Psychic Tells Me I'm Pregnant (But I'm Trans...)

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Blaire White : PLOT TWIST, I'm pregnant by Christmas.

Gulf City LIVE : She's either really bad, or so good she just predicted a revolutionary medical breakthrough.

Lacy May : “I’m feeling a masculine presence” *Thats just me*

Diva Quinzel : I just imagined she looked you up after the reading, found out you were trans and was like 'Shit... I messed up' and then called to say you weren't allowed to use her face or name xD

Marvelous Maya : she shouldve been like "How will I be able to get pregnant if i'm trans?" lmao

Kaydan Milne : Blaire its a coincidence. Psychics use a technique called cold reading to make educated guesses on facts about a person. Maybe she looked at family photos around your house and only saw one parent, maybe she picked up on an uneasiness in your behavior and guessed that as the reason. Once she guessed that you had a deceased parent she had a 50% chance of guessing the right one. Given that she got everything else wrong, she doesn’t have any “abilities.” She’s a scam artist, like all “psychics.”

SuperRaeDizzle : She basically just says whatever she THINKS blaire wants to hear...smh

Diamondswaga XP : "Your going to get it when you have your first child " Well they ain't getting a house.

Cynthia : I think Bella is a Pomeranian mixed with German Shepherd

Payge : when she said 'im feeling a masculine energy' i was shook but then she said about the dad i was relaxed again lol

IMVU MelaninQueen : Plot twist; the psychic knew from the jump she lied about her name, so she decided to just troll 😂💀

Bob Didlboc : Sis was just drawing random shapes on the paper 😂

Thomas F. : How do people recommend someone like that? She's not even a talented fraud. She's giving answers without even looking at the person and thinking about the question for a few seconds. She could at least pretend she's doing something.

Tyler Harris : She didn't really "know about your dad". Statistically most people over the age of 18 have at least one deceased parent so many "psychics" do this thing where they mention a dead relative and then based on your reaction they use body language to determine male or female. It seems "magical" but it's really just leading questions and reading body language.

mae b : when i first saw your dog I immediately saw a Pomeranian and german Shepard

Kayla Lebrun : Literally no chihuahua in that dog

Chara Choppel : Her mentioning your dad not so strange at all. There is a 50 percent chance she guess your dad, 50 percent for your mother. It happened to be right this time. She could say "Well, if it is not your dad, it would be your mother, am I right?"

Chara Choppel : "Changes will happen" - OF COURSE changes will happen!!! Do people pay for this sort of nonsense?!! When speaking of children etc she just says the first thing that comes to her mind.

Gnome or Troll? : This isn't an insult. It is just a statistic that we use in cold reading. Girls who lose their fathers early in life tend to dress more provacatively. Obviously this is not 100 percent. But in cold readings you use statistical info and what not.

Kylee Galligan : Real psychics don’t work like that. If someone is truly intuitive they can sense when someone is lying. But I personally don’t think they can tell the future. It’s possible to pick up on things or certain situations and guide people in the right direction but not necessarily speak to dead people or “tell the future”. It’s more of a sensory type thing.

Eden The Doll : If anyone’s gonna get pregnant it’ll be Joey

Alana Foster : So what I'm hearing is she's just telling you what she thinks you want to hear in a really vague, mystical way :') Although the deceased dad thing was kinda freaky.

Tais : "feeling a masculine energy" She almost had it just misinterpretted where the energy originated...

Samantha W : She's so full of shit lol. I hope you didn't waste too much money on her...Ashley 😂

Natalie Garcia : I am a spiritual person like I have a connection with the paranormal and such but people like this just to do it for money really disgusts me, its just so wrong for people to do that to someone.

Afro-Ditii - Muzic : *Ashley, everyone has temptations*

Alex Baer : "You're not gonna leave L.A" it sounded like a threat to her...

Colorful Shadows : *I can’t breath guys she didn’t even have to bring up pregnancy that chick just brought it up*

Pastel Gutz : *buys a pig after this*

Faithandkitty {Cringe Child} : Can we talk about how Blaire lost her cool when the psychic said how she'll eventually have kids

beewew : “i’m feeling a masculine energy, so i’m guessing it was your dad” Nope it’s just Blaire

Ксения Сидорова : I went to university for 4years and spent my parent's life savings so I would have skills to earn a living, apparently all skills and credentials I ever needed was an abuility to tell bs. I am a little disilusioned with my life now...

P.C. in the tv : she profiled you by your age and the way you reacted to the statement

Liam Vic : Little did we know, a medical miracle is coming our way soon.

Azul Lebron : If I was in that situation, I'd be like "gurl im trans how am I supposed to be pregnant?" Okay, I wouldnt say exactly that, but you know.

veronica ramirez : Your dog looks pomenerian mixed with German Shepard

Kendra Campbell : Psychics just tell you super basic things that literally anyone can tell you. They offten do this trick called cold reading

SheistyProductions : I'm so uncomfortable watching this!!!!

Random Clips : i DoNt ThInK sO

cam : What if she seen one of your videos but is playing dumb

Jet Andrade : This psychic is Onision in disguise

Tyler Sobolewski : lol molly burke in the background! 1:30 QUEEN!

Kaylah R : this psychic is me answering questions for a test i did not study for

Deer Gamer : who saw the Molly Burke video in the back 2:05

TheSmileyVirus : I didn't know you could withdraw consent... In that case, my priest and I need to have a talk.

Erin Smith : She learned to read people's tells. When she mentioned your deceased parent. You let out a little gasp. So she knew she was onto something.

Sophia Watroba : I think she is a pomchi chihuahua mix.

ASMR Abby : Physic: “you’ll have a big backyard” Blaire: “for like chickens or something” Physic: “MMMM Yea, no pig.....”

gay eden : *ashley* *Everyone has* *_temptation_*

Fernanda Guerrero-Martinez : when she got to the part about saying she should ask what breed of dog Bella is, I thought she was talking about Bella Thorn because this is the first video I've ever watched of hers.