Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery

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Frostchill ._. : I can physically feel my curiosity

witheredandobsolete : Buckethead was behind it.

Lord Sandwich : What if the second and third puzzles were to distract people from finding more information about the first, and thus finding out what the first puzzle was actually for...

Eryan724 : in the beginning i thought its some ancient esoteric spiritual order that has battled supression for millenia and also uses modern tools ...... now at the end it seemed like 5 guys who had an idea and got excited, made a hard puzzle and then kinda got distracted xD ----- all smoke no fire i guess`?

The Game Maniac 3D : The leader from Cicada is probably L from deathnote

rosedarkling : Yo, was not even aware this was a thing going on. That's a bit scary, creepy, and amazing all in one. I really wonder where this is going or if it's dead. Just, wow. Thanks for sharing this. Love your style of videos, man. Keep up the good work. God bless yours and you! :)

Edward Who : *This is so Interesting* ...

charles ohagwu : I need to stop watching this shit at night..

Düellocu Aga : 10:15 bloody hell that scared the shit out of me

DexMaster881 : Well the faults of this Idea are very prevalent due too them claiming they seek Intelligent people. But they actually ask for just a Certain amount of intelligence and a very specific skillset,at demand. 1st you have to be very Computer educated. Not every Intelligent person is. It depends on their interest. Intelligent people will tend to know informatics well but not to a point of coding and data encryption. 2nd At some point requires availability and capability to travel. There's intelligent people in poor countries that simply cant afford to travel long distance on a whim. The organization also states : "We want winners not second comers" which dictates if you live far and need more time to get there you lost. 3rd Is the best Irony in my opinion and its: You, presumably an Intelligent person will participate in a game that exposes you and your personal data to people you know nothing of. When you don't know who you are dealing with ,thus have no ways of protecting yourself running into it is the ultimate proof of lack of intelligence.

Pixelated Warrior : The curiosity HURTS

Meme Archive : Did this nigga die?

Tom Palfrey : Keep in mind, cicadas are known to lay dormant underground for years, sometimes decades, before coming out en mass in their mature forms when conditions are just right. Then they mate and die, the larvae going underground again until the cycle repeats. There's clearly a connection with the name, and the behavior of the insects and the individual/group. So, I would suggest being patient, as was requested. More will come.

Hitler Youth : 6:30 turns out it was some guy trying to sell his music

DasGandlaf San : This should be a movie.

The Honorable Reverend Addison Bortion : Riddler's ultimate riddle

Sumedh Dorwat : 09:00 *Seems like multiple middle fingers shown to those who were not able to crack the puzzle* :P

kool kid : Any one notice that the phone number for Nox Populi has 1033 and 999 flipping the 1033 and flipping the 999 upside down you get 3301 and 666.

b bremner : I called that texas number guy got really pissed off I told him im just trying to help crack the code

Tim Yang : SUP GUISE i'm joey salads today we're gonna do a social experiment online

Meritless Memes : damnit that “what happens when you reach the EEEENNNDD” actually scared me lol

FriedOutMukke : those few 'highly intelligent individuals' are probably working on the dark side of the moon now. lol

Evan O : LEMMiNO: uploads Me: *N U T*

MrNinjaFace : So the intro and transition song isn’t a full thing he made yet, BUT GOD DO I NEED IT EVERYONE PLEASE TRY AND GET HIM TO DO IT

ASHWIN K : where are you lemmino? where is the latest upload. we need new awesome videos!

Infinite Curiosity : Your editing is probably best on youtube, hands down man. It feels good to see there are still a few people on this platform who are passionate about making quality content instead of quantity. We small creators are learning a lot from you man, keep up the amazing work.💛💛💛

RapidFireX OO : @LEMMiNO You got accepted into the group didn't you...

Jordan Naish : Hypocritical is not the same as Hypercritical, Hypercritical is being excessively and unreasonably critical, especially of small faults.

shaikha almeer : omg imagine the level of intelligence of the people who solved the riddles.

Rabbit Fufuu : 10:15 i need to punch a wall to feel like a man again, lmao

Corderoite / Jackie : I've watched this a few times, usually every few days, it's very interesting and makes you think and want to research more about this, great video!

Inderpal Singh Assi : This confirm Half Life 3

Jacob Thompson : Did LEMMiNO die again?

Sticky Man : the kind of content that this video dellivers makes me wonder about the possiblity that any random person i stumble across on the street might be part of something much bigger.

Lord LunaEquie is me : This subject is both fascinating and terrifying. Awesome video, though.

Gatling Hawk : Do Chernobyl

Marcus Holmes : Don't you think the music is strange? I think that in itself is a code, like a resonance code or a message

MGL7 : Cicada has been debunked by Defango, sophia musik is behind it. Look for defangos video.

Slog Nog : Every page of Liber Primus has been “translated”.

Tristin Aikens : that back beat though 👌

SmilyT1 : quality content and editing

Nyxx Mikaelis : They are Anonymous as in the "group" called Anonymous.

Omgurafi Spoopenberg : Maybe they try to find high intelligenced individuals to work for the CIA or some other secret... thing

Siddhesh Kulthe : What is the music u used while showing the puzzle numbers like The Second Puzzle or The Third Puzzle?

OustFoX : Wait, hold up didnt your channel use to be called "Top 10 Memes" or something? I used to watch your "Rage comic series". Its been years, but I guess I'm an OG viewer lol.

Rits Nay : So much intelligence behind all this cicada mystery....😮😮

Tina Lokq : Shadow SOCIETY

Scorchy : it appears that Everytime someone makes a video towards cicada is their last video.

Buggy D Clown : How did Rolling Stones got their interview?

Saif Farooq : When you wish you were in a legit secret organization but you know ur bad at everything and sit in the corner and cry