Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery

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Thatz Dope : His voice sounds like... He's the one behind this

Jamie McCallum : This all leads to Petscop 2

PawStrike : Teachers: 1+1=2 Test: *cicada 3301*

Mythical Animals : Dude you have to post your music somewhere like holy crap this is good I can't find this anywhere else TwT

Daniel Cowan : Imagine this was a guy trying to promote his indie music

Groundbreak Games : This is going to end in the greatest rickroll of all time.

Dylan Richter : *Completes Cicada* *Opens link* Ugandan Chungus

Dominic Easton : Why did nobody take advantage of surveillance cameras in order to see who planted the posters?


Emily Franklin : *finishes puzzle* *clicks last link* *DOWNLOAD TIKTOK*

Overwatch POTGs : Honestly,LeMMiNO's videos are such high quality that they dont deserve youtube

The Multi Mom : Cicada's take 7 years... just wait until next year

SmMn SmMn : secret organisation: WE NEED SPIES also secret organisation: **posts to 4chan**

xXMarkZWolfKingXx xXFoxWarriorXx : Imagine if McDonalds did this and if you solved it you would get hired.

Darkraii Beats : Perfect black mirror episode

Kent Heckel : *gets to the end* "We're updating our privacy policy"

Lone Wolf : At the end you get the only copy in existence of Super Mario Galaxy 3.

Mark Angelo Sambrano : what if the air we breath is really a drug that makes us see a dazed version of the world but when people take real "drugs" and trip they see the real world and that's why they're illegal

SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE, UNSUB FROM T SERIES : I finished the puzzle, and at the end, it plays a sound clip. It says "I'm not a gnelf,," "I'm not a gnoblin" "I'm a gnome"

Bozza Bee : Psychologically speaking, a statement like "do not share this information", without threat if the rule is breached (and even then), is a direct call for information to be shared.

Zuzu : Finally something about Cicada 3301 in 2018. It's been a while wow

Franca Ellerman : Here’s my take: if you have enough time (and money) to solve these puzzles, you’ve got enough time to make them. I doubt a legitimate organization made it.

Christopher Fair : Bored rich guy hires people to rick roll people. Solved. Damn I'm good.

Mbappe is over rated : Many pages of the Liber Primus book still hasn't been completely translated yet. There's still more to finish than we already have. This might likely be the reason Cicada 3301 has gone silent for a while now. I'm gonna assume that until we finish translating all of them, Cicada will stay silent. Because it's the one thing we never finished in this puzzle.


Ikcatcher : Christ your editor needs to chill, it’s too good

Luke Trover : Imagine trying to prank call (214) 390-9708 and getting this 1:10

JooLek 33 : I wonder if Cicada 3301 found and watched this video...............

erjun : **gets to the end** *YOU'VE BEEN GNOMED*

Cordell Kelley : Alright Youtube! Youve been recommending this for half a year now! I'll watch it, just leave me alone!

Merc : Damn, the level of editing in this is beyond amazing!

Op _Gamer177 : the audio at the end is reversed and says: "Only trust paths through ones you don't know, the end of the path you're findings must go" is this ones of Cicada's clues that LEMMiNO sneakily put in?

Audrey Dorn : is this dark web shit. like who even can think of these things. like who would think of taking the time to uncode all that and even think of looking up soft ware to produce those numbers from the song. i don’t even know what’s going on i’m so confused

Humam Slayer : what happened to the book ? why didn't they finish the decryption ?... why did not they enter the discovered deep web's link ?

Kid friendly gaming by kids : MATPAT GET OVER HERE

DMadHacks : LEMMiNO's Upload Schedule: An Internet Mystery

Captain Vimes : 10:20 *checks to see if front door is locked, turns on every light known to man*

Sonny Sunglasses : Fine Youtube I Watched It

NejaziZeciri : Cicada3301 will be back. Be patient and wait for the next cycle of the cicada. It will come.

Liljhony01 : Imagine how big of a mastermind do you have to be to think all of this stuff off. I am truly amazed and interested in this story and want to learn more.

Infinite Curiosity : Your editing is probably best on youtube, hands down man. It feels good to see there are still a few people on this platform who are passionate about making quality content instead of quantity. We small creators are learning a lot from you man, keep up the amazing work.💛💛💛

Sumukh : Cicada 3301 was a group of stoners who decided to bully super-dorks using cryptography. Don't @ me.

49 49 49 49 49 49 : This guys sounds like... (if my bonner had a voice)

Smile magic Girl : 10:14 gave me an anxiety attack

Stikbot Lizard : I just thought of this but try putting the sound files together

Jonathan Andersén : Nice video, see ya next year

RAYBAE 21 : 10:17. play the audio in reverse "behind 10 signs an image you will find, scour the timeline to locate the signs".

Arkham Knight : I think thats enough internet for me...

Daniel Yohanselin : Is everyone getting recommended this?

Meriam EF Barreto : I hope for another cicada puzzle for 2019 😍