Psychic Tells Me I'm Pregnant (But I'm Trans...)

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Blaire White : PLOT TWIST, I'm pregnant by Christmas.

Afro-Ditii - Muzic : *Ashley, everyone has temptations*

Peek Aboo : She's such a -con- artist

Dima Jounblat : That girl is literally making up the biggest lies🤣

Brandi Munguia : Bella was like “get this fraud away from me”.

Nam Balloon : sis you drawing butterflies and flower petals 💀💀😭

MacyUncensored : She’s not very good at cold reading.

Nam Balloon : “maybe like chickens or something?” * pig* perhaps i cackled

Elenny : Last question should’ve been “would I ever consider changing genders in the future?”

Brandi Munguia : “You will get your house right around the time of your first child”, so NEVER? 😆

Lilly Cookies : Mini-Chihuahua Bish say wot? The dog clearly has Pomeranian fur but the snout and attitude are more husky-like then anything. I think its a multi hybrid family line that came down to that pup

Bob Didlboc : Sis was just drawing random shapes on the paper 😂

Shawna Williams : How you didn't holler *Oh hunny, thank you so much for thinking I look like a biological woman!!!!* That shit was the biggest compliment though!!! 😂 I swear her ass is fraud, she couldn't even see herself being exposed by you!?!? LOL

Jennifer DeCuir : Try a dog DNA test! It should tell you what your dog is. :)

Chris Maatouk : Only psychic is my dad "You will not amount to anything in life" Spot on.

RissaRoo : Does anyone else hear the squeaks in the background @ 3:40ish? And actually though our the whole audio? I thought it was my dogs squealing or something!

virsi123 : _no pig_

Brandi Munguia : The audio was so quiet in this video. I had my iPad up full volume and still couldn’t hear a word the “psychic” was saying.

Nola Girl : “When will I be able to afford to buy a house?” Psychic: “you don’t like your apartment??” WTF?!!!! What psychic responds to a question like that?!

Fay : Next week’s video: Doctor tells me I can be fertile with surgery.

xX : Blaire: Do you think that- Woman: YESSS*SSS* D E F I N A T E L Y MMMMM

SuperRaeDizzle : She basically just says whatever she THINKS blaire wants to hear...smh

Wendy Thompson : Adoption is always an option. But this girl is a fraud.......

Kelsey Hillis : i have a pomeranian and chihuahua mix and HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THAT but it has to be more than pomeranian and chihuahua like mixed with german shepered .. EDIT:: TYSMM FOR THE LIKES

Tool4Rage : 4:21 Bella's BS meter is in the red

Chey teeter : I've had multiple strokes and 9 surgeries. I asked a psychic if I was in good health and she said I won't need to worry about my health until I'm elderly.

OfficialFNXtina : She's definitely fake, can't even take her serious with that stupid azz pad & pen. The way she conducts herself is fake as well. Should of let her talk rather than ask questions, best way to have caught her fakeness.

Jaydin Soto : Mannn u shouldve confronted her

colin c : literally cannot wait for the debut of Blaire’s Jackson 5 family band

Zero Two : "Mhm yeah, *no pig* "

Jujubean Thorre : Omg this lady is so full of bs!! It’s halarious😂bahahahahaha

Erin Smith : She learned to read people's tells. When she mentioned your deceased parent. You let out a little gasp. So she knew she was onto something.

Kiera Jimenez : Mmmmmmm.mmmmm. No pig

A Dani World : U dont need to be physic to know the dog breed. I looked at the dog and i knew already lol

Tool4Rage : I know psychics are all BS artists, but this one's not even good at it.

• TheJazzio • : 2:09 who else noticed Molly on the computer in the background 😂😂

MyNameIsJosephine : LMFAO!! OMG this was hilarious, Blaire. I really enjoy watching your non-political videos & pls invite me to your baby shower ;)

Abigail Cleary : "Are you into design" "ya, im really into it" "ya, ya you will have a huge say" 😂

shloop floop : Omg how did you not laugh

Ryder Griggs : *I DoNT ThInK So*

V LUXXX : Indirectly. Their health will be an indirect influence......... bishhhhh wut

Sarah Bollinger : We love a dog who can be a 'teacher' for Blaire

Jaden : She was quick with the lies

Bunny B : Psychic energy is very real but you have to apply the reading to your life. You may not be able to get pregnant but you are able to have 5 kids via adoption or surrogate. That psychic seams to be very new to reading. I would find someone that has more experience and do at least an hour reading.

LiveLaughElizabeth : I've met psychics where they spew DETAILED information on things I never mentioned, please dont let a fake change your knowledge or understanding of them!

Faith Kemble : Blaire: "When am i gonna leave La." Lady: "You're not gonna leave La."

Drea East Coast : this 'psychic' seems like a really, really bad actor and I mean really bad. Do people in L.A. really fall for this vague garbage and pay for it? hahahaa omg Blair- amazing. I love the pregnancy moment.

julianne davis : I have a pet pig they are great <3

Ashley Meleski : “Uhmmm yea....... no pig.” 😂😂😂

Lisa Martinez : You can see right through her lies it's actually funny 🤣