Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery

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Zuzu : Finally something about Cicada 3301 in 2018. It's been a while wow

Craig Newman : Amazing editing

らべょRBX : spoiler alert: cicada's trying to promote his mixtape

Mr. Mope : This video has been in my recommended for a month... Who else finally cracked

ObieTheOrangeGuy : All this leads to a hidden boss fight in Smash Bros Ultimate to unlock Waluigi

Groundbreak Games : This is going to end in the greatest rickroll of all time.

Aqua Serpents Galore! : Cicada 3301 sounds a lot like a computer virus.

Jojo Stokes : Nicolas Cage would've solved this in an hour.

Sweta Upadhyay : YouTube literally forced me to watch this 😶

Titan06 : where is sherlock holmes when we need him?! >:(

Ikcatcher : Christ your editor needs to chill, it’s too good

Ehsan G : The mystery will lead up to a video in pornhub

Geraldette : "DO NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION" *random dude posts picture of email*

Richard Bright : How come no one still created a movie about this ?

Funny Comment : who else was in a dark room watching this?!?!?!?!?!

sithjohn80 : The quality of your content continues to blow my mind. You manage to hit the right level of depth without skimming too lightly or going too deep, your segments flow smoothly and cohesively, your pacing is just right and keeps the viewer interested the whole way through, and the editing is spot on. Bravo, my man.

Orange Juice : Damn I gotta stop watching this it’s like 4 am

Qween ! : Anyone else see Nox Populi's number? 424-999-1033. 999 could mean 666 upside down while 1033 is 3301 backwards but I'm probably over reacting. 424 could stand for something tho, so let me know what you guys think.

: i had a heart attack at 10:15

Armin Arlert : Glad to hear Cicada 3301 is out here dropping absolute bangers for their mixtape. Respect.

Thatz Dope : His voice sounds like... He's the one behind this

Blizzardhobo ‏ : This is in the recommendation because of that lamp moth meme YouTube knows what’s up

Deadlysock : Sitting here wishing I had the brains for this

Waterfowl Coalition : I love Jesus, so I am not going on some crazy quest and waste my life away doing it, but there are coordinates to a place in Iceland on this video. I also highly recommend someone also look at the total gibberish sounding stuff at 10:15 and also what plays at the very, very end. Here are the coordinates. 65.525158, -19.870823 Leads to a point in the road at Iceland. The coordinates are displayed at the end credits. Just saying.

Armanduchi 2 : The real question is WHERE IS LIGHTNING MCQUEEN

Kent Heckel : *gets to the end* "We're updating our privacy policy"

isaacwhy : I'm guessing by the description that the songs used at 0:03, 5:19, and 10:21 are your own work? I checked your soundcloud, your music channel, hell even your bandcamp, and i can't find it. Is it unreleased? I've been listening to the 7 second clip for months now. Please release it :(.

dank vanguard : Plot Twist:Its the Moth

Derek Checo : i went to the countdown web, who else did?

Big Tiddy Goth Gf : 10:16 made me jump cuz i wasnt paying attention then that animal crossing dialogue smh

Somali pirate who's actually somali : If only they were looking for: Highly lazy individuals that waste their Time on youtube comments :^)

Osama Adam : The algorithm really likes this video, but it's okay I liked it too. Today we're on the same side, AI.

Regan DeWine : Tyler Joseph was behind it (Only clique will get the joke)

AJ Olesen : 6:42 all the numbers in the background are prime.

TheYoutubeWizard 112 : this is how you find *DESPACITO 4652749*

Infinite Curiosity : Your editing is probably best on youtube, hands down man. It feels good to see there are still a few people on this platform who are passionate about making quality content instead of quantity. We small creators are learning a lot from you man, keep up the amazing work.💛💛💛

Crystal LPS : Is it me or Cicada is really good at making awsome music wait u know wat CICADA IS AWSOME AT MAKIN MUSIC bc DAMNNNNN CICADA IS GOOD

TheMysteryMan : This has been in my recommended for about 1 or 2 ... months now.

Andy-Matter : Why do I think the end is some sort of Atlas Shrugged thing

Ferny Rivers : God bless you all in Jesus Christ holy name amen repent of your sins and give your heart to Jesus Christ and accept the Holy Spirit read the Bible stay with god

Merc : Damn, the level of editing in this is beyond amazing!

m1kaela vea :v : the ending _100 hours of cicada memes_

catnip addiction : *THE STORY OF MOTH AND LAMP*

Prabhjot Lidhar : So I have a couple of questions Why didn't they check street cameras where the note was found to see who posted it For the Twitter account you could get the ip or try to find the location/person/device, etc.

Papa Bless : I used to watch your videos back in 2014, but stopped after a year for no particular reason. I just recently found this video on my recommended and I am very glad I did. I forgot how amazingly edited your videos were and how soothing your voice was. Keep it up man, i'm very proud of you.

DMadHacks : LEMMiNO's Upload Schedule: An Internet Mystery

Bradyn Arthur : I love that fucking song

Toxin Gamer Night : They are looking for smart individuals who know how to change out light bulbs from lämps

Yee A Unicorn : But it actually led to a free BigMac and HowToBasic's face reveal.

Jacob Burden : Imagine if it was just Rick Astley up to no good again