Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery
Cicada 3301 An Internet Mystery

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In this video I explore an elaborate cryptographic internet puzzle orchestrated by a mysterious individual or group known as Cicada 3301. Patreon: Subreddit: Twitter: Facebook: Discord: The puzzle I hid in this video has been solved: [Music] Own work Erang - Forever Lost In An Endless Dream Erang - The Highway Goes Ever On Erang - Silent Bones Cicada 3301 - The Instar Emergence Cicada 3301 - Interconnectedness [References]


303 : Cicada 3301: Don't share this information with anyone Person: *posts info all over internet* Cicada 3301: *_Am I a joke to you?_*

Fab's Channel : This would be a perfect setup to the best rickroll in history

uǝʞoɹq covers : This is literally the process my brain goes through to solve math

Leong Yin Xuan : When he said, "the end" and it glitched, I jumped.

not adrian : Honestly this would make an interesting movie

Arjun Parab : Just imagine if no one shared the first image at all and just've ignored it, just think how flop their plan would've been 😂😂

Cynical Player : Imagine reaching the final step and it says “you can now play as Luigi”

Lil Guerri!!a : That cicada symbol and the music creeps me out man.

Zahir Jacobs : I have to point out the amount of research and editing that went into making this video is next level!

charlotte : This sounds like something I would do when I’m supposed to be studying

Random Dude : they should make an Netflix documentary about this

ZG Colorforce : What if a random kid just takes down one of the posters.

D5TH : what if the creator said to the finalist that they have to share this fake information to mislead us??? HMMMMMMM

Carson Applebaum : "We do not advertise ourselves" >holds extremely public contest for recruitment

UnrealProZ : This is a masterpiece of a video and content like this is highly underappreciated.

Wandering Llama : 3301:Dont share this information Video: 3301:You dare oppose me mortal

MAX CAMPBELONIAN : This would legit be a awesome movie HOLLYWOOD

Luke Barnwell : Cicada should seriously persue a career in music

Bradman is a bitch : 10:20 scared me bro I thought I was chosen or some shit 😂

dinesh : This may be the recruitment process of MIB. 🤣🤣🤣

LordExel : Imagine if LEMMiNO was the leader of the 3301 "movement" and this video was just a small hint into the bigger picture... Edit: Bruh was not expecting over 200 likes for such a simple idea but thanks anyways! :D

xSerpent : Plot twist: LEMMiNO is actually Cicada that’s how he knows all of the information.


tom linch : jigsaw:let's play a game the hacker who made this 3301: yes.

ian De : 10:15 F*ck bruh!! Can you give us some warning something??my heart almost jumped thought I'm getting hacked..

Joe Yocom : Has anyone researched the notes of the music? They could have letter or a numerical meaning

Brenna Metcalf : I had a mini heart attack at 10:18 I thought cicada was on my phone

ly- ly : *opens final link* _never gonna give you up never gonna let you down_

ItsJ4CK : Why did I feel liked someone was watching through my screen? Creepy asf.

Nexodus ZeroX : Obviously no one at Cicada works at Facebook Headquaters

Pdaddles : “Behind ten signs an image you will find. Scour the timeline to locate the signs.”

Sana Wiesener : i always look at the comments while listening to a vid and the moment i scrolled down i hear ¨THE EEEEeeenedjvfndsjenhfuvikdjnv¨ i almost peed myself

Pearce Polcyn : The amount of effort these soundcloud guitarists go through just so their music gets heard is unbelievable...

Xeni Rzh : After he said "What happens when you reach the end?" and fake glitch popped up, YT showed me the lack of internet connection. I'm scared O_o

Ricardo Alvarez : This super clean edition clearly butters my croissant and moistened parts that are normally not moist edit: breathe if you agree

Ice 487 : Cicada 3301 just gave up because one of their finalists couldn't keep a secret.

ScotchMist : Anyone else find the A4 paper taped to a bike shelter suspiciously unimaginative and slap dash, compared with the rest of the puzzle? Satoshi Nakamotos follow up too Bitcoin?

BLEACH BOY : The GOVERNMENT is looking for the highly intelligent hackers for the future, when taking over the world.

Yolanda Lesheil : I feel like the guitar music was supposed to be a puzzle , like you'd have to analyze the notes or something-

6998Aj : interconnectedness soundin like my mf alarm

Clorox Bleach : *Final Message* Very well, you have proven yourself to be the highly intelligent individual we seek. *Proceed to this page for the final part* You can now play as Luigi.

Imanol Montes : He should do a video about The Stanford Prison Experiment

Vonlujtes : I watched this video? Are you happy now, YouTube?

Fandom Trash : This is the most interested i have been in anything all year Your videos are amazing and ive only seen like 2 of them, cant wait to see more

TotallyPhoenix : Wow...what a CRAZY think! Those ppl who won truly were smart!!!

Mic Mic Bungee? : I want to participate in something like this, but I'm too stupid lol

Ninja Scout : Who remembers when this channel was named Top ten Memes?

Green day fan : What would happen if i called the number right now!?😱😱😱

Misery Go Round : So it's a bunch of pissed off old people. I was hoping for a complex message simply saying "your mom gay" Also I really like the music actually