Japan in the seventies (2) 70年代の日本

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Second and final part of an educational film for American school children forty years ago. I get many comments on the bath scene. When I was in Japan in the late fifties Japanese used to wash themselves with soap outside a bathtub. The water in the tub was awefully hot. One had to sink in it very slowly. The whole family used to relax one after another in that same tub! I took once such a bath in a small village and the whole population ran out to see me taking such a bath out in a shed with open door ! See my other 1200 clips by searching YouTube with 'michael rogge' Website 'Man and the Unknown' http://wichm.home.xs4all.nl/


Jamir Quently : This was a pretty good anime, glad it was in my recommended.

Irah U-cagie : No offense but Japan in 70's looks like modern Philippines. I really admire this country. P.S I came from Philippines

OneironauticalOne : Japan Foundry: In this control room the workers are all university graduates. American Starbucks: In this cafe the workers are all university graduates.

Ariella : I love how tall their bath tub is 😂 I’d probably never get out

Luni Luna : Is no one gonna mention how that tiny ass bath can fit 2 people in it? Edit: nevermind

Kyle ShoeBoi : One of the Recommended videos that I actually like.

Royale With Cheese : I wish I was taught about university standards at that age.

supertotoro : Everyone talks about the bath tub but not the food delivery motorcycle. The ingenious way of keeping the bowls leveled while driving. So clever yet so simple.

godwhomismike : 1970s: "Companies are loyal to their employees, offering them lifetime employment." 2017: "Once a project is completed, it is not unusual for a company to terminate the whole team of employees without warning, replacing them with new employees are entry-level salaries."

Lalboi Manlun : I'm not Japanese and I'm just 21, but this feels nostalgic.

Dream7 : There are a lot of comments about the bath thing. I’m a guy from the US and I took a shower with my father probably until I was 5 or 6 so this seems fine. Although I never took a bath with my parents, this still doesn’t gross me out cause it’s a different culture, it’s common place to them, and I think we can trust this father won’t do anything bad. Yes it may be weird that the bath is super tiny but we also have dirty minds so that affects our opinions.

Han Job : yoshimura now live up as an racing exhaust :)

Cabbage : "they respect loyalty" if only we still had that in the US

flowerhobi : ,,,,why is the comments section so cancerous, it's just a vibey nostalgic documentary video about old Japan

トマトTomato : なんか、平成より昭和の方が幸せそうに感じる。

TwoPercentEmpire : For those asking or debating, this was filmed in 1968. There was a revised version made in 1981, this appears to be from the original.

QB : Take that Uber Eats, Door Dash, they were doing it way before in the 70's on a motorcycle...

Samuel Lobo : Mr. Youshimura works at Mistibushi Company


Joshua Ngau Ajang : Just less than 30 years after the war. There's a story circulating around (don't know of this just a rumor) that when the bomb goes off, the first thing the Emperor ask was how many teachers survive.

じめじめバブル : 1:49 草

i have to eat moltres poop : when i saw the thumbnail out of the corner of my eye i thought the guy was a siamese cat

klairpo : Why are people so weirded out about bathing with your parents???

hugh hogan : We gonna talk about how it takes a Japanese pentagon to run a factory here

Chrissy Idek : 6:34 ish to 6:46 ish isn't that Akihabara before it became known for anime and manga it was an electric city for new gadgets and technology right xD

Oliver Kalamata : Now, we desire Made in Japan (and US), but China makes anything and everything. 😩

Club Soda : One of the most interesting vids on YouTube

Hideika : a e s t h e t i c times

Thomas Glidewell : Got to love the serious 70s music in the background lol

Speedy Noriega : shigenori was going to town on them noodles

Andrea M : wow... I love 70s Japan... I'm not japanes but I wish I could have experienced that

Arcadian : To think that "Meeki" child would be in her early 50's now..

Valenchina : Wow.. the little girl Miki is actually older than my mother 😳

IshiGame : Life has not changed much since the 70s here in Japan Besides the Pollution part, interesting videos thanks for the upload!

Lucas Maciel Fonseca : Wow People seemed so happy back then, very different from today.

zzh Rx : High economic growth rate, the world factory, severe pollution, GAOKAO, high speed railway and even food delivery service...looks identical to China in so many aspects

Kids_ TV : أنا مالفت نظري في هالفيديو غير ... البانيو ! كيف دخل فيه الأب ؟! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

kenrock2 : its a nice history video .... thanks for uploading here... we can now able to revisit our time again for many future generation to come

Jeff : Didn't expect I would be entertained by a documentation from the 70s

arsenie19 : まだ成熟してないけどまさに発展してるまっ最中の頃の日本を生きれたなんて羨ましいなあ。

Sam Sullivan : Thanks for posting this Michael

sbow3 : 異なった年代のフィルムを混ぜて作られた映像。車を見ればそれが判る。父親と娘が入浴しているシーンについて色々意見があるようだが、親は勿論邪な意識を持つはずも無く、幕末に来日した外国人が「大人の男女がこれ程までに子供を可愛がる民族を見たことが無い」と言わしめた如く、この時代辺り迄の日本では、「子供を可愛がる親(大人)」の執る行動として、普通の事であり、ある意味日本的な光景だったのかも知れない。今のおおかたの日本人は、やはり違和感を持つのだろうが、それは、良し悪しは別として、いつの間にか欧米の道徳観念が日本人の生活文化を変えた一例なのだろう。

tamaji kent : This is my chilshood (coz born 1968), in those days no one in japan could not imagine what Japan is like in 2018. .Lots of people from all over the world, who even speak in Japanese which they learned in their home country before coming to japan. Almost No need to answer the question about how to go to the station in English, so many japanese speaker are hangin aroud down here.. That's amazing....

tim3854 : I don't know how I got here but I am smiling. Traditional family, employer loyalty: the good old days!!

Real Me : I thought the bath tub was a washing machine at first

ゆきと : のんびりしていて素晴らしい

Ryan Villanueva : Love content like this! Great insight on my favorite country during a different time!

レントラー・ : この動画みてるやつ全員、異常性壁者説

eigo bike : You conduct much better interviews than Cathy Cat and Nobita. You ask , listen, direct and get an excellent variety of results.