Keeping your refrigerator stocked will get you many women

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Chris Sanders : Once a year I think about this video and how it's the funniest video on YouTube.

kaduzy : I'm dying for an update on how this guy's life is going now, 10 years later. Did he get all the women he wanted? Does he still live in this house? IS HIS FRIDGE STILL STOCKED?!?!?!

opsimathics : still the best video on youtube. shit's more educational than the history channel

Tenafly Viper : I have to say, as a woman, that is definitely something that would keep my interest. Hell, it's just a good idea when having a lot of people around in general.

Rico Roman : All these years later, still legendary

shadowzack : All that cereal and no milk.

commentor5 : It took me 6 years to realize he had all that cereal and no milk

Cole D : You breathin heavy as hell I know you hungry

pnmcrw : His white girl voice is on point

Handbanana : "Black people dont eat blue cheese" You learn something new every day

Great big bag of dicks. : there needs to be a quiz... "Which kind of MrChiCity's drink option are you???"

Leo : If I could have a video tattooed on me I'd want this video.

Jack Poon : "Baby c'mon, get your snack breathing heavy as hell I know you hungry"

Andrew Heil : this is the vid that white people feel comfortable with to send to their 1 black friend

SpookyApparition : I watched this like 8 years ago and still use three of his phrases all the time: get money get paid, snacks on snacks, and you breathin heavy as hell

serendipity9defined : When he opened the drawer of Kool Aid I laughed so hard I spilled my gape soda into my fried chicken and watermelon while sitting in my black leased Cadillac on 24 inch rims in front of the Church's Chicken with my 16 kids in the back seat

DJ Street Love : that white girl voice

cocotazo : 9 different flavors of cereal. No milk.

Sam Warren : How can one man have so much charisma?

Jason Toney : Hit 'em with the freeze pops!

Viktor : "Erykah Badu chicks" HAHAHAHAH

MrMrchatcity : This is that pre Google YouTube shit right here. i Miss old content creators like this

Marian Arellano : This is will forever be my favorite video on YouTube lmao

jeremyiswin : I've learned so much in the past 7 minutes. Can't wait to find a sassy black woman to take home!

D-Dropshots23 : This had me dead when he was like " You know i tell the big girl baby get your snack on feel comfortable you breathing heavy ass hell i know you hungry" LMFAO

Nico Ceja : this video is still relevant

Sam Gershwin : No milk for the cereal /:

pastel shinki. : You are my favorite person. Legit.

GoldJacketLuke : The funniest video on youtube. Hands down. I remember when this came out 5 years ago. Wish he still made vids. Real & good guy

Jared Banks : He cashed out at Sams Club hahaha

IAN ROBERTS : BAMM!!!! hit dem lil N's with a freez pop.......The quote of the year!!!!!

RustySporks : It's been 9 years and this video has seriously had an impact on my life. "Get money, get paid", "snacks on snacks", "you breathin heavy", "ba-BAM", these are all things I say on a regular basis now. Also I now buy Sweet Baby Rays.

CRU z : Still one of the best videos to hit the internet all these years later. Hope you been well Chi if you see this.

Nick Waters : I will no doubt be showing my grandchildren the seminal and iconic work of this contemporary genius.. Godspeed

Conner H : Bro I see you favoriting comments. Make another video!

UnsettlingSun : "you breathing heavy ass hell i know you hungry" lmaooo

KayKay : I remembered this video today and really wanted to watch it, but didn't know how to find it.  Then I typed "black guy fridge" into the search bar and this was the first video.

Michele Benoit : Oooomyyygodd haha this guy is a trip! "I appreciate you trying to give me the most juice for the best value" hahaha

elvis316 : Please come back, MrChiCity.

Chris Lawts : Must have been the 1st of the month.

Tyler Durden : Erykah Badu chicks lmaoooo

Diego Sebastian : If there was ever a list of "classic" internet videos, this would definitely be in that list.

Bradley Colvert : Who’s still here in 2018?.. know what I’m sayin’

Alex Almansoori : His fridge is a *grocery store* in itself.

kevin macdonald : 0:50 that shit ain't from Egypt. That's probably from target or walmart

Heyitsme : Not even gonna deny this lol

Cdot Rey : As 2017 is nearing to an end. I gotta revisit one of the best videos in YT history

Jack Dodge : lol this is so funneh sweg trap nation young mula baby

Lucid Leaf : but what do YOU eat?