Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery
Cicada 3301 An Internet Mystery

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In this video I explore an elaborate cryptographic internet puzzle orchestrated by a mysterious individual or group known as Cicada 3301. Patreon: Subreddit: Twitter: Facebook: Discord: The puzzle I hid in this video has been solved: [Music] Own work Erang - Forever Lost In An Endless Dream Erang - The Highway Goes Ever On Erang - Silent Bones Cicada 3301 - The Instar Emergence Cicada 3301 - Interconnectedness [References]


Fresh Freak : After being in my recommended for almost a year, i finally clicked the video.

Colt Holland : This was like a documentary that you’d watch on TV. Very well edited video.


J. Cole : I couldn't imagine having the free time to solve this shit

Pearce Polcyn : The amount of effort these soundcloud guitarists go through just so their music gets heard is unbelievable...

yael smith : i had bluetooth earbuds in and wasnt looking at my phone when "THE EEEbdjsjksjdhidNDDDD" played and it scared the shit out of me

midnight sky : Jesus Christ, you're not supposed to take the word "quality" so literally.

wolfuu : What if it ends up being like one of those "Don't click on my post!" things you see on instagram and it ends with "You made it this far, you might as well follow my main account 😉"

Someone Anonymous : ">highly intelligent people >4chan Pick one" Lmao


Baby Doiphin : January 4 is when the world record egg was posted. Coincidence. I think not.

Darkness Rang : This is obviously a fortnite friend request, probably a soccer skin

BowandSvent : "All these years later and Cicada has still not reached out or released a new puzzle." I mean, we never fulfilled our end of the bargain and finished transcribing the runic book. They DID say that we would have to do that first.

HanJayTan : Imagine when u reached the last step and theres a picture of a trollface

IrritatedOnion : Sounds like the process of joining the nightingale in Skyrim

Dima Sharoyko : Don't you just stumble on comments and think: Man I wish I said that

icrazy icrazy : WHO ELSE GOT SCARED AT 10:11

Conor Moore : LEMMiNO is the cleanest video editor, change my mind

01010000 01001000 : What if LEMMiNO is Cicada 3301?

Intaanetto : The prize is a recruitment to eliminate Article 13. Hinting "Do you believe that information should be free?" and "Do you believe that censorship harms humanity?".

shael garmendia : Ain't nobody gonna talk bout the god editing here....

Nyan Cat : Those people who got ghosted were the ones that shared info, so they will never get to hear from Cicada because they broke what they wanted. That is why. The people who never broke the rule are developing software for Cicada right now.

ly- ly : *opens final link* _never gonna give you up never gonna let you down_

Richard Zhang : Plot twist: My mom made this on her old Dell laptop simply because she is too bored!

Mic Mic Bungee? : I want to participate in something like this, but I'm too stupid lol

Wiretrip : This is one of the most intriguing and amazing videos i have ever seen! The editing is brilliant and story is awesome!

KiloRipp : This should seriously be a T.V show, like Stranger things or something. Just full of mysteries.

Generic Protagonist : "We have no name" Okay, whatever you say Cicada. "We have no symbol" Okay, whatever you say CICADA.

Gizelle : I skipped 5 seconds, i got confused.

Fab's Channel : This would be a perfect setup to the best rickroll in history

LATVIALYRICS : I am alone and I do not know why this creeps me out so much. Especially the music. EDIT: Thank you for the likes! EDIT #2: Wow! 116 likes! Haven't reached this count of likes!

radicool : Marvel: we have the best editing! super realistic and cool LEMMiNO's editor: hold my beer

Luke Barnwell : Cicada should seriously persue a career in music

Carson Applebaum : "We do not advertise ourselves" >holds extremely public contest for recruitment

Literally God : did anyone ever think to tab out the guitar tracks? Perhaps that would reveal a code

Nexodus ZeroX : Obviously no one at Cicada works at Facebook Headquaters

303 : Cicada 3301: Don't share this information with anyone Person: *posts info all over internet* Cicada 3301: *_Am I a joke to you?_*

kiran shahnaz : Imagine if this was Cicada's next puzzle.

novanoob gaming : this is gonna be the biggest rick roll in rick roll history

Ricardo Alvarez : This super clean edition clearly butters my croissant and moistened parts that are normally not moist edit: breathe if you agree

ANON REVOLUTION : We are not a group, organization or community. We are an idea. Those that are involved that represent the idea are Anons. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. EXPECT US.

Annabelle Lee : Imagine that this is the Illuminati and this is their way of recruiting people

Stormy : My two brain cells were quaking

Dragon Fire : Around 10:29, i wasnt expecting garbled text and i got scared so rip

Zeddman : The instrumental tune playing in the beginning is great. You made that song correct? If possible could I buy that track? You should put it on iTunes or something its really well made. Great video too.

ChrisumaruGaming : did anyone at all think to put the music into one of those programs that turns sounds into pictures or whatever??

LIL SEAWEED : This is confirmed to not be a major organization, they asked /b/ instead of /pol/

Musa : "we want the best not the followers" lowkey savage

Yolanda Lesheil : I feel like the guitar music was supposed to be a puzzle , like you'd have to analyze the notes or something-