Utada Hikaru - Tetris DS Challenge Part 1

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Donnie : eimaXe : The way Hikaru plays is like, "Its Automatic".

Pasonia : @selphiexfairy I think I heard her say, pardon my broken Japanese, that she "found a control (buttons) a little hard" against her first two opponents. As in, maybe because the DSes were in mint condition (not surprised if Nintendo does so for their events), that's why the buttons were very hard to press.

Amyante : 5:20 is me every Tetris game ever XD

Princess Laguia : I bet is would feel amazing to lose to Utada, though.

Laplace : she is so cute!

SelphieFairy : @sponsquar88 LOL oh hell yeah it is! Especially since this is taking place in Japan: Remember, Japanese people can take anything and make it into a hardcore competition. Card games? Cooking? They ARE ALL EXTREME AND SRS BZNS IN JAPAN lol. xD

Daniel Lopez : I love how almost ever video I watch with Utada Hikaru in it, even the most random and obscure videos like these, has zero dislikes

The Castaway Traveller : She's actually damn good...

Curry Lord : 3:53 It's cute how she's a sore loser.

WsaWeds : She is sexy, can sing amazingly, and can own people at tertris....SHE IS PERFECT!

Pasonia : @lugiadoom Oh so it's her not being used to it? I don't hear quickly-spoken Japanese properly so if it's possible, could you type out the exact line she said? Many thanks in advance!

Daniel Ramirez : This is the best Tetris ever made. DS did it the best.

acicon : TV out for DS?!

Wander von der Seele : What a simple and clean technique

Shinigami Customs : Damn, Hikki is pretty good in speed tetris.

Jonathan Jennings : This is Love - Tetris-style.

Lhatis : wow shes good at it xD although she has problems with the buttons xD

SelphieFairy : it looks like she only lost in the beginning cuz she was getting used to the controls hahaha. xD

Dencell : I will make her my wife!

Bubble Fumes : これが伊集院の言ってたやつか

That blasian over there : Dang she's good. I notice they only went for TETRIS instead of singles. I gotta strt doing that.

Raidanzoup : Haha, I guess from the bottom there's just nowhere to go but up.

Halim Colson : There's so much to like. Utada Hikaru is a slayer in this game. O_o I'm good but that's. Just. Scary.

RikuAxelCloud : Damn it she's so pretty..


Elijah Rakotoarivony : Utada Rocks. ;) she's amazing Now!!! 0.0

Joongi Cho : @mistylear19 That look nothing like jackie fuckin chan LOL

domdomdrumdrum : @vanguard35 obviously. i was just stating the sportsmanship and challenge competitive tetris can provide...

domdomdrumdrum : tetris is a competitive sport!

kittycat0143 : Unlike most us celebrities, hikki actually has enough time on her hand to develop mad skills at tetris

Macaii : 1:47 She cums.

João Gabriel Netto : Kct Utada Hukaru no vício do Tetris!!! o.O

愛のぺろり : 挑戦者は棒を待ちすぎてるな 棒を待ちすぎると運が良くないと勝てないよ 宇多田の方が上手い

MrDCrow : 3:15 he is going decently quick (switches to her) holy shit!

DarkChain10 : she beast at this

Volviert : Interesting

Michael He : Did she lose the first two because the DS has a slow button?

illslinky : Call me crazy, but I want to try playing against her.

ThePeaChannel Erwin : 7:47 ma- tae tae na daw... sabi nung bata...

Foxhole : Lol I wouldn't have a chance in hell against her

Manoel Neto : Kawaii desu nee ^_^

EAGaming : Utada is the most amazing person ever!!

EAGaming : I just wish there was something at all in English...

Madyocre : why does she look soooooo much like my aunty!!

cecillbill : Damn, Utada got them Tetris skills!

mistylear19 : Every time I see this, I swear that Jackie Chan is the one playing Round 19.

コロコロ コロコロ : でたー英語コメモリモリなやーつ

oifair : Japanese TUNDERE. So cute.

Madi : bcoz she is da celebrity

mrkrazyaznguyizkrazy : Utada's soooooo cute!