Men At Work - It's a Mistake

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Rarirama : Anime is a mistake

Mario Lopez : -Mom how I was born? -Well... *It´s a mistake ♫♪ :D*

Seb Skeptical : When you type Spongebob hentai on Google

KillerFrank : Touches the soul, and showcases the madness of war itself. 30 plus years later, have we come any further?

Phillip S : Videos with lower budgets are often more imaginative and fun. Less money more freedom.

J R : It's a Mustang.

mannydeguzmanjartist : 80's reggae :D

Parcerio de Viagem : umas da melhores bandas do mundo em minha humilde opinião...

CoTeCiOtm : Moral of the story: Smoking is bad as you might press a nuke button by trying to stub out a cigarette.

CaptainSkelebones : this is a great song to play at your sons birthday party! YOUR A MISTAKE!

Eric Peru : never heard this before. Kind of shame I've only ever heard their huge hits.

Iago Santos : algum br?

Ramen Samuel : when your parents tell you how you were born.

Robert Dunkes SR : This song has been playing in my head for a solid week, had to come back here for a reload, really good song.

Vidiwell100 : Eighties music videos were freakin' awesome!

Rölf William Mach : um dos grupos que mais emplacaram hits ... talento é isso

Willames dos Santos : só posso dizer muita saudades destas músicas

Mackenzie Casa : hermosa me encanta ;)

SECRET : It's on the steak...

Mr.Claude : when you couldnt pull out fast enough...

Mike Davis : I used to see this video on Nite Tracks in the 80's!!!

Jean : This is the song that played when i was born

Jesus : legal 😀

69ssrszl1 : So many GREAT videos of the early 80's and MTV.

alphatoddio : Men At Work Rule...

GAME-STROM ! : That guitar solo is actually pretty cool

Chelli Figueiredo : esses caras são demais, amo muito!!! pena que hoje em dia, principalmente aqui no Brasil já não exista bandas como esta, afinal o lixo do funk carioca tomou conta de tudo!!! Men at Work é demais, isso sim que é música!!!

juan urias : this song about the cold war?

Jopeph Johnson : This song makes humor of a serious issue and that was the height of the cold war, and how we came so close to launching a first strike on both sides.

Amizaday Blogs : a que musica tan chingona y nunca va a pasar de moda

Peter Jones : I bought this as a single, loved it.

The Phantom : I was a kid in the 80s. I grew up a hard core music video junkie... MTV, night tracks, radio 1990, solid gold, night flight... and so on. It was all I cared about. Men At Work make me very nostalgic for that time in my life. Sad those days are gone but very happy to have their songs still with me. I bought Cargo on vinyl yesterday... Spent the evening listening to the album and playing bass guitar along to the music.

AlexTheGamer : Man I wish they had an official instrumental version of this song.

AZUSAAZTEC : Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Power to the People!

Guilherme Alves : To viciado nessa música...

Vagner Axelson : australia isn't a mistake, love this song!

Bolsonaro Dois Mil e Dezoito : Minha Favorita deles

Tavo Herrera : Donald Trump as president is a mistake

Ravachol : What's that President Trump? Defcon 1? Prepare to launch in 4...3...2...1....

David Ogle : It an antiwar song about the cold war

Carla Fernanda : When Trump was elected as a president

Vlad Rio : Saudades!!! Canção deliciosa!

Aaliyah Joyner : Pizza Besteck 😅

Nanci Reiche : It would be nice if the radios start playing this song and see if people think a little bit on the issues we hear everyday. I miss the 80's

Lego Forestman : awesome song and video :)_

sage kath : what's scary, though, is the young people are so removed in time from the cold war, none of them really know what Communism is in order to really fear. they think it would bring a Utopia that would save us from "big bad capitalism". nope

Benoit Vanhees : Some good songs, that Aussie band, but their video clips were trying to beat each other in being sillier than the previous one.

Jeff Allen : Always liked this song over Who Can It Be Now...

аб вг : Better men at work than men at war.

doug tacey : At the end of the video he accidentally puts his cigar out on the nuclear launch button... Then the guy sitting down points to the little guy and says this is all your fault... And the little guy goes me... What did I do... Then they plug their ears or the Big Bang... One of my favorite videos