Squirrel Steals Airplane

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Abby C : That squirrel was *NUTS!* *ba dun shh*

Darth Vader : Category: gaming

Toasted Fan Art : I have a degree in aero engineering and I can clarify this is legit

Harshavardhana B.R. : This was all Fake! The Squirrel was a paid Actor

Mr.Spongy Games : *Shit their evolving too fast!!!!!*

ELTRION _127 : 2:12 Uh Oh... There's Someone Who Don't Know How To Use A Greenscreen... _Lol Sry 4 Da Spoiler.... :"V_ This Shet Make A Lot Of Hooman Trigerred... 😂

My Digital Teacher : *OK I changed my Mind I'm ready to pay hefty price for that Sneaky Squirrel Pilot but nothing for your R.C. I want that Squirrel..I wanna train her for WW lll*

AQUA CARE NEMO : Please be careful it stole my Bugatti yesterday

ThanosPatrick : They lied to you at school about 911, the squirrel did it.

joshua brusco : So this is what Sandy does when she's in Texas

Parvathy : Nice greenscreen fx.

Chennai city Madhan michael : Wow like Stuart Little😊😁

Crab Lover : GTA 6 gameplay????

Zippy Ragu : For those of you who are wondering, yes this is fake. You can see a piece of food that the squirrel eats as it 'takes off' in the plane. Not only that, but if you pause as the plane is in mid-flight, you'll notice a fake toy or taxidermied squirrel in the cockpit, not to mention the obvious green screen at 2:09. That's not to say it's a funny and cute premise

Rahul Shah : Chip and Dale

slasher darkness : The squirrel was in world war 2

Putu Billy : Now that's what I call a flying squirrel haha....😂😂🤣🤣 Get it?

RaNdoM- -ThoUghTs : Holy sh!t I like this guy. This is hilarious !

Lapis Blaze : Lol, please give that squirrel an F-22.

IShootYou StayDown : *ENEMY SQUIRREL AC-130 ABOVE!!!!*

Rafael Brady : That squirrel should get his private pilot license! He past the a solo flight!

Ronny : The squirrel is a paid actor

NavaIMTutorial : *He just want to having fun.. That's All!*

Anish : yeah m sure this is real coz once a squirrel stole my SUV ....make sure u lock the doors.

Cristian Ghidireac : World Record: The first pilot squirrel

Nav Jordaan : Haha i used to really believe this 😂😂😂😂

Jolie Oof : Squirrels in gta be like...


Gamer18 : Me: "Mom, can I have a ps4?" My mom: "Sh'yeah, when pigs fly." *Shows video* Mom: "...Eh, close enough."

Puresavage 345 : Let's name the squirrel Trevor from gta

STriderFIN77 : Squirrels are Amazingk pilots o7

Beyond : 😂😂😂 loved it.

Elvis Cl : Hahahahahahahaha First the squirrel went in the plane and flew it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and 2nd the camera man did nothing

Johnny Walker : Why no one mentioned Chip n Dale's?

InsaneCPR 22 : Squirrel WW3 kamakozis

Jonathan Shandy Mantiri : You like the video ⬇👍👍👍

Legends Never Die : That squirrel will be the creator of zootopia.

Omar Hajjar : *uploaded on 9/11/2001*

fq2 : Gta5 : squirrel dlc

Otto Kight : they took my cessna too! be careful!

Dhiraj Deshmukh : Lol ... that was good one

Noah the mighty : I almost forgot to watch this today

Awesome Dan : Squirrel thinks he's playing GTA V.

Princess_Elinor Plays ROBLOX and more! : My question is, HOW IS IT NOT FALLING?! xD But, for people that are saying, "It's fake!" "they are just using remote controls" well, they actually did it to help us enjoy the video.

アレキサンダー 佐藤 : I loved this video in 2013, *_I still love it in 2018_* !

Jman Gaming : World war 2 flashbacks

red tomatoes : He's got your plane Ron, your nuts are next. 🐿

D N : that squirrel is definitely on nuts

Mr. DeadlyDeX : *NUTS*

Milan Shah : I've heard of flying squirrels but this is ridiculous