Psychic Tells Me I'm Pregnant (But I'm Trans...)

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So I paid for a psychic reading and... refund please? - Merch: - Instagram: @msblairewhite - Twitter: - Patreon:

Comments from Youtube

Kaylah Rae : this psychic is me answering questions for a test i did not study for

Allison C : i lost it when she said the dog is going to be the teacher for her 💀🤣

Elizabeth Ann : This woman is so awkward. She’s making me uncomfortable 😂😂😂

Kaitlyn Pedersen : sis has so many scarves on

P e a r l W a d e : you - says anything physic - it will happen but a bump will come by

Michael Dude : I am NOT surprised this chick withdrew her consent to use her face and name

Amber Major : She has that paper pad out just to look professional.

Larry and Shelby Vlogs : The pup is getting a bad vibe from her

Ila Mikaelson : Ashley *everyone has temptations*


Okay, I have an incredibly small dick, but : When she said, “I feel a masculine energy.” I thought she figured it out

Zay Say : The way she talks is hilarious

tiny merrell : maybe like chickens or something? *mmm..... yeah..... no pig :)*

Silvana *.* : DO MERCH WITH *Ashley, everyone has temptations * 🤣🤣🤣

aubreyxmonet !! : ...Ashley everyone has temptations😶

SuperRaeDizzle : She basically just says whatever she THINKS blaire wants to hear...smh

라이언 : 7:00 Look how fast she replies. She's clearly not tapping into any energy or blah blah because she is not even giving time to see or think on that energy lol

Kirkos Games : Did she actually say her and her kids are like the Jackson five 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ didn’t the dad force them to work at a young age

Mia Subramanian : Blair: Maybe like chickens or something Medium: Mmm yeah yeah... no pig AHHHHH IDK WHY I FOUND THAT SO FUNNNYYYY

Bernhard Flokstra : It’s called a cold reading. The question “at what age will I die” is one that is asked a lot (most often) by people who’s parent(s) dies young. From that it’s a 50/50 chance it’s a father who died. Plus when she said she got a male feeling you clearly showed that she was on the right track. If you acted as if she was incorrect without verbalizing it she would have said that she got the feeling that your dad is alive your mother is dead. What these people are great at is picking up the smallest signals you give off. Wether it’s consciously or not. People who ask if there is someone in their life who is not good for you usually already think there is. So all she had to do is answer in the affirmative. There is no way for her to know who it is so she said “you already know who it is” hoping you would let it go at that and make your own conclusions. If you hadn’t said who you thought it is she might have given a letter found in most names and let you put meaning towards it.

Eden The Doll : If anyone’s gonna get pregnant it’ll be Joey

choosejoy : She is so full of BS. Bad vibes all over the place. Total fraud.

karen selogic : Your pregnancy could be someone carrying a baby for you. And with the in-vitro then you could have twins that way.

Maddy Byrne : “Ashley, everyone has temptations.” 😂

_smol mins_ : I'm lowkey scared of this girl 😂

Rosie Cheeks : The dog is whimpering because its seeing what we humans can not about this scammer.

ImSody : Yo, I watched this after the detransitioning video and plot twist: what if she was talking about those surrogate's pregnancy?!

Chloe Baker : why does the psychics voice sound creepy and fake. is it just me?

Brianna Landeros : I feel like this is fake

Lacy May : “I’m feeling a masculine presence” *Thats just me*

Cassisonaroll : “ashley... everyone has temptation.”

Alaura : She goes, "Yeah no pig!"

Asadheartisahappyheart : That girl is shady lmao

Sister Sh00k : She sounds hella creepy.. just saying.

Joey Sarson : Plot twist: I'm Pregnant.

Brianna Mottola : She fake af and she guessed that about your dad .. it’s disgusting how people scam others for money & even go so far to lie about deceased loved ones that is just completely messed up & she will burn in hell.. they do it for the money it’s actually super sad for the hopeless broken people out there truly lost and looking for answers about their loved ones that have passed on. Other then that I loved this video for exposing the truth and for Blair to show the audience and be real reminded me not to believe everything that I see !

Olivia Lozano : She’s really trying hard to hide that book 😂😂

Alex : HAHA 9:00 " pig" made me laugh

Keren Rodriguez : Tell me why, but the psychic looks shady af

Selena Atkinson : I think she couldn’t really put the pieces together but maybe like when you decide to get a foster care license or adopt you might adopt some twins and adopt five kids and maybe it just won’t be for a while

Mary Riley : All I heard was "I'm sensing masculine energy" and I was like ah shoot she knows

Jenna Turner : *off topic* Why that lamp look like anul beads 😂

WeAreLikeButtcheeks WeGoThroughShitButEndUpTogether : why do i feel like the ''psychic'' is playing crossword

Trevor Bailey : “His energy is strong within you.” GIRL SHE SENSED YOUR Y CHROMOSOME

Life of Luna : The psychic sounds like she just popped a molly before she came hahahaha

Hayley McLaren : i love how she didn;t give any real answers, she just said "a change will come soon" or something like that to every question you asked

Juliana Tognini : Pomeranian with a German Shepherd

I got the tea! U thirsty? : *She doesn't have to give birth to have kids tho? I guess time will tell*

Bob Didlboc : Sis was just drawing random shapes on the paper 😂