Paul Rudd & Jason Segel
Paul Rudd and Jason Segal are doing promotion interviews for I Love You Man when things go off the rails

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Wormsmayne : "You're developing some sort of bromance with one another?" "Noo... you are." 

XVSting : Marshall... stop having sandwiches...

Austin Kirton : i bet they were hiding weed under the hat hahahah

Jim Mao : The host is like "guess who is the least high here"

Skiles : "He sounds pretty English." "I do my best." C'mon, give the young man credit, that's a good joke.

Alex Basche : This guy was SO patient with them.  Mad props LOL

Matt Mcandrew : Must have been one big sandwich

Peter Johnson : So, apparently, when Jason Segel gets high, he plays word association.....

Monica Tajik : "i'm just hungry" i love that

Warbo : The comedic synergy between their three personalities is incredible

jack mehoff : best interview of all time.

TJ1501 : At 0:40 Jason Segel is going "My mouth is so dry, but if I go for the water, everyone will know that I'm high. Best do this casually, and maybe they won't know."

strahljd : I wish this interview could last about 10 hours.  Actually I wish they could just make a tv show that is nothing but this british dude interviewing these two guys for 5 seasons.

Caroline Elizabeth : Being high with them would be so fun

Official GaminGuys : I only just saw this and its got to be one of the funniest interviews I ever saw. Gideon made me say that.

Joanna Revelle : it would be unbelievably fun to be baked with these guys ;)

tskwared667 : I'm literally crying right now this is hilarious.

Stock Video Central : I think this is Jason Segels funniest movie.

I Galactic I : And this is why weed is so great, moments like this.

Kevin Orzel : "Gideon. B... b... back on your horse." Sometimes Paul Rudd shows up in my dreams saying that.

BaconMan : What if they werent high, and just insane.

Alxoholiker : Uh, They must have ate a huge sandwich

Warbo : "I'm slightly terrified"

Jesse : Jason must have eaten a delicious sandwich.

Amanda Stone : "it's almost as if new york was a character in the film" "los angeles, we filmed in los angeles." "right that"

Skiles : I'm naming my first child Gideon.

Svensk : Why is Messi interviewing them?

Cerena Leigh : now you're Gideon.

Andre Anderson : That guy should seriously just start a site interviewing famous people high cause he seems really good at it

Warbo : 2:43 how does Rudd manage to make such a mess of sitting back in his seat lol

carlitos vodka : we should have more actors high.

etuintialainen : This is the most amazing video I've ever seen.

ShooManFu : Marshal ate a big sandwich before this.

Liz C : This still makes me laugh hysterically

Leonhart : This is gold

nakedfordinner : lol this totally reminds me of my buddy and I when we get stoned, we were cooked and the oven was turned to 420 degrees, with another friend of ours we ran on to some random guys lawn and started playing soccer, for what seemed like 10 minutes, it was actually for half an hour, we were on some random dude's lawn screaming at the top of our lungs and pretending we were astronauts kicking moonrocks at eachother, I remember another time we just walked into a church for the hell of it and ended up going nto the auitorium where I beieve a bunch of people were coming into priesthood, we couldnt stop laughing because everyone was in tears and talking about how "god" had set their path blah blah, lookng back it was a dumb thing to do, but wow was it fun, im gonna miss you buddy, no one probably cares but this was pretty cathartic to let out

Strand : So Jason Segel is exactly the same person as Nick Andopolis.

Riccy M : Why is marihuana not legal? It's affects are no way as bad as alcohol. Alcohol is 100x more dangerous and it's symptoms of over use are serious but that's legal.

noddwan : Wow, Michael Cera has put on some weight - and what's with the accent? :x

EllieJayden : Every time I watch this I laugh. Love these guys so much haha.

Dylan Stahl : I think Jason had a sandwich...

Aearonjer Circumstance : Weed is bad? Hell No.

Join the Synergy : I LOVE YOU MAN!

shockwavebramble : Can't tell me they're not completely stoned from 2:00 on

dalie1990 : Watching this while being high is the best experience of my life hahahaha "gidian" lmfaoooo

Rachel Moseley : They should get stoned before every interview...I can't stop laughing.

TRIXX (OLD CHANNEL) : Lmao, how have I not seen this before? Their high as hell! Hilarious! :)

BlueCartoonBlues : when the edibles start kicking in

DaTiger45 : I want to smoke weed with them