Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery

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Infinite Curiosity : Your editing is probably best on youtube, hands down man. It feels good to see there are still a few people on this platform who are passionate about making quality content instead of quantity. We small creators are learning a lot from you man, keep up the amazing work.💛💛💛

Andro A : Imagine if this was just some guy trying to promote his indie music.

Fishy Games : Lol I'm too broke and dumb to solve this out

KutWrite : Thanks for providing the music I liked those pieces. I also really enjoyed the black & white cityscape clips. They were well done (even though I detest cities). <3

PULSE : Imagine it was just a random Soundcloud Rapper promoting his Mixtape

Kurt Cobain : Quality not quantity.

Life is a joke : >Highly intelligent inviduals >4chan pick one

Name not found : *FBI OPEN UP*

atlasdaddy : Have you ever smoked a cigarette in your car and tried to throw it out the window and a minute later you smell something and turn around to find your grandma fingering herself in the back seat?

ZeldaFeb : The music is actually so nice though

Kent Heckel : *gets to the end* "We're updating our privacy policy"

Handsome Squidward : If you solve it you get a link to the B-side of All Star.

Hanji Zoe : Why is this hella scary?

Phaze : imagine someone calling the wrong number by mistake and hearing that dude say that

6e 65 70 69 64 61 65 20 34 31 35 33 : 01 64 64 20 6e 34 31 35 33 34 33 20 20 73 6e 61 70 63 68 61 74 20 61 6e 64 20 49 20 77 69 6c 6c 20 74 61 6c 6b 20 74 6f 20 79 6f 75 ONLY THE MOST INTELLIGENT CAN GET THIS, THIS IS NOT A JOKE

ethics : yeah we need the Music of the transition slides. It's really good  EDIT: Lemmino said on twitter it's his own work, he made it specifically for this video. The song is just a snippet though, he'll think about making it into a full song and uploading it sometime.

Lorenzo Petskalorenzo : Your voice, dude, I can listen to it all day

Yoefi Fransiska : ???:Good luck I hope u Know da wae

Devilsangel 69 : I don't know about you guys but I Think that cicada was HACKED DOWN( I MEAN TAKEN DOWN PHYSICALLY) Someone got to them and finished them , they must have not liked the motives of cicada mainly because CICADA WANTED TO RELEASE ALL DATA HIDDEN BY GOVERNMENT AGENCIES FROM US, government wiped them off to save themselves.

Emil Tony : Am i the only one who had this video in the recommendations for more than a week ??

Rits Nay : So much intelligence behind all this cicada mystery....😮😮

Maseeha Ayub : It's Matt Patt looking for new theorists

becky copper : Ends up, this was to promote the music in this😂

I'm ur dog : This reminds me of a Black Mirror episode

Jimmy Sullivan : Ok, honestly, who went and tried to call that phone number as soon as it was on the screen

Infinite Curiosity : The last 4 seconds of the video. A puzzle to be solved by Lemmino?

bLaCkwEw : try making a video on the zodiac killer

Aron Mikael : I can do Ctrl + F

P12orna : And it turned out to be a massive Rick roll

The Controls : The only person that truly knew what cicada was doing was, *the FBI agent watching through his computer*

Gatling Hawk : Do Chernobyl

Sp3ctre GD : Top 10 Facts - "The SCP Foundation"

Adrian Airlangga 2.0 : Honestly this would make an interesting movie

Neo Nitrox : Intelligence is running through my brain...! !

Ghostище ! : Could it be the ILLUMINATI

Overwatch POTGs : Every time Lemmino uploads is like a little Christmas for me.

Puss Boots : Plot twist, the entire thing was orchestrated by Lemmino so he could make a video on it nah but fr its definitely the lizard people

Adon lightbringer : Life is death, information leads to less understanding, time is an illusion of movement, limits are limited, infinity is not eternal.

Carter Curren : For anyone who wants to know what the music is, it says he made it himself. You'll have to ask him.

immorta1 : I hope they are cryptographers working for privacy. We seriously need more of that.

sithjohn80 : The quality of your content continues to blow my mind. You manage to hit the right level of depth without skimming too lightly or going too deep, your segments flow smoothly and cohesively, your pacing is just right and keeps the viewer interested the whole way through, and the editing is spot on. Bravo, my man.

Straw Hat Luffy : Satoshi Nakamoto is behind 3301.


[Kaede Kanra] : What if the puzzle isn't done yet and the e-mail is a puzzle itself to get to the next step?

JustSomebody : Where was cicada during the last presidential elections?

Ikcatcher : Christ your editor needs to chill, it’s too good

Consul Cheese O' The North : ends with a soundcloud rappers single

black guy : I think If you get to the end of the puzzle you get tame tu cosita 3

Vectasus : Good thing if it is a group of hackers. I mean imagine solving an elaborate puzzle and ending up with a government job as your reward. haha.

GriffinicHD : Top 10 Facts- Devil May Cry