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Elie K. : _"Kids these days..."_

Isabella Beagley : Dammit, i live in utah

Go Away : #YIAYtitle ending of infinity war

AlexRulesVGCP HD : if you use this intro as the other yiays... xD

BananaBoyBen - Ben : Does it look like na - PAUL. NO IT'S na - PAL!!! Pronounce it right people, geez

dat calculation tho : Giraffes' necks are getting *shoiter*

Abominatrix650 : Is it possible to be a Furry AND a Nudist? It could make for a great Fake Facts 4

the hell is happening : as a short person i can confirm i can sorta see night

Liberty the Dog : #YIAYFAKEFACTS4 According to a recent study, the body temperature of the human race is getting colder! After studying his body, scientists found that George Washington's average body temperature was 120°F!

EVOLUTIONJJC : “25% of sun glasses made in 2018 have white rings of light on them that move when you do” #fakefacts

DammitSinged : FactSnax™

Blu Moon : You can now download part of your brain for future reference.

Eye Glitches : I told my whole class and a few of my teachers that Shrek was originally a myth from Russia, dating as far back as 1200 A.D, and nearly everyone believed me.

Squishi : #YIAYfake Did you know? The average human walks past 7 serial murderers. The surprising thing is that you aren't dead yet.

Luluck4 ' : *K I D S T H E S E D A Y S*

Allskkskskwks : Every 1 out of 10 people are finna woke

Squishi : #YIAYfake Did you know? There are about 3 people in the world who look exactly like you.

spacekitty 03 : #YIAYtitle Mark of the Furries

McHenry Maney : I had the entire chrome book YIAY as an ad..... oh Lordy

OOH EEE : Do fake facts 4

piggy zoidberg : study's show water causes autism

iPenguin42 : It reminds me of those weird but true books

I Have no life : I got kinda triggered when you mentioned Georgia on that “you can’t kiss before marriage”

Bryan Porter : that feel when the fact about the malls is actually true. people die more frequently from *vending machines* than sharks, malls are basically death traps.

M̵̨̡ŗ ͜I͠ķe̶͟ : You actually lose about 7 brain cells a minute and also if something happens to your head, so you would lose brain cells while watching a YouTube video and sneezing.

chelsea : the intro is my new alarm

Michael Winn : About The Shrek Russian folklore thing,only if someone was very cultured in history then they'd know that's not real because Russia wasn't a thing in 1,200 ad.😏

Teachc jamaa : In Utah, we don't need a law to tell us to not kiss before marriage Mormons shall win

eddy etter : 76% of all people that like their own comment has autism FACT

Anuel : 8:00 Did the math, you need to sneeze 117,647 times to lose all your brain cells. Average sneeze per day is under 4, so let's do 2. This means you will have to sneeze for 58,823 days, 2 every day, to lose all the cells. Simplified, it equates to 161 years. Humans live about 80 years, thus if you sneeze twice every day, you would be half as intelligent as when you were born. Well that explains Alzheimer then.

trashcania : K I D S T H E S E D A Y S

RealKidZ Reviews : Snakes share 97% of their DNA with Earthworms

Blue Moon : More like oreos cost an arm and a leg.

W1ndStr1p3 : I live in florida and I can confirm you cant clap

Stewie Griffin : Love the shade thrown at Nepal, and I am from Nepal😂. Yes, we exist

Willdrenner 1 : 4:20 just bring it down to about 12% and I think that could be true! I am in generation z... and I can't ride a bike. Just hurry and make fun of quickly!

Gurkirtan Singh : Nice song

that one Guy : Ahhhhhhhhhh...the good stuff

Astro Animations : Back in my day!!! ✊🏻

Hyena : Schools are more dangerous than the ocean

Fangle fangle : Jack is a furry I saw him or his twin yes I'm a furry so yea jf your busted or your exact twin

Lowell Pelphrey : the youtube thing is true

ciemność. : Reffering back to the fake fact with brain cells, I calculated that if this fact was true, every time you sneezed you would lose 12,15 cubic millimeters withe every sneeze (according to the average human brain size). That would be roughly a cube 2.30 x 2.30 x 2.30. An average person sneezes 4 times a day. That means it would take you about 3086 days to sneeze your brain out.

Bayram : Oreos are actually banned in turkey for the ingredients inside of the ores is against the kuran (Quran)

Rainbow Girlz : *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

Minion KevinYT : Did you know? Males have 89% higher chance of dying if kissing a girl

Layla OneShot : Damnit, I live in Georgia

Addison : Welp, its illegal to kiss before marriage in my state now due to a fake fact

Keith Hawkes : Wow jack that’s finner woke What up t-shirt refece

Nimr Al Nimri : 4:47 .... *Today is a Wednesday...* * Remembers what Jack said earlier on 3:55 * Jack you got some explaining to do.....