Squirrel Steals Airplane

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Toasted Fan Art : I have a degree in aero engineering and I can clarify this is legit

Mythic Bricks : Lol this is so fake but so good

HENRY THE RC CAR : This video never gets old 😂

LyKenツ : *So This Is What Sandy Does In Texas...*

LAMMAZ : The only acceptable clickbayt

Darth Vader : Category: gaming

TheCraftianChannel // TCC : WW2 British soldier stealing German plane (1942 colorized)

Ashit Roy : The squirrel was a paid actor. Lol

Zaydamus Maximus : That squirrel clearly flew a plane before.

Jolie Oof : Squirrels in gta be like...

HenschelBarnitzke : Grand Theft Squirrels: Las Squirrels.

Muz : "This is Squirrel 1 Ready to take off"

mike force : at 2:08....on target...droppin deez nutz in 3...2...1...

The Tripomaniya.com : Squirrel was a paid actor

Abby C : That squirrel was *NUTS!* *ba dun shh*

佐藤 : I loved this video in 2013, *_I still love it in 2018_* !

twoeightythreez : Totally fake but totally cute and awesome

rishnado productions : *_peta has joined the chat_*

keddragonwolf : Lol. I think that squirell may be a friend of Snoopy's.

Lapis Blaze : Lol, please give that squirrel an F-22.

[STATIK•OBS] : The real life Rocky from the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show

Boris Belinskiy : How expensive were those effects?

Josiah Merino : Squirrel plays gta in real life

Hagfog NM : Sorry. What? xD

Anish : yeah m sure this is real coz once a squirrel stole my SUV ....make sure u lock the doors.

Nikhil Yadav : 2:19 how did he mask the hair of the squirrel's tail so smoothly ?

Bofa Boy : I thought this was fake whenever the squirrel was doing flips in the air I wonder how he didn’t fall lol

Bia Santana : Airplane by J-Hope plays in the background

Khuram Khan : Indeed very good videos, squirrel are excellent stealers I know. Plz like this comment.


Panasyukvic : Flying squirrels.. I heard of those but never seen one till this video.

Phill So : This is so fake but it's so funny

Suas Cb : Give that squirrel a spacecraft

joshua brusco : So this is what Sandy does when she's in Texas

Suas Cb : Who the hell said its fake

shyam thapa : Stuart little

Reccky : Its a fortnite default finding a plane lol

Thamuz Lord Lava : I dont know why i laughed so hard at this bootiful art

Cape Crusader : This was all Fake! The Squirrel was a paid Actor

Mr. I am everywhere : This is war.

mike stang : Fact is, squirrels are extraterrestrials sent here through a wormhole portal by the Greys, they are here to evolve and study mankind, this is not the first time they came in contact with flying machines, the pinstripe industry is killing these ET's just for their tails to make pinstripe paint brushes, all hell will break loose when the super squirrels arrive, they're 50 feet tall, weigh 30 tons and are badass, they will take no prisoners, watch out pinstripe douchebags.........

REAPER - War Robots : Flying squirl

Keith : He Rocky the flying squirrel from the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show😄

Gamer18 : Me: "Mom, can I have a ps4?" My mom: "Sh'yeah, when pigs fly." *Shows video* Mom: "...Eh, close enough."

elver galarga:y : I dont know rick.

Zombie Virus : *daily dose of the internet*

Fmono • 38 years ago : *Ron, Ron, the squirrel is in the plane, the squirrel is taking off* _Top 10 last anime words_

the crazy boy on tube : One day squirrels will take over the world!

Sarvagya Yadav : If there can be Stuart Little then there can be Squirrel Little also.

Little Brother : 2:08 ERRAPE.exe had stopped working