How to teach your cat to spin

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Back with a new trick! I am excited to keep sharing all of Sherlock's tricks with everyone. :)

Comments from Youtube

Tc Anderson : I think it is great that you grow cats in your pots. That's pretty amazing. I only get a lot of weeds.

Randy Grant : Thanks Pat!😁

Susan Dupre : Cats definitely can be trained. When my 19 yo Rag-doll cat was young, I played fetch with him all the time.

Сулпан Султанова : How many years have you been raising a cat? I admire kitty

Spookylady : I can't get over how gorgeous Sherlock is!!!

Jeff Wagner : Well done, our cat is too old to teach tricks now, but I'll try that on my wife.

Onkel Stevo : What computer voice do you use for this video? It sounds so real.

Michael Seok : What kind of cat is she?

Janet A.m. : She's so adorable... and pooped from all the training lollll thank yoU!

Bob Whitten : Read the article in the News and Courier this morning. Agree 100% about the undervaluing of the depth of connection we can have with them, as well as their being essentially accessory pets. I'm pretty sure they become that because it's what most expect them to be. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

Сулпан Султанова : She really has blue eyes? Or is it the editing?

Henwy2 : Prrrrrrrrrrrrr.......!

Christopher Clodius : This video just got shared on CNN’s Get up to Speed and Out the Door. I’m personally a dog person (nothing against cats at all) but cool to see the bond you have with Sherlock! Awesome stuff

ccschwab2 : Sounds like someone wants a dog. ;)

xposed11 :