Men At Work - It's a Mistake (Video)

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Vlad Rio : Saudades!!! Canção deliciosa!

Pwrcritter : Very underrated tune!

Ramen Samuel : when your parents tell you how you were born.

Mr.Claude : when you couldnt pull out fast enough...

Phillip S : Videos with lower budgets are often more imaginative and fun. Less money more freedom.

J R : It's a Mustang.

Civalry : Every time I listen to this song all I hear is "It's SUMMER's Day"

YouCantHoldOnTooLong : Men At Work was one of the greatest bands from the early eighties! It's just unfortunate that personal conflicts between band members resulted in them getting torn apart. I'm a native of Missoula Montana and I was surprised to find out that Ron Strykert, the lead guitarist of this band once took residence in Hamilton, which is like a section just on the outskirts of Missoula. Originally I was told that he got kicked out of Hamilton for trying to drink rainwater from an umbrella at an outdoor restaurant while some people were at the table where it was trying to eat. It seems he was being intrusive because the table was reserved by people who were present there and trying to eat, and he just walked up to it and started drinking the rainwater that was on top of it. I could understand him getting kicked off the restaurant's property for that, but I don't see how that would have been so serious enough for him to have gotten kicked out of Hamilton. However, somebody told me later that the actual reason Ron got kicked out of Hamilton was because he was contacting Colin Hay long distance from his home telephone and making threats to him that he was going to come after him and kill him. Because of that, Colin Hay sent authorities out to Hamilton to have Ron Strykert arrested in which they also had him evicted from his home. It comes as a shock to me that Ron would have had such vengeful hatred in his mind towards Colin Hay to actually call him up and make threats to him like that! Especially a former band mate! Hopefully they have resolved their differences since then. ~Dutch

Mario Lopez : -Mom how I was born? -Well... *It´s a mistake ♫♪ :D*

sage kath : what's scary, though, is the young people are so removed in time from the cold war, none of them really know what Communism is in order to really fear. they think it would bring a Utopia that would save us from "big bad capitalism". nope

KillerFrank : Touches the soul, and showcases the madness of war itself. 30 plus years later, have we come any further?

Joe S : I am listening to this in 2017 as I did in 1983....

Parcerio de Viagem : umas da melhores bandas do mundo em minha humilde opinião...

superQuizzie : This song actually makes me feel sad. Way to convey emotion.

SECRET : It's on the steak...

CoTeCiOtm : Moral of the story: Smoking is bad as you might press a nuke button by trying to stub out a cigarette.

Vidiwell100 : Eighties music videos were freakin' awesome!

Iago Santos : algum br?

FC Schaeffer : Brings back a lot of memories of the summer of '83, when there was plenty to great music on FM radio.

Willames dos Santos : só posso dizer muita saudades destas músicas

Panic Station : That guitar solo is actually pretty cool

isles20 : Americas national anthem for next 4-8 years

alphatoddio : Men At Work Rule...

Augusto Caie Siqueira Silveira Reis : Jump down the shelters to get away The boys are cockin' up their guns Tell us general, is it party time? If it is can we all come? Don't think that we don't know Don't think that we're not trying Don't think we move too slow It's no use after crying Saying It's a mistake It's a mistake It's a mistake It's a mistake After the laughter has died away And all the boys have had their fun No surface noise now, not much to say They've got the bad guys on the run Don't try to say you're sorry Don't say he drew his gun They've gone and grabbed old Ronnie He's not the only one Saying It's a mistake It's a mistake It's a mistake It's a mistake Tell us commander, what do you think? 'Cos we know that you love all that power Is it on then, are we on the brink? We wish you'd all throw in the towel We'll not fade out too soon Not in this finest hour Whistle your favorite tune We'll send a card and a flower Saying It's a mistake It's a mistake It's a mistake It's a mistake It's a mistake (it's a mistake) It's a mistake (it's a mistake) It's a mistake (it's a mistake) It's a mistake (it's a mistake) It's a mistake (it's a mistake)

Mackenzie Casa : hermosa me encanta ;)

Jean : This is the song that played when i was born

Aurea Rodrigues : Os brasileiros que tem bom gosto também curte

Seb Skeptical : When you type Spongebob hentai on Google

os caça LENDAS : legal 😀

Amizaday Blogs : a que musica tan chingona y nunca va a pasar de moda

аб вг : Better men at work than men at war.

Vagner Axelson : australia isn't a mistake, love this song!

David Ogle : It an antiwar song about the cold war

Guilherme Alves : To viciado nessa música...

Peter Jones : I bought this as a single, loved it.

Matthew The Manchild : Your a mistake

Jeff Allen : Always liked this song over Who Can It Be Now...

AZUSAAZTEC : Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Power to the People!

Irlan Tirando Som . : Minha Favorita deles

AngryGamer432 : Man I wish they had an official instrumental version of this song.

Misrael Pereira Da Silva : Adoro essa música

70sfred1 : Born and raised during the Cold War and they're right on the money with their message.

Jonasaur j3j0 : all wars are mistakes...

intipampa : this song popped into my head when Trump won the election.

Tavo Herrera : Donald Trump as president is a mistake

Aaliyah Joyner : Pizza Besteck 😅

Ethan Garcia : My aunt dated the drummer to this band

Retro Big Mac : One of the most underrated guitar solos of music history

Ravachol : What's that President Trump? Defcon 1? Prepare to launch in 4...3...2...1....

pudzta : This song started playing on the radio about 5 seconds after I proposed! 4 years later we still laugh about it. Luckily it wasn't a mistake.