Airbud - When You Wake Up (Official Video)
A friend of mine in college makes music and its amazing No idea how he does it along with being a student

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A Visual by Connor Wilson Stream "When You Wake Up" on all major music streaming platforms. Follow Airbud Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Video Credits Directed and Edited by Connor Wilson - Cinematography: Ben Trevey Choreography: Sophie Olszak Starring: Luke Borchelt and Sophie Olszak Song Credits Produced by Warren Russell and GDA Productions Additional Vocals by Katherine McMorrow Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by GDA Productions


Nick Chiodras : Nice work man. Good stuff!

Caitlin Hane : Favorite song so far. Keep em coming.

ColeG : this is very smooth. vocals sound so dope

Mary Aiming : Love it!

JoeSheaFilm : That's dope, dude!

Caleb Trouwborst : damnnnn, very cool!


Dalton Brown : I love this song sooooooooo much great job!!!

GamingWithDømø : Preeetttyy sure those thumbs down were accidental👌🏽

cooct baddo : This song gave me cancer... ZOMBIE CANCER!

Evan Yeigh : Best song yet!

The Retarded Tree : Airbud .😻

GamingWithDømø : When is the next certified banger coming out? Im out here thirsty for what else you got in store lol