How to Stop an Epidemic
How to Stop an Epidemic

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Scooty789 : who would've thought that *B R U S S E L S A I R L I N E S* would almost save africa

Night Shark 115 : Wendover: World Health Organization Me: WHO?

rjh00 : Question: How to stop an epidemic. Wendover Productions: Planes.

ReCommN - SFM : Amateur player, he should've invested more into transition, but he probably just got a symptom mutation into diarrhea too early

Jakub Bolanowski : "shipped the staff by planeload" - expected the rest of video to be: logistic problems of shipping doctors to Guinea :)

monkeysHK : So glad that we have brave and truly helpful doctors treating patients from around the world

David schloss : and History is about to repeat itself... oh and Buy an Away Suitcase btw.

Florangely Gonzalez : Epidemic: *Starts* Greenland: Now this is a Avengers level threat

Mr. Potato : Me : "There shouldn't be a plane mentioned on virus related topic" Wendover : "...OVERNIGHT AIR FRANCE..."

Gica Surubelnita : Ah, finally a new world ending scenario for me to worry about at 3 AM

FruDe Games : He should make a course titled "How to Stop an Epidemic" on Skillshare.

Dumbicus Maximus : Thank you for this. I've been having issues with stopping epidemics lately, so this help a lot. *Very cool.*

Chrissy The Conqueror : Got my answer in the first 5 seconds: "How to stop an Epidemic" "This video was sponsored by AWAY."

King Slushie101 : Next Episode: “How to start an epidemic”

Zhouuuw : 7:19 W.H.O: Good job guys! W.H.O: ... W.H.O: Why do I hear boss music?

Felipe Chaparro : Do you know what is most amazing about this video? He still managed to make it about planes somehow. Well played sir, well played...

Sh3vski : Festival of Love in Iceland: Iceland celebrates the Festival of Love. Fans praise the replacement of International Kissing Day. Critics question hygiene standards

SCOCAT : Plague Inc. player: I’m about to end this man’s whole career.

Criodán Ó Murchú : You've outdone yourself this time. This was really well done. Thanks for this content Sam.

Kai S. : TSA locks are rubbish, all they are good for is preventing your bag from falling open. Anyone can get the TSA keys for those locks to easily open them.

thade Splatter : Start in India *Pray that it gets to Greenland eventually*

David Fan : "Let's get the World Health Organization involved" "Who?" "Yes"

liey : The kid that plays plague inc: The expert

Ayoola Abimbola : The Nigerian Flag at 9.47 timestamp is wrong. The flag you have appears to be the Nicaraguan flag 🇳🇮.. #FYI Nigerian Flag === 🇳🇬.

Servillian : “It was like I was playing Plague Inc” -Obama

P0mpeius : Nice. A video on the SARS outbreak could be interesting as well.

Nilcram : Guys, Wendover Productions or not, if you make a video on epidemic spreading and you forget to mention the role of flights and travels you would be told that something is seriously missing in your topic.

TUNGSTEN 0340 : Scientist: we're almost done creating the cure on cancer Anti vaxx mom: *taps blue bubble*

Cнıʟʟ : Man this makes me want to play Plague Inc

Common Cool Channel : Step 1: play Plague Inc. Step 2: Do what you would do against your disease.

aSmallDot : I mean, you didn't really answer the question in the title but alright.

cgarzs : Oh yey away is TSA approved. So anyone can just 3D print/buy a key to access my luggage. How lovely.

Bowstick : Wendover could make a video about some place 5 km underground and still would be able to talk about planes for a minute straight

MRTiGzoruA : you can litrally give africa a virus that can only be spreaded via a 4 person gang bang and theyll still find a way to turn it into a country wide epidemic

Not : I love the "How to Stop" videos The riot one is my favorite video on your channel

Shayan : New ebola treatment has been discovered this week that reduces mortality rate from 75% to 50% if treated early

That Xbox Channel : If it’s Plague Inc then Move to Greenland

Legendery Faces Cam : 9:49 written Nigeria but put Nicaraguan flag. Cmon wendover 😂

Cakesergent : Pfff why do we need a 16 minute video on how to stop an epidemic? Just go to greenland

SuicideBunny6 : Luckily there's this class on Skillshare that teaches you how to stop epidemics

Deanandre : The transition to the sponsor was quite abrupt. What about this new outbreak in the DRC? We've just been left hanging.

SuicideBunny6 : Basically God lost a Plague Inc. game

KostaAtlas : Go on a shooting spree of all modern day sperms born after 1990

Maxime Bocquier : "The Dalek Kind have a solution" Dalek: EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE

Massa F : I clicked this expecting a tutorial or something but got a interesting history lesson instead.

Aviator Law : All you need is a plane, and a map of the world, and then get Wendover Productions to talk about planes, and bam, Epidemic stopped, problem solved.

Steven Matthew Lucas : 28,000 infected, because Organizations and Gov was 3 months too late to deploy. Prevention is a better investment, than waiting for an attack to turn epidemic.

ForA Plus Result : Another important topic Nepals geography problem

Kosi Onyeka : at 9:48 , That's not the Nigerian flag. great video BTW!