Squirrel Steals Airplane

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Abby C : That squirrel was *NUTS!* *ba dun shh*

Darth Vader : Category: gaming

Mr.Spongy Games : *Shit their evolving too fast!!!!!*

Toasted Fan Art : I have a degree in aero engineering and I can clarify this is legit

My Digital Teacher : *OK I changed my Mind I'm ready to pay hefty price for that Sneaky Squirrel Pilot but nothing for your R.C. I want that Squirrel..I wanna train her for WW lll*

Lapis Blaze : Lol, please give that squirrel an F-22.

Jammy Peace : When squirrel play too much GTA

Parvathy : Nice greenscreen fx.

Satyabrat Swain : *Squirrel 007*

AQUA CARE NEMO : Please be careful it stole my Bugatti yesterday

Anish : yeah m sure this is real coz once a squirrel stole my SUV ....make sure u lock the doors.

Harshavardhana B.R. : This was all Fake! The Squirrel was a paid Actor

Rahul Shah : Chip and Dale

Chennai city Madhan michael : Wow like Stuart Little😊😁

ELTRION _127 : 2:12 Uh Oh... There's Someone Who Don't Know How To Use A Greenscreen... _Lol Sry 4 Da Spoiler.... :"V_ This Shet Make A Lot Of Hooman Trigerred... 😂

NavaIMTutorial : *He just want to having fun.. That's All!*

Omar Hajjar : *uploaded on 9/11/2001*

Zippy Ragu : For those of you who are wondering, yes this is fake. You can see a piece of food that the squirrel eats as it 'takes off' in the plane. Not only that, but if you pause as the plane is in mid-flight, you'll notice a fake toy or taxidermied squirrel in the cockpit, not to mention the obvious green screen at 2:09. That's not to say it's a funny and cute premise

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : After that he "nutted" on it


David James : Great amusing video. I'm quite sure this is what YouTube was invented for

Crab Lover : GTA 6 gameplay????

MS : Never gets old. LMAO.

RaNdoM- -ThoUghTs : Holy sh!t I like this guy. This is hilarious !

StaticDreamsEntert : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Beyond : 😂😂😂 loved it.

Ronny : The squirrel is a paid actor

InsaneCPR 22 : Squirrel WW3 kamakozis

GOPNIK JUNIOR : I thought a F-16 shot it down Because he flew into a air Force Base

D N : that squirrel is definitely on nuts

Elvis Cl : Hahahahahahahaha First the squirrel went in the plane and flew it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and 2nd the camera man did nothing

emo _shadow12 : The squirrel was in world war 2

Putu Billy : Now that's what I call a flying squirrel haha....😂😂🤣🤣 Get it?

Dhiraj Deshmukh : Lol ... that was good one

HayyanPro 167 : Flying squirrels

Casey Ronson : LMAO! AWESOME!

Rafael Brady : That squirrel should get his private pilot license! He past the a solo flight!

Johnny Walker : Why no one mentioned Chip n Dale's?

Zee Shan : Lets do some super menovers!

MR HORSE : Stewart little 3 confirmed

Faze gamer Soccer : The squirrel is so savage

JUSTIN SWILLEY : War just war

Kiran Bhandwalkar : It was planned

Bat Man : *Squirrel : Battle Royale*

Jolie Oof : Squirrels in gta be like...


Andreas Köhler : HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

gus Pollitt : has anyone seen that meme with that patrick guy from sponge bob with patrick making gun noises? reply yes if so

Edgegm 2017 : The squirrel is a hacker, please ban.

Justin P Benny : Mayday mayday Chil Chil Chil chill babe 😂😂