Koko's Tribute to Robin Williams

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Chicken Mike : Goodbye Koko...Be sure to say hi to Robin Williams on your way in.

mopar3502001 : I hope they both are resting in peace.

The Scarecrow : Man I miss robin Williams, I remember watching hook as a kid all the time. It's a shame he committed suicide, some people are happy on the outside and dying on the inside. R.I.P robin Williams

Bumble Douche : Not satisfied with just making humans laugh, Robin Williams became the first comedian to bring joy to gorillas... Now that's a master of the comedic craft right there.

Cheryl Farley : Koko was actually smiling! RIP Robin, you brought laughter to many people and now Koko! Job well done. Now you have those in Heaven laughing.

AcerHDGaming : I love how Koko smiled when Robin tickled Koko. 😄😃

Kimbra Dawn : I was at school when I found out that Robin Williams had passed on. When I came home, I immediately sat down on the couch and began to cry. My father knew what I was crying about, I didn't even have to say a word. I told my father that I felt so terrible, and that I didn't understand why such a wonderful person had to die. He did tons of charity work, and now he isn't here to be a part of that anymore. My father told me that Robin's kindness could only fade out if we allow it to fade out. The work he did is still here to be done, but we have to be the ones to do it. His kindness, His spirit can live on forever.

jannisares : Who would give this a thumbs down? There's something wrong with them, how could they not love her? Or Robin Williams?

Social Paintball : They seemed like old friends.

melanielandon96 : This is so adorable. I'm crying. Robin was an amazing actor as we all know but he was such a great, great man, and it seems Koko knows that. The was she acted with him and the way she reacted to his death is unbelievable. It's amazing... The entire world misses you man.... ♥

Wardeaus : Robin Williams is just as hairy as Koko

Orville Boutilier : Devastated to hear that Koko passed away. She was a close encounter of the right kind; another species actually talking back to us with love and understanding. So very very sad to see her go.

Amboula Rozzo : rest in peace the both of you.

Женька и Конь : What an amazing animal! I didn't know they were THAT smart! o_O

Youtube User : kokoflix and chill

John Wright : RIP Koko

Danny A : What would happen if you put two of the most gentile spirits from this planet in one room? This! ^_^

Daisy Fields : this is literally the first thing ive been able to watch of the late GREAT Robin Williams since he died as it was too sad before he was such a lovely man its crushing to think how sad he must have been to take his own life in such a way along with Tom Hanks he was my child hood hero " NANU NANU !!" Mork i choose to believe he didnt die he just went home to planet Ork

governmentcheese411 : robin dying is a great loss for humanity. BUT, Koko is so much more important. so many think she is such a miracle, but she's not. she is just a typical gorilla, period. proving that if we decided too. we could actually communicate with others in the wild. imagine the possibilities.... but no, instead we have her playing human games and drawing pictures. great work folks. why not actually teach her some shit to spread. think about it. imagine if we showed her how to plant seeds from the fruits she eats. then have her show others. something as small as that could save them in the wild. 

Kelby Bass : Koko gets my weak spot every time😭

marianne90240 : HOW BEAUTIFUL AND SO TOUCHING!!! It is so despicable that poachers kill these beautiful, intelligent animals in the wild. Koko is such a wonderful being, I regard her as being as intelligent as a 5-year old.

Emma Cox : This was adorable. Also, someone needs to get Koko a bigger trailer. I mean she's a huge animal living in a studio apartment. I can't even live in a studio apartment.

John Rambo : Who are the 208 scumbags who disliked this video?

Bandit : I miss Robin.

Nan Perkins : I fell in love with Koko when my children were small and followed everything that I could find about her.  When I taught in a few countries where the students didn't respect animals like I wanted them to, I read to them two of Koko's books and showed them a video.  This was part of a biology class.  It was amazing how much they loved it and hopefully, I opened up their eyes about the animal kingdom.  I've always loved her and wish her so much love and health.

DEO : I read a report that says Robin Williams is a very hair man.  I've never seen Robin Williams or Koko before. Can someone please tell me which one is Koko?

stormwatcher59 : Robin looks at Koko with such wonder and admiration in his eyes ....... and, it was fun to see someone make Robin Williams laugh!!!   :)

KingJelly : 1:13 WINSTON?!?!? IS THAT YOU WINSTON?!?!?

David M : I watched this when Robin Williams passed and now watching it again that Koko has died.

asdasdgification : rip both

ZoeyAlexandria : He was so gentle and kind with her. Still can't believe he's gone

Ray Gibson : it is so sad that at his lowest ebb robin didnt go to speak to ko ko he may still be alive today if he did :(

gabox01 : According to religion, these two are a human and an animal. Watching this video should make it clear to anyone that those are just labels, and these two creatures shared a common ancestor some time ago. Actually not so long ago, when we are speaking of 3 billion years of evolution on earth.  

panmagi pan : I miss you munch robin Williams R.I.P

Todd Rainer : Koko the Gorilla passed in her sleep last night. She was 46, which is a ripe old age for a gorilla. I sincerely hope that in whatever afterlife there is that Robin Williams is waiting for his friend Koko.

Blohm616 : I want to believe after passing away, a little bit of robin's kindness and happiness came to be on every human being. I want to believe that good emotions are alike matter and energy, you cant destroy it, only transform it.

Ana Lytical : Beautiful and touching

Edster III : There is an eerie irony in the opening monologue. Robin speaks of Koko understanding life, love, and death. It's tragic that a man who brought so my joy, love, happiness, and laughter couldn't overcome his own sadness. I saw a real bond there as well. You can see the gentleness in Robin's eyes. The admiration and respect he has for Koko. She is also a rarity. She was so gentle. The laughter they shared was incredible. This gorilla is so powerful yet she always moves slow and caring. She was a beautiful creature. Robin was a beautiful person. Both will be missed. Robin I hope you found the peace you didn't have here. RIP Mr. Willams and God Bless you and Koko.

Elixx : RIP Koko, RIP Williams. 2 geniuses under 1 roof, a spot in time, worth watching.

Rhabeeb Rhabeeb : R.I.P. Koko. Who knows, maybe you're getting to hang out with Robin and your kitty.

docdave15 : I imagine Robin and Mr. Rogers giving Koko a big greeting in heaven. RIP Koko

P C : Koko was really special. She was pretty human as far as I could see.

sarika Fauzi : tears in my eyes

Rheinbeat : koko make´s me happy ;)

SynQ86 : Apes can be so humanlike you sometimes think it's a human in a suit. You can clearly see their DNA is for 98% the same to ours. Beautifull to watch these animals communicate in an intelligent way no other animal can.

Nunzia Calvaruzo : Al ver esta pelicula me da tristeza de su muerte tremendo actor q era q descanse en Paz siempre lo recordare

TiffanyM28 : I can't, to this day, watch anything with him. I can't even watch Aladdin without crying so I just have to avoid it altogether. I don't know why I feel like I lost a close family member with him. he was such a unique soul and had such a heart that not a lot of people possess. his respect for things were amazing and so gracious. my love and my respect for him will never fade.

CartoonPhilosopher : What is Michael Brown doing with Robin Williams?

Hjalmar Nyman : I say it again and again, yet no one listens: *Stop anthropomorohizing animals! Add much as you would like them to have feelings, life is not a Disney movie! Hjalmar Nyman Atheist scientist

Myk Lum : Remembering Robin as he was and all he had done in life is a reminder that life is precious, weather you have it all or nothing at all. As the inconceivable way he left us all leaves all with questions in our hearts. This man, father, friend, we've invited in our hearts threw movies and comedy will stay in remembrance with our daily lives. The laughter and genius of the comic of the century, will live on within everyone.