The Time Zack Morris Sold Swimsuit Photos Of Underage Girls

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Lucky Llama : This is becoming one of my favorite series on YouTube. Thanks!

SilkSatin Paradise : "Saved by the Bell" showed the first mannequin challenges with Zack Morris' "Time Out" freezes

以蔵岡田 : This is Youtube Red Quality 👍

Kyle Hunter : Yes I am gonna continue to beg you guys to keep making these 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Every week, idgaf lol I’m here! Please keep them coming!

Koree T : I sing Zach Morris is trash randomly throughout my day.

Mr_RGP : There are 86 episodes of the high school years on SBTB. I expect 86 takedowns of this narcissistic sociopath, Zack Morris.

upuntil6 : Zack should of been a pimp.

WayneKnight_Rider : zach morris subconsciously influenced a generation of boys that grew up to become frat-boy trash.

bvigil1888 : keep these zack morris is trash vids coming, i love it.

Mr Nick : Omfg....zac Morris is trash

Joshua Del Rio : Man he really is trash

DJ Blur : why would it even matter if Zack "recommended" them as the hottest models

Dario The Wop : Zack Morris must be stopped. No matter the cost.

alex chalakee : The time Zach threw a surprise party for Screech but was really selling guns to terrorist.

Mack3nzie Dravid : so he's the Eric Cartman of the 80's

TheSpanishzombie : Goddamnit this show is way deeper then i always tought, ive seen it so many times, but never seen it these ways, its all about the egotistic, psychotic life of zach morris

Jonathan Reyes : but he did save Kelly from probably being abused by the creep in Paris even if it was never a thought in zacs narcissistic mind.

Lawrence Tider : Theory: Zack is Trump.

Alex_00 : I've been saying this from day one

John Gutierrez : I love the fact they just let the creepy guy into a school with no questions

Pete Jordan : I always get this episode confused with the one where Zach Morris hijacks the video yearbook, to create profiles of his underage female classmates for a video dating service, in order to raise money for a new car. Zach Morris is trash.

eManny654 : Automatically gave this a like because the title itself

Paul Smith : Wait, the girls went to "swimsuit" practice. What is this and when can I attend the meets? I'm picturing a few hours of wardrobe changes with judging, highest scores win.


vieuphoria1008 : … Zack has always been a piece of shit that's the beauty of save by the bell douche bag Zack

Steven Hates : That cameraman was clearly a Ted Bundy/ Rodney Alcala type of serial killer. He was obviously going to fuck her corpse and no one would report her missing if they thought she was in France.

Surreal469 : This could be about any number of sitcom protagonists, to be fair. Especially in the 90s

cool girl 101 : This is funny af 😭😭😭😭

Blokewood3 : 0:54 The girls go to swimsuit practice? Are the suits so hard to put on that they need to practice? :)

Dennis Teti : Goes to show how good looking people are treated. They get away with anything.

booley : Ahh the 80s when poorly dressed pedophiles provided a sound moral compass

herrbetto 55 : I agree that this time Zach Morris is trash 😁

Panda Power : wow, all those years I thought this psychopath was a relatable hunk to look up to.

Tracey Delfs : Ahhhh ha ha ha! I would love to watch every episode of Saved By The Bell analyzed this way. This brought joy to my day.

slushpuppie19 : You know it's bad when the creepy photographer who probably just wanted to kidnap and murder Kelly is still better than Zach

WeedyistFlame420 : The poster boy for white male privilege everyone.

Kira Nolan : Out of the girls Jessie was the only one who had a brain. The only things Kelly and Lisa cared about were being popular, boys, and looking pretty. It always bothered me.

The Slick Android : Random guy shows up to a school claiming to be a fashion photographer who noticed three underage girls because of swimsuit photos he saw in the school calender, and wants to hire them. Then later asks one of them to go to Paris with him for a month. Red flags, FLYING.

-chris- : Lmao I never realized how shitty this character actually was

Jeff Brailsford : Holy shit! I never knew what a piece of trash Zack Morris was until now. On a related note, how the hell did I end up here watching videos about Zack Morris?!

Stephen Dexheimer : Please keep this series running it's hilarious

Tyrone Rex : Zack Morris is a fictional character.

junglemage666 : Zack Morris learned that he can do whatever he wants, and gets away with it. Plus he can stop time, and manipulate the world around him, dudes Loki.. Omg Zack Morris is Loki

Ahnaf Azim : Just got onto this channel. Man, you really hate Zack Morris.


Sylvia Hardy : Mr. Belding was trash also because he's letting some random creepy ass man come into the school and tell the under age girls he's from a modeling agency.

lrddragon lrddragon : Zack was the guy every kid in high school wanted to be ! No matter what you write and comment deep down you guys know is true !!!

Esmee Kaan : He’s hot though

Joey Mancilla : What about Kelly Kapowski cheating on Zack

kenneth griffin : Whoever made this video doesnt understand that it was cool to be a jerk back in the late 80s and early 90s... zacks a pure G