GoPro Hero4 in a Cannon Ball

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gabenandee : WOW this is crazy. Never thought my Daughter's science project from last year would be so popular. Thank you all for watching. There are a lot of questions and I will try to answer them. First what is not shown is all the calculations that went into finding how high it went with different levels of powder. I will see if we still have the calculations somewhere. This video was just intended to show family and friends her video portion of her project. Second the bowling ball landed in the pond so we went out and retrieved it. I will look back for the extra video to put it up for those that are intrested. Thanks again for all your wonderful feedback!

Smarter Every Day 2 : Awesome

Martin the Mundane Musket Man : How does this not have more views? Edit: Had no idea linking this to reddit would get it *this* popular. When I posted it on reddit it had 869 views. Now it has nearly 200k. Damn.

Jim Ruby : "We're going to put a GoPro in a bowling ball, and shoot it out of a cannon." With that sentence you have just earned a lifetime invite to BBQ and beer at my house anytime you want!

Daniel Sohn : Great video, hope y'all never join ISIS.

Porkchop Sandwiches : 1:48

halexander9000 : It sounds like the Tardis.

Karrick : "And that kids, is why we have to spend the next 4 weeks building a new shed for our neighbors.."

Ty Grenier : Neat project. I wondered how much that plexi being uneven to the surface of the bowling ball might have affected it, since it does add a tiny bit of drag. Probably not much, but I'm curious.

ColonelBumButt : That's not a cannon, that's a mortar

MidFlightRiot : Wherever these guys are it looks beautiful from the air.

Ben Hooker : How do you find the ball once its landed?

CeCe Smith : I feel like I can smell the black powder

young dark vader : Can you launch an ostrich egg next

Noa Strand : Roses are red Violets are blue You put a gopro in a flying ball But the earth still seems flat y'all

Jeff Kingsbury : Earth is flat... bowling ball told us.

XplosivCookie : A home made mortar... I'm pretty jealous.

Chase Cares : What an awesome way to get some aerial shots, I love it!

Abraham Linkens Sphere : They just made my list of people to pick up during the zombie apocalypse. Assignment: Demolitions

Moo Kitty : Man! Imagine being so rich with so much land that you didnt know what to do with it and decided to shoot bowling bowls

Queleimporta Pene : All these pedos in the comments saying stuff about his daughter! wtf?? You should all be put to death.

Simon TL : I think I saw that cannon and that place on a swedish tv-show many years ago 🙄

Bernard Kornfeld : Hope you won first prize - that was awesome!

Dick van Dyke : Nice job. Where do you live? That is astonishingly pretty.

anamayshun : I got dizzy just watching it.

Ryan : Now build one that can shoot the ball 2500 feet up, and laugh at drones with 400 ft cap regulations.

topcad : That was so much more enjoyable than I expected.

Al Guien : Do you have any Cannonball wound ointment?

ficodecko : Just incase you forgot Chris Brown beat the living shi& out of Rihanna. Never forget 911

Johnny Threefour : I had no idea it took so little powder to move something that heavy for that long.

Mox_au : next, 16oz of black powder.....

Shiranai Hito : Doing a quick math (I could be wrong) if the ball went flying for about 11s, it reached about 150m high, was fired at nearly 200km/h and traveled (assuming cannon pointing 80º up) about 100m horizontally. If the ball weighed about 7,25kg, and the energy released by a kilogram of powder is 3MJ, the efficiency is about 3,16% which is quite low (I guess?) Does it match any result of yours?

Eric Larson : That girl is severely underweight

Ollie Kerswell : Hey, I'm Ollie I work for LADbible, really love this video. Could we post it to our social plages, with full credit back to you? Thanks!

Jason Viper : I HATE parents like this they will do all the work and the kid will get an A for DADDY OR MOMMY doing all the goddamn work. is the parent doing the science fair or is the 7th graders doing it? nad P.S i dont have kids nor do i want any.

Tabor Hill : Pretty awesome!

Capp00 : That was super cool!

Xbaxman : this is so cool

James : Whoa... I did not know GoPro cameras are this INSANELY durable!!

loutiscrive : amazing landscape

C Smith : That is cool as hell, is that cannon home made?

Caymen : 1:51 🤯

TheCuckThat'sOpenlyACuck : We're all from reddit, we love it!!!!!!

embrezar : What was the end result? She wanted to know how high it went... so, how high did it go? I want to know, too! Also, no sort of sabot is used, it's just the powder and the bowling ball? Is it because the bowling ball is very close to the inside diameter of the cannon, so no sabot is needed?

themastertrevor : awesome! so cool. thanks for the upload!!

rrgert4 : murica

FireBIaze : You should have sent this to go pro hero... They would have taken you.

DukeLaCrosse20 : did you get the spare?

Patco Incorporated : yah, its funny until you try 'splainin to uncle joe down the road after it crashes through his sun porch that you just want to get your go pro back........................

Peter Wilhelmsson : Let's take a sec to appreciate the G-force that camera survived.