Woman Struck by lightning speaks!

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How To Make Sushi : one of the video editors is definitely getting fired for that

CJUGames : Still makes me chuckle.

Akash Vedi : Is name of your video editor skrillex?

LeGronk : *I-I-I-I-I-I should buy a-L-L-L-L-L* (ottery ticket)

Significant Otter : *W E L L.*

Bofa D. Snutts : Laura.exe has stopped working

Garrett OBrien : Sounds like she's still currently being struck by lightning

Liface : Have not laughed to the point of tears on YouTube for years, but this video did it.

Binuyaka Vanilla : That news caster trying to contain his laughter made this funnier than it should be

UghRochester : "She doesn't remember the accident, but the evidence is clear..." haha

Andrew James : There is a God, and he has a sense of humor

Brainhorn : Sounds like she's saying "I should buy a lottery ticket"

abobjenkins : I think she was trying to say, "I should buy lightning insurance".

moriya2k2 : It's the Speed force. She's becomes so fast that we speak slow to her.

cooct baddo : that trying so hard not to laugh expression on his face is golden.

Bungalo Bill : Hospital food does that to me also.

Sausage Cream : Oh god if I was that reporter I would not be able to contain myself like he did! I would have just died laughing!

Daisuke Jigen laughing : This is possibly my favorite video on YouTube.

carlos de leon : WELL

Mary Stroudensbourg : stupid technology mistakes like that make me laugh way more than it should oh my god

vincevega0 : The jolt turned her into Max Headroom.

PowerGlove79 : I wonder if she married skunk from the great outdoors

Cosmic Centurion Deathvoid Entropic Darkswarm Abyss Meteor Suplex Firefist Twerk Team Wolfpack : Perhaps that's the actual footage and she's just experiencing the lingering side effects of electrocution

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : Plug her into a power line. Free energy is here.

Manintoga : How this guy didn't die from laughter is beyond me.

Random Ashe : He handled it like a pro.

Meme Parody Productions / Meme Sheep : woman.exe has stopped working

Dan Thibodeau : HA they sent them a YTP

beezymeech : 0:25 he tried so hard but had to break

nameofthepen : Gr..gr...gr...gr..gr...gr...gr..gr...gr...gr..gr...gr...great vi...vi...vi...vi...vi...vi...vi...vi...video!

BeardedWonder 756 : The way he says WELL is what gets me EVERY damn time lmao

Nataly RAW : lyrics?


Anna Duffy : i laugh about 10 mins,thanks

troyBORG : This is my local news station!

joh nny : i i i i i i chip by a ne ne ne ne ne n n n n n n

Tim : Her English is very understandable I I I I chip a a a a ne ne ne ne n n n

Vissal : Well....

James P. Confident : I've cried of laughter. This did it.

Robb : almost fell off the can laughing so hard

Cheeseburger Freedom Man : Plot twist, that isn’t an editing issue, she speaks like this now

Achedb0b1 : What a SHOCKING story.


Michael De Marco : Wow, for a moment I thought she had turned into max headroom

Jack Griffin : I love how he says "Well" after the video

Leo Qi : Pretty sure she said, "I should buy a lottery ticket."

evitafab : I'm still lmao

RickyPro : My favorite part is 0:18

Randy Ferrel : that shit breaks me up every time I watch it. classic!

JAMAICAN : this whole video is hilarious i busted a gut lmaooo