Mutsack - Hop Hop Hop (feat. Terrance)

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Trevo, Ph.D. : This deserves so much more attention. 2,000 Views isn't enough.

jim dog : Beginning: not again.. End: F%#^%&#*%, very catchy.

1ucasvb : The robot part was great

Knuckles : Biggie Terrance knows de hops my bruddahs XD

xCopy xCat : nerf the gold shells!!!

Juicy : This deserves more views

XOXO Cane XOXO : 14000 Hmmm y’all need more views

SASHY BLAZE : Damn this song should be more known

IStealYourCake : How doesn't this have more views?

Snow Ball : more views kek

Edward Zacharek : Why isn't this more popular?