Diego Corrales vs Jose Luis Castillo Round 10 in HD 720p

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Greg Smith : U can clearly tell the people commenting have never been in a boxing ring in their lives, when u get gassed, it's much harder to keep ur hands up, and when ur hurt, the natural reaction is to fight back. For people who haven't boxed, just shadow box for 3 or 4 rounds and u will see just how demanding it can be, and thats without an opponent pushing and clinching, which wears u out not to mention getting hit. I have only fought as an ametuer, I have sparred with several proffesionals, including Larry Marks, William Guthrie to name a couple, they r on another level. I respect anybody who gets in the ring. For the people on here criticizing, I suggest going to ur local boxing gym, and spend some time training, and try to spar a few rounds and see if ur opinion changes, I can almost guarantee u will.

Greggieboy76 : Best fight I have ever seen, every round was like a round of the year! RIP Chico

tronable : Just a reminder that Mayweather beat both these guys in their prime, in case you think he ran from good opponents.

William Blackfyre : Best trainers advice ever...

My Psychology Blogs : That mouth piece spit won him the fight, really. Gave him some time to recover and a word from the trainer.

listillo : boxing is great

THE Processor: J-Merc : Gives me chills every time

wooly786 : I watch this video about once a week. Best round 10 ever

Almiighty Brando : One of the greatest comebacks R.I.P Diego Corrales God bless you 

Justus Darrell : I was up late one night and turned on a boxing match and I saw the most inspirational thing ever. You will never find a better example of never giving up, always believe; keep getting up and fighting no matter what.

vincent reyes : RIP Diego Corrales. some great fights..

Bernardo Brito : Goose bumps. Every time.

ONE lick Rick : probably the best fight I ever seen.

Sini : The sound of the crowd when the ref stops the fight makes my hairs stand on end! Amazing atmosphere!

Mr. Camel Bluez : Wow! What an upset! Great comeback! Chico was a great fighter and will be missed because of his charisma, personality and brains over brawn/brawn over brains type personality. Good job buddy. Just know we still watch the tape and love your fights.

B CEE : Probably the best fight. I've seen in my life

SKATAN : im not a big boxing fan but . damn this was impressiv

Kevin Saunders : Sacramento legend.  RIP

FutureLaugh : round ten hes looking like Martin Lawrence

Kevin Bryce : Never forget this fight. An unbelievable turnaround in round 10

mike misquez sr : Like you other guys I heard about this on HBO. Hadn't seen it. Wow !! What a round. Major balls on both men. How about that Herrera robbery? Now 2 in a row. I'm in Lake Elsinore and that kind of makes me a fan of his. Not much power but I hope HBO gives him another payday.

Chaser rr : I've been watching boxing since 1979 and this fight, I still remember to this day, was one of the best if not the best I've seen. RIP Diego

D lather Suba : 2; 28 when giving up is no option.

jamestoni : Now this was a boxing match, not that shit that was served up by manny and may last week.

MR. RED : Floyd mayweather will Never ever in his life give this kind of boxing show


Richard Henry : One of the best fights I've ever seen. Ward vs Gatti 1 is right up there too. Both Chico and Castillo are absolute legends and class acts.

Roberto Bayoneto : Simply put, the greatest fight of all time.

Mr Nice Guy : Look at Winky Wright and James Toney going apeshit as Corrales KOs Castillo. Everybody in that audience was blown away

mero truth : This is wat I miss about boxing corrales left a piece of his heart in the ring the day he fought castillo in round 10 hes a fukin savage wat defines a man he became a man this day

OldManClutch : RIP Chico

I Love Food : GREATEST. ROUND. IN. BOXING. HISTORY. Every boxing fan and training athlete should watch and learn from this what it means to persevere, dig deep, and come out on top against all odds. God bless all of boxing athlestes, rookie or pro, and may God watch over all of ya'll. Love and peace to you all.

Gil Gonzalez : This round will forever be fermented in history, it showed that Chico didn't only have heart but he had SMARTS. We love you Chico and thank you for the great memories that will never leave our minds. 

gg no re : If u from sac town u dont give up

Fragile X : That mouthpiece BS has always bothered me. 

ranmc8 : I watched this fight live and have seen this round many times now. Much respect to Castillo for his gladiator heart to produce some classic bouts (Mayweather I { which I thought he won} Casamayor, Johnston, Diaz etc...). Also a tip of the hat for his years at preparing Hall of Famer Chavez for his fights as his sparring partner. Which definitely prepared him for his epic battles. I also watched a few of Chico Corrales fights before this one. In each of those fights he always displayed a tough chin and an unwavering will to walk through heavy artillery to deliver his own weapons of mass destruction. Initially the mouthpiece incidents may dismay some but I realize that Diego was in survival mode at that time. When in survival mode one must assess your circumstances and determine quickly the pro's and con's. Diego obviously realized that he would need a knockout to win the bout so point deductions due to spitting out his mouthpiece really didn't faze him. That's why when his trainer Joe Goosen gave him his mouthpiece the last time he implored him to get inside (to deliver the WMD bombs). For those who didn't like the mouthpiece incidents.... implore the boxing game to establish a more severe penalty for such actions otherwise I totally accept Diego actions as a brilliant assessment of the rules under duress. After the second mouthpiece issue Diego walked through approximately 15 of Castillo power punches to deliver his own. It appeared that by the time Diego eventually caught Castillo with his own right cross of death, he had endured the worst of Castillo artillery and obviously wasn't concerned about being dropped again. To Castillo credit he was totally honest when asked about the ending of the fight. After the smoke cleared he admitted that he was in bad shape when Tony Weeks stopped the fight. Regardless bout like this by the lightweight division save us from the pitiful state of the heavyweights. Although technically one man won this bout they both won the respect of more fans and deserve instant Hall Of Fame cred just from the heart and soul they left in the ring on this night for us. Lighting struck this night and thank God we can watch it over and over again. RIP Chico and may the boxing community continue to support Castillo with his endeavors.

heron fields : I can’t watch this fight without my eyes watering up Tony weeks did a great job of letting the fight continue

Dr Pinhead : Sometimes the ref should let it go on a little longer.........this is how champions are born and if he stopped it after the second knockdown we'd have been robbed of history. Both fighters are warriors!!

Dee Joseph : This shit makes me cry everytime i don't know why, is it the comeback is it because Chico is gone is it both but man what an epic war. I'm grateful for what you gave us Chico.

Val Penchev : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ring_magazine_Fight_of_the_Year The list with the greatest boxers.No name Mayweather here.

Danny D : rip to the fallen warrior 

Jessie Ray : boxing has some of the dumbest fans ...mayweather beat JLC in a very close fight then he out boxed him to leave no doubt...he demolished diego (rip) when many people were saying he would lose and at that time his knock out percentage was crazy dnt get young floyd mixed up with close to 40 year old floyd

Daddy Shak : Regardless of what one views on the sport of boxing you have to give Diego Corrales is due for not giving up or quitting when he was in trouble, He definitely showed the heart of a true champion its too bad that we lost him at such a young age to a motorcycle accident... RIP Diego and may God continue to keep you..

german Lobo : Esta fue la verdadera pelea del siglo.

0 0 : i was watching bradley vs chaves and wanted to see what they were talking about and this is crazy! two drained fihgters and a finish i didnt see coming. they were right that ref is good at his job

michael varela : awesome I can't let to see esta mierda.. Corrales nunca se quito..

Ivan Castro : rest in peace diego corrales

T O : Throwing more punches than Castillo corrales

Mr. J1S : some refs now woulda counted to 10 on that 2nd knock down

The Common People : This is just beautiful.