Our cat survived the fire!

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That One Tattooed Guy : Seeing you cry just killed me. But take Mike to the vet just to make sure that he doesn't have any serious respiratory damage caused by the smoke. I'm very happy that you are all okay. I dont have much positivity in my life and bearing witness to your life makes mine a little better.

Mrs Wright : 8 lives left! What a cat! Thankful your whole family is safe now. ✌️❤️😊

Pink Floyd3 : If seeing Hamish cry didn't get you teary eyed then you are a cold soul my friend

Fritzcat Barr : Life can be so beautiful even in the worst of times!

Tim F : so glad ur cat lived bro


gina Baby : OMG I am so happy for u I wanna cry he made it awwww

Wew : So stoked that the most radical cat is still kickin' it!!! Yeah dude 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

choi. TV : That is one badass cat! Great to see the minigram too. Nothing but high frequencies this video!

The Real Karl Colt : Time to get a go fund me for this dude.

drplasmodius : So glad Mike is back. Please take steps to ensure he does not sneak outside since he is not a city cat and would most likely dissapear. Make sure Owl does not accidentally let him out also.

Sahar Nadi : I cried seeing you cry holy wow i didnt realize how emotionally invested i was in this family

dakotalayinlow : one day I hope to meet you and shake your hand

Sondaze! : I am happy and blessed that you choose to share your journey with us, high frequency kittens. Might even inspire me to get a cat of my own! Sending love Ham the man and fam!

Alyssa Garrow : A puma and his bird 🧡 Mike is meant to be on this journey with you. So beautiful!! Sending you, your family, and your fur baby so much light, love and blessings!

mostly cats 222 : So glad u found cat. cat so glad u found him. cats know every inch of their territory by heart.

TheCommenter7 : such a beautiful spot even in the wake of destruction

Nate Wilcox-Pettit : man I've been thinking about this cat and hoping he was alright. so happy to see this video

Paul Lamontagne : Polar emotions. Super raw moment on the hill,How amazing is that,Unbelievable🙏👆

carmen morgado : Awww such a blessing you found your kitty. Not gonna lie i cried along with you. Very heart warming.

Michael Gutierrez : Even in your dark depths, you mentor and inspire us with Christ love. Thanks. 2 Corinthians 6:10 "sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; having nothing, and yet possessing everything."

Sco : That is one happy kitty, congrats.

Michael Garnier : Super stoked to hear about the Mini-Puma, the prayers did the job keepin Mike the kitty safe. God Bless Hamish

Kawaii Desu-chan : Oh man what a good thing! In the middle of all bad feelings, a light appears in the form of Mike the Mini Puma. Truly great to see you having something to grab onto and get through this terrible situation. Best of luck man!

Julie B : Hamish you and your family made it. Most of all. I remember the view when you and Owl were picking strawberries what beauty....owl and Mike was a beautiful sight too. Much love. And keep your head up and spirits high

couchtourist : Hope you can get back in the country where Mike can be on the hunt again.

Sapphire Leigh : Your kitty is so brave and looks soooo happy to be at home with his family. 🙏💚😻

GrimboGrunkus : Aw dude, I'm so happy for you. I knew deep down the mini-puma was just waiting for you

avion gamer : Really happy for you hamish glad your cat is safe

j bair : Excellent news brotha!!!

Larry Palm : Mike really is a mini Puma.

Christopher Bucci : So Happy for you guys! Keep it high frequency, my man!

Elliott Johnson : Bubbles called he said "this is it boys"

diedpretty : you're one of the best guys on youtube!

poop dolla. kobgoate : I was feeling so bad for your cat. Good job finding him brotha

Shäz : A true cat of radness, next level. Cat🐈gratulations on your reunification!

NAGULNR2 : Whaa the cat looks completely unharmed, what an amazing smart cat. Sending love and prayers to everyone reading this

poop dolla. kobgoate : Yes! Awww I didnt know you loved the cat that much. Stoked for you. I got a black cat too lol so I definitely love them all

TheUnspoken : I wish I could like this twice

sophia oliphant : yes!!!! I’m so happy for you!

212days : Wow.... made me have some tears with that one... when you guys were crying and holding that cat. When I turned on my computer and came onto Youtube I certainly wasn't expecting to get teary eyed doing that. Glad you found your cat! That's cool.

Micoola : Incredible

losing dog : seeing you in tears of relief was powerful, much compassion for you and yours Hamish

Pink Floyd3 : Hell yeah! The family is complete 🤙🏼

Eric Simmons : Im stoked your cat is safe. My house burned down in 81' Arcadia ca. Both my cats made it too. Stay strong my bro!

colin r : so awesome, what a handsome cat. appreciate the happy news, man. mike is a hell of a cat :)

carefulcarpenter : Propane and a donated trailer home--- someone can make the dream happen again for you. You are a man of love and talents! Maybe your landlady will sell you the property?

Swimmin Wit Da Fishies : Who "Thumbs Downed" this video? What is wrong with you???

Mr.Stranger : I'm so glad you found your cat.

James W. Smith : Damnit. Those onions.