Filmography 2010

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Procrasti Nation : My Highschool in a video, I will never forget this, I literally know all the words of the first 1 minutes as if they were actual song lyrics or something!

Samir Benlembarek : 6 years later and still found this the best montage ever

Сергей Кислицын : Still watchin', almost five years later

Luke Irwin : Still the best video on YouTube ever. Just a masterpiece.

Hecate : A shining example of the pinnacle of video editing. A timeless classic that will serve as a basis of study for future videographers for years to come. Thank you for this!

Maximillion : I refuse to believe this was 5 years ago

How to Faint : They should have you doing this for the Oscars.

Silent Hill : Power and control...

BatistaR0X : almost 5 years ago.. still watching.. it will always be a rollercoaster ride watching this remix

Stevo935 : Still watchin', almost four years later.

Yangus0x : Thumbs up, if you've watched this at least 4 times already...

asdf : 2016... still watching sometimes... impressive...

Arsh Agarwal : A timeless masterpiece. I watched this years ago for cinematography. Tonight I watch it for its ideas. Whatever you watch it for, it always has something to give. Talk about power and control.

akmal zain : this video still gives me goosebumps every time i watch it 

Phaota : Another fantastic editing job.  It must have been super tough to find just the right scenes to fit together like that.  You should do an 80s compilation.

greattvshows452 : Still genius . . . 5 years later !!!

jiminfested : It's getting close to the end of 2013 :D

lovepotionsinc : This is like the hundredth time I've watched this movie tribute. One of the best things is that you used the dialogue to perfection. Year-end tributes tend to rely most on the visual aspects of film (not that there's anything wrong with those tributes, they're wonderfully made) but the words are just as important. Keep up the great work!

nukedkaltak : I miss these :(

windboi : 2015 , and this still the best edit I've ever seen. please do more. i'll even pay to see more !

Concalious : This is not only one of the most beautiful videos i have watched. The feelings, the sensations all seem so fresh and crisp. It not only makes me appreciate the movies and their amazing detail but it makes me appreciate the technology required to achieve such brilliancy. You have brought together 270 pieces of art, of amazing work and put them all together to make something better, greater than ever. I will not only repost this but i will be sharing it with everyone i know. Fantastic Work!  

Oisin Byrne : Is there any way that you could re-upload an MP3 of the first minute?

WeAreAllThereIs : When I think of YouTube, I think of your channel and Filmography 2010. You, too ensure the legacy of our human race.

Joylovecity : I've seen other filmographies and mashups but yours are definitely the best!! :D make one for 2013!! :) pretty please?

S W : 1 - 2 - let see what you can do

janeina10 : Still watching this in 2018 - a masterpiece! <3

arogantni : Whatever happened to her? Is she ok does anyone know? She made like 2-3 more after this then nothing, no other videos. Hope shes ok.

The Doctor : I wish there was one of these videos for 1985.

IGameChangerI : THIS IS SO GOOD.

Cheng Shen : One of my favorites on youtube. 

Kadir Deniz Şenol : It's 2018 and I'm still keep coming back to this video. It's the best thing on Youtube!

Joshua : Why did you stop? This is the first youtube video which made my eyes wet. I love all your filmographies!

Mel Forbes : I just spent a few hours trying to remember this video as I used to be obsessed. So glad I found it!

Happyleaf : Still my favorite

Thomas Plouvier : Hello there, i finally found this video after month >< but i'm still looking for another one, who's almost the same, it's a video with clips and music, from the same périod i think (2010. 2011) all i remember is there's a passage with the movie "Daybreakers" where Willem Daffoe say "we're the fox with the crossbows" .. i clearly remember this part but not the name of the vidéo or the others clips in the vidéo ... i know i dont give a lot of indication but if someone see the video i'm talking about and can help me finding it i will fucking kiss his or her ASS !!! thx :)

Andrea Pedrosa : This is amazing and you're actually the best, even after 8 years.

Chacha Yo : 10 is a great movie year. Miss it.

Zakariya Sharif Nur : This is still my favourite one 

Sarah Quan : Still my favourite filmography of all time

Mandy L. : Ahhhh, the emotional ride this takes me on every single time I watch it... I've said it before, but thank you again for having taken the time and putting in the hard work to make(and share!) this incredible film compilation! I go back to it every year so far...

Darthgrammar Saviour : This makes me feel like there are so many good movies that I'm missing because i haven't seen half of them but I'm scared that the movies aren't as good as they are portrayed. also this brings me almost to tears i love it so much thank you you genius for making it you have contributed to my life greatly. xxoo

Martian Lee : Making me love life, and wanna live it as splendid as a film.

Morgan-Sean McCright : Well done friend.

carterjmd : This one will always be the best to me

qsaification : that's amazing! fantastic!

TangXxinyy - : 2017,still watching

swiviol : Still my favorite video on youtube.

Maniyazov Production : молодец...  

Guillermo Castellanos : Genius!!!

氵每夕卜 : No matter how many films I've seen, never forget about this. Power and control!