INSIDE IRAN - American in Iran 🇮🇷(anti-American?) Episode 3
What its like to be an American Tourist in Iran in 2019

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EPISODE 3 (of 3). Watch if you're tired of mainstream media and politicians shaping our view of how we see the world. In all countries, people and politics are two different stories. Iran is a true gem! __________________________________________________________ MUSIC: Danny Asadi: Caspian Caspian: - Aliaj (Mohammad Akbaran)-Mast: Aliaj Band: Instagram: Mohammad Akbaran: Instagram: Telegram Official Channel: Mast: - Sogand-Chikaret Kardam: Sogand: Instagram: Radio Javan: Chikaret Kardam: - Aike band-STREET MUSIC: Aike Band: Instagram: Telegram Official Channel: Street Music: ___________________________________________________________ TRANSLATION & ADDITIONAL HELP: The one and only... AMIN KHALAJI. American ladies, Amin wants to meet you! Contact him here :) Facebook: Instagram:



Reed A. : long live the Iranian people! love from the USA-Mexico!

Judy Shamoun : Someday i will go to Iran 🇮🇷😍🇸🇾

Murtaza : Iran a beautiful country with beautiful people, love and respect from Pakistan.

Franky Milad : Dude........ I’m born and raised in Australia, but my parents are Iranian. I have never been to Iran. And I’m 27 years old. These videos made me feel emotions inside that I have never felt before. It’s like Ive been there all my life. I feel sorry for the people of Iran and the hardships they face due to political evil.

Ramz : I never cry to videos man, This made me cry. This whole series is beautiful. Mersi Peter, dametgarm

som 4ever : You are special human. Your not those who brainwashed media. Greeting from Somalia to Iran people.

Ghareeb1412 : Well, as a Saudi Arabian and because of the political situation between the two countries, I always felt that the environment over there is just tense and harsh! Maybe it's correct on political level only, but when I saw the normal life of people I felt bad for this situation, we are really similar in so many levels, I hope one day we can get over our political issues and I can come and see the beautiful culture of Iran and Persia. Peace 🇸🇦🇮🇷 (ps. What is the name of music at the end?😁)

Kristin Freedom : Iranians are truly some of the nicest & most giving people I've ever met. 💕

Adel Al-Thagafi : Divide politics and people. or you know what, screw politics .. much love and respect from Saudi Arabia 🇮🇷❤️🇸🇦

Ankit tiwari : Loved these series ..hello from India to Iran

negin modir : As in Iranian girl myself it brings me tears of joy that you have explored our motherland because it’s insane how much negativity is out in the media but nobody realizes that we are not evil human beings. Majority of us are so full of love just sucks how corrupt our government could be which is the really sad part. I’m really happy that you enjoyed your visit though!

Chris Bennett : Greetings Iran, from Massachusetts USA. Would love to one day, visit your country

Tehwar Hassan : These videos have left me craving for Iran! Beautiful... Love from Berlin

Elsa server : Hello Dude, From Iran , We love the American people . Thanks for show .

Nada Awabdy : nice video. love and peace from an Israeli and Palestinian to Iranian people

eliui wad : love you Iran from India.

Moj Mahdavi : Hi Most of us az iranian love iran and usa. We are not your enemy God bless IRAN and USA

IR Legendaryboss : من ایرانیم خوشحالم که مردم امریکا از ایران خوششون اومده ❤ Thank you for this video ❤

Mike Bergmann : Thank you Peter😍for scharing this video. Grüße von Deutschland

xSPiTFiRE42x : My wife was born in Mashhad, Iran. I am Israeli. I would really love to visit Iran. I have a foreign passport, but still worried of what would happen if the government of Iran finds out I'm Israeli, and that really sucks... Love you, the great nation of Iran, and may our governments find peace and unity!

Hadi Twakully : It was great video. I am Afghan. I love all people the world. There is good and bad everywhere. Iran is a good Land. I was a short time. The people was so kind for me. Please go in Afghanistan, where is safe

Golnoosh Khajoei : I cried cried and cried all the time. miss my home and my people

CREOLE VIKING : I think I would absolutely love it there. Time for a change. Your view of how the Iranian people can separate between the us government and the people. Makes me want to go even more. Bucket list for sure.

Ali Shams : Peter, you're the man!!!! Huge thanks for showing the actual face of IRAN to the world 💙💜🇮🇷🇺🇸💚💛

V Lightning : Love and peace to all of Iran’s people from Las Vegas! I love you all! Beautiful country, beautiful people! ❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️

Hillary Clintub : There's obviously a huge difference between Arabs and Persians, especially in the way they treat their women folk.

Me Mo : مرد با عشقى هستى صلح طلب و خاكى ❤️ زنده باد انسانيت ✌🏻 You are amazing

Super tyam : Such a well made 3 episode-series about Iran. Truly loved it!

Tina Mandy : As a bilingual English , Iranian girl... watching this really made me feel proud of my background, speaking two languages and understanding the culture is wonderful... although I hope that women get the freedom they deserve <3

Ilkr gzl : bro u r one of the best objective travel channel on youtube..just found yesterday..i m sure ur channel will grow fast..keep up good work


berry LOVE : Thank you petter!!respect and love from Iran :3

Mahsa Rezaie : thank you so much peter for representing this video of my country's people🙏🙏❤️ i hope to meet you❤️

0311_Rivera : Persian women are so hot lol

Louis-Marie Lapierre : Very beautiful images and people.

Sina sh : I really thank you for making these series and i missed episode 4 so much😁👌😥

S M : Don’t dance like zombies 😂😂 love to Iran and thanks to you man 👍🏽

abolfazl alizadeh : Thanks for show true things about iranian people we love all american and israel people 😍❤😍❤

el negrata tu papi : Irán is great 🇮🇷💖

With me : Once again great video ! Great guy ! Keep it up Bro. ✌💛💚🇮🇷🤔🇺🇸

Maryam Kerdar : I'm a 20 year old girl from Iran and I always wonder why there is lots of negativity about us in media. It's not real believe me. Iran is safe

Steven Lee : Mona is the most beautiful middle eastern girl i've ever seen !

Abdullah Muzaffari : A wanderfull human. Thnx to be like you are @Peter Santenello:) I am orginally from Afghanistan and Iran is our neighbour :) In my last 10 years in Denmark I have never seen any human here like Iranian people.

Hesam Shahrokhi : Hi , i have seen all 3 episodes , i am Iranian and thank you man for showing people we are not what the media say , screw government we love each other :) :X

Mahdi Abbaszadeh : Thank you for showing the true face of Iran to the world.

Hailey Sadie : So ... I'm from Iran 😊 سلام دوستان And ... thanx for showing the other ppl that we really love them and we aren't their enemy 😊 Mamnoon و بازم میگم خیلی کارت درسته 😁

Hamid Sani : Thanks a lot God bless you brother💐🌹❤️💕❤️🌹💐

UramMaster : My parents are Iranian but im Spanish, keep up the good work dude!!!!