Squirrel Steals Airplane

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Abby C : That squirrel was *NUTS!* *ba dun shh*

Lapis Blaze : Lol, please give that squirrel an F-22.

StaticDreamsEntert : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Omar Hajjar : *uploaded on 9/11/2001*

Night Fox : Thug life for squeal savage

Anish : yeah m sure this is real coz once a squirrel stole my SUV ....make sure u lock the doors.

CHEEKI BREEKI Blyat : Osama Bin Laden's pet

Surftons official : Stuart little

KesP : This is why youtube is still a thing

Dumb POLICE : *War...* *It Never Changes*

Luka V : it was remote control , the squirrel wasn't doing nothing

Desmond Osadebamwen : The first squirrel to ride a plane 😂

Jack Deppner : The squirrel was probably like WTF???

Jawad Valam : It looks like Tom and Jerry when they steal the Wright Brothers plane and this squirrel is like Jerry 😂


Rob Hunter : Love It!!! Best laugh I've had in a while...

Matt Majcan : i should be doing homework but instead i'm watching a squirrel do barrel rolls in an rc plane

sammy man9000 : 1:21 savage!

James Cockerham : I don't know what I expected

David Neri : that squirrel is definitely on nuts

Dirt Plays : That squirrel is a ace pilot

Lyndii Mey : *Squirrel Little Mode.*

Sharkgamer999 : HOOOW?

Jammy Peace : When squirrel play too much GTA

panca pandu : Sandy it's that you?

Geno Smith : Thats so damm funny..awesome..

amin a : He flies.But none of the hair of his body will swing in the wind😒

Stinger DudeX : This is funny 😆 good thing you got the rc plane ✈️ back and no broken

HayyanPro 167 : Flying squirrels

centralparocker 888 : I'd rather have that squirrel flying a plane than some of these drunken pilots you keep hearing about....

hurricane watcher : GTA Squirrel Edition

Tye Spiller : I T S T E X S A S ! ! !

ProGamer : Stuard little

Satyabrat Swain : *Squirrel 007*

JUSTIN SWILLEY : War just war

EternalBlade YT : at 1:57 the squirrel flips the plane


Jacko The Pumpkin Animatronic : This Squirrel is a thug life swag nutboy remember kids Keep you things if not The SwagSquirrel_27 will get it like a Sanic

Joyce Rogers : LOL

tohopes : You know the other squirrels are never going to believe his story.

GoPro. Musica : Is that Chip, or is it Dale?

Logan Benda : Lol

Gamer18 : Me: "Mom, can I have a ps4?" My mom: "Sh'yeah, when pigs fly." *Shows video* Mom: "...Eh, close enough."

Sootyjared : This is one hell of a video to be recommend.

Inspeakable YT : Why can that squirrel fly better than me

sleepy cat : *SQUA LA LA WE ARE OFF*

RedRaven 19 : Great acting👌🏻

joshua brusco : So this is what Sandy does when she's in Texas

Joseph Goebbels : Lol...really😂😂 that was awesome

Signalstat Steve Douglas : The boy was an ace.he is now a official flying squirrel.