenter : I started with stadium truck videos, and ended up in herre after an hour or so. And it starts to blow my mind, how we as humans always try to push the limits of every single thing that exist :D make everything a competition. It's crazy and yet thats what drives us as a species in general.

AJ G : Wtf i thought trials was just a video game lmfao

Shanty Town : not enough triple back flips while jumping from prop to prop, and not enough landings on the head, thats usually how my trials play out

Steven Phillips : No dynamite and exploding fuel barrels at the end of the course?

Nada ver : hahahahah quem e BR curte ae pra mostra que nois e ativo

GhostPhace : Trials Fusion

Drifter D : I thought this was only possible in Trials Fusion :v This is sick!

sublime929 : These guys are not human.

Yury Rodin : Я там на урале с коляской все проеду

Urban : such a cool sport... love it

dell cruz : Trials Evo anyone?

SugaRr789 : Invite danny macaskill to do this Parkour with he s bike 😂

Darnod : How in the world do you practice for this?!

sri ram : Insane stunts!!! Incredible!! :-o

benkshi : Trials in real life

wallas Filho05 : Hj HDI

brian fernandez 1709 : No entendí por la traducción a inglés déjenlo en español >:v

James : When did this become a thing!!!!??!?!?!?!?!

DanielGjørTing : Dank whoolies, brah!

Psyklops : They made trials into a real thing 😂😂

thangquocnguyenmdp : Bad edited

zachary paris : why the hell do they have spotters?

motor sport terbaru : mantap bos...super kren

MaggotDiggo1 : Skips to Tony Bou*

Hudi Oliveira : É nois mano. grau p esses caras e fixinha. kkkkk

Byrd Main : how is this not more popular?!?!?

Marcos Adriano : quanto custa uma dessa

Foxtrot camp : playing "floor is lava" with bikes, that's what it is hahaaaa

James : WTF IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Insert good channel name Here : When the devs have a update and this happened

Jlp Lotus : รายการอะไร

StllBreathnBut_Y : Needs more explosive barrels

Luis Maia : isso é muito dá ora

Lewy Lew : Ciekawy sport , umiejętności cyrkowe .

lee155912000 : Its like Trials Fusion in real life.

0xygenIsOverRated : Where are the Ninja courses!?

Morgan Brown : pedal bike trials riders could dominate these courses much quicker

Lukas H : great

G4M3R0 • : Parece os skill test do gta

motocross gabrielw1022 moto e vida : I Love motocross

Jonas Carvalho : qual é o nome dessa moto

Popin : 16:21 to tvl !!!