Pavarotti, "La Donna e Mobile" from Verdi's "Rigoletto". Moscow, 1964
A young Luciano Pavarotti performing in Soviet Russia

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Лучано Паваротти - "La Donna e Mobile" из оперы Верди "Риголетто". Москва, 1964 год


itube757 : looks like super man

Doug Miles : I was walking in the Presidio in San Francisco back in the early 1980s and Pavarotti was singing acapella in an open air theater . I got to stand 10 feet in front of him while he sang fortissimo. Im here to tell you that the very ground shook . The amount of energy that emanates from a tenor of his quality is unbelievable.

Iupiter Bong : Ero convinto che fosse nato con la barba...

Savvas : Dislike on Pavarotti?? You must be deaf..

Christian Vaquero : After seeing this video, I believe his singing comes from his eyebrows! :D

Philippians 4:13 : If Superman's ship had crashed in Naples.

Roli Velaz : Questo è un documento storico per l'eternità.

i don't care : His smile when he hits the note :))

Tharangsa Kande : best tenor of all ages

chiara caniati carlucci : Wow! young Pavarotti! When i hear him singing I am so proud to be Italian! Rip,Maestro!

John Schofield : BRAVISSIMO!!!

NO CHOKE ZONE : beardless, rare, and perfectly young Pavarotti

Croatian Gaming Channel : I'm a metalhead, but Luciano's voice was unbelivable!! Nobody will ever come close to him!!

Agnes Varga : brilliant voice. no paragon clear, sounds amazing Like a crystal glass

Autumn Leaves : Good to hear and see this early recording. He would have been about 28 or 29 when this was filmed. Excellent.

50 Pence : If you're a non-italian speaking feminist don't look up the translation. 😂

A Fly : There’s magic in that hairline.

N iv : 98 people who disliked this video thought they were clicking the 'download' button

Gigicom86 : Cavoli Pavarotti senza barba è identico a Crozza che imita Renzi😂 scherzi a parte, che voce magnifica che aveva

Carl : These eyebrows

Елена Игнатьева : 2019?

D. Smith : What a beautiful man with such a divine singing voice. Humans can be blessed in many ways.

P-mtc : All possible emotions on his face

IrNepo™ : perfection does not exi....

Al cuore Ramon : He was the real natural tenor voice!!!

Richard Delaney : Clear, powerful and masculine.

Martin Nash : Pavarotti what amazing voice only wish i had the privilege to see this great singer live what a performance

Arron Barbuto : maravillioso

Dolores Ryan : My God, he makes it look so easy. A true master.

Charles Foster : I don't think there will ever be another Pavoroti! This particular performance illustrates his brilliant enthusiasm to perform, Pavoroti virtually leaps on the stage and his expressions during this opera are priceless. His ability to moderate his voice into softness is incredible. I think his voice is remarkable beyond words. There may be someone come along that can belt this piece out but I doubt seriously that they will accomplish same with Pavoroti's brilliance!

Saul Zepeda : I can sing like this to,but only in the😂

Mauricio Lopez : You can tell this was his favorite piece!!

Mario F. : Maestro Pavarotti el mejor tenor de la historia.

RSKR : miss the man

Viviane Venancio : He was so expressive! Amazing!

michael maselly : I was so very lucky to spend a couple of hours with him in okc, ok in 1983 when they named a hospital wing for him The nicest man

Cesar Carvalho : Master of all

Allen Sagalla : Wow! The late great Luciano Pavarotti when he was younger; thanks for uploading :-)

Winston Huang : I kind of feel sorry for the pianist for leaving without bowing or at least acknowledging the audience. You deserve it too buddy!

Peter Green : Saw him in concert once. What a voice. Finest I've ever heard. The king of Tenor.

Núbia Ramiro : Bravíssimo, eterno 💚

Xenia dolphine : Wuauuu he was so handsome, I didn’t recognize him, lol 😂

grenade : This is the first time I've ever listened or saw him perform. My grandmother loved him ( figuratively) and I can see why. He absolutely shines, I am still a little astounded. Beautiful!

shiro plz : The way he smiles after singing is so adorable hes such a cinnamon roll

RudyCrespi : Stava meglio senza barba.

murilo nascimento : 3:03 Lingua

Peter Green : Oh my goodness. What a final note! Magnifique.

Adam Edge Copeland : Seeing Pavarotti without his beard is new to me

Angel O : Blessed with a powerful and beautiful voice.