Keeping your refrigerator stocked will get you many women
Its been 10 years since this incredible video was uploaded to YouTube

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Man, my home boy thought i was lying when I said I keep my crib female friendly. So I decided to do a video on how you do it right. Real talk I will put you on...Chicago stand


kaduzy : I'm dying for an update on how this guy's life is going now, 10 years later. Did he get all the women he wanted? Does he still live in this house? IS HIS FRIDGE STILL STOCKED?!?!?!

Elijah Buscho : this guy's kitchen is a gas station convenience store

Yodes : It took 10 years for this to pop up in my recommended?! I've been finally blessed

JTsuits : Uploaded in 2008 ,, 11 years ago ,, woooowwwwww I’m old

100,000 subcribers without any videos challeng : this is still hilarious 10 years later, my man was ahead of his time

Bjarke Rugsted : back in the days where people would film what they where talking about and not their own face

Squckson : who here in 2019?? lmaoo this shit is a classic bruh

Jack Poon : "Baby c'mon, get your snack breathing heavy as hell I know you hungry"

MrMrchatcity : This is that pre Google YouTube shit right here. i Miss old content creators like this

Dominic Vizdos : This is back in the day when people could flex the shit that really matters

Lil LIL' : "Redbull, now that's for me. I ain't tryin' to front, now I be kinda tired in tha mornin'" Real talk

TheWutangclan1995 : My guy that ain't a fridge no more that's a bodega.

Cody Argentino : This dude is living any guys dream

Drex : this is recommended to me, 11 years late.

Me : Mr Chi City's verbal IQ is probably 160+

Zelo : I've been on YouTube since the start and have never seen this video until it was just recommended for me today i literally hate youtube for recommending this 11 years late. This is actually the funniest video on youtube

Diego Rojas Sebastian : If there was ever a list of "classic" internet videos, this would definitely be in that list.

Nerd Motivation : Once a year I think about this video and how it's the funniest video on YouTube.

Vanilla Luke : Nobody's ever talked to me like a friend like this before.

Lysergic Tom : All that cereal and no damn milk

RustySporks : It's been 9 years and this video has seriously had an impact on my life. "Get money, get paid", "snacks on snacks", "you breathin heavy", "ba-BAM", these are all things I say on a regular basis now. Also I now buy Sweet Baby Rays.

Sardine Juice : Lol he sounds like kanye

MikusLove Soul : He probably has 2nd fridge for his food.

Jason Zheng : Yo its been 10 years but the views are still coming

Erick J. : This video was ahead of its time

Lastdon56 : Happy 10 Year Anniversary mayne!

Rico Roman : All these years later, still legendary

Christopher Bojorquez : Things women look for food shelter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

frizzybob : Who watching in 2019 .....? Of course you are.

Shawn Don : He ain’t used to having an option πŸ˜‚

This Channel : I miss old YouTube

Cdot Rey : As 2017 is nearing to an end. I gotta revisit one of the best videos in YT history

Argy Bargy : Imagine how often this guy pees..

Samantha Billings : Iconic. I watch this video at least once a year.

That Other Guy : it is 2019. this was recommended to me. I feel enlightened

Cole D : You breathin heavy as hell I know you hungry

V Bizzle : Plot twist: aint even his house

mobywv : never sure why he quit. People can make a fortune on youtube these days. Guy could make a killin. Oh well

Bob Ross : Hit that little niggah with a freeze pop lmao

MIDNIGHT DESPERADO : Why is this in my recommendations

Bigstradamus : Still relevant 2018

Emily Boland : Omg I remember watching this so long ago!!!! Now I want Kool aid

Jacob Devine : HAHA this dude must be starving

Marian Ali : 6 years later and this video STILL HAS ME crying!!!!!!

ENVIOUS : this guy was ahead of his time

Holo Hoops : youre not wrong lmao!! put some veggies in the fridge and then boom youre hubby material

Atwvw Ananna : β€œMade a PIZZA! HAHAHA!” gets me every time

Scott Voiers : This guy is currently in hiding from the Gillette Man Behavior Police

cumy : *after all this year's he is still single*