Japan in the seventies (2) 70年代の日本

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time to deliver a pizza ball : People talking about the innocent bath scene when the real crime is the narrator saying Japanese food is similar to Chinese!

mattster h : who cares about the bath. That dude brought 6 bowls of ramen on a motorcycle. How sick is that!

Timothy Dexter : And then, anime happened and everything stopped being so great

Club Soda : One of the most interesting vids on YouTube

Myrte Khadr : I used to take a bath with my parents when I was younger. There is nothing wrong with it and its a part of a regular childhood. But apperently not for americans.

501 amiga : LOL. I knew some Westerners'd freak out seeing the Dad and the daughter taking a bath together. Nothing is more normal than that in Japan until the kids hit puberty. On the other hand, most Japanese'd feel uncomfortable seeing family members hugging or kissing (even on cheek.) If you want to force others to stop what YOU consider weird, you have to be prepared to stop doing what OTHERS consider weird, too. Then that's sorta fair.

Wind Screen : they look like the 80s, those japanese are always 10 years ahead

Steampunk Lady of time : Everyone talking about the daughter and the father remind me of a news story i heard a couple of years ago were this guy was arrested and accused of being a pedophile because of some pictures he had on his cellphone of two girls in a tub turns out those were his daughters we have become a nation were we act first ask questions later.

godwhomismike : 1970s: "Companies are loyal to their employees, offering them lifetime employment." 2017: "Once a project is completed, it is not unusual for a company to terminate the whole team of employees without warning, replacing them with new employees are entry-level salaries."

2prize : I don't think i could fit in that bath

Maxine X : I live in England & I bathed with my dad until puberty too. It was normal in the 90s at least. I felt no unease.

JoJiJoJo : I'm an American, it was completely normal for me, my brother, and mother use to bathe together until I was about 6 or 7 and then we stopped. Why are some people weirded out by that?

MagicSteel1 : Forget wincest, holy shit how did they both fit in that tiny tub?! It's like watching a magic show.

Arcadian : To think that "Meeki" child would be in her early 50's now..

flowerhobi : ,,,,why is the comments section so cancerous, it's just a vibey nostalgic documentary video about old Japan

tetrulz jam : I live in India and we still havent reached the level of Japan during the 70s in 2019 lol.

Mizar : I love the internet. What a way to preserve a chunk of human history.

PyroRomancer : >lives in an apartment owned by the company he works for >travels 1 hour to get to work wat

Bitplex : Trust Japan to have Uber Eats way back then!

Kim Fuck U : Modern furniture? More Western Furniture!

Real Me : I thought the bath tub was a washing machine at first

Danplaysdrums1 : "Their productivity is due largely to their loyalty to their government." "They often work long hours, but as they earn more, they can buy more." Typical analysis of an American propaganda film. Insufferable.

infinity and beyond : i was born in early 80's in 3rd tier city China, there's no modern bathroom exist in china at that time to take a proper shower for family member (only squat toilet ) so my mother would take me to public bath-house 6am in the morning everyday until i reach age like 6 or 7 yrs old,i sure remember i seen lot of naked female body in the bath-house, never felt different or awkward or " exciting" .

keithtko : I left Japan in1972 at age of 13 and this is how I remember things.

okaeri000 : 私は1975生まれの41歳です。 この頃の日本に生まれ、私が幼児期を過ごしていた映像を見ている。 う~ん、言葉には言い表せない感慨深い感動 遠い幼い記憶の片隅みに残る懐かしさ、しみじみと感じております。 テレビは白黒からカラーへ、そして高度成長期が来て 第二次べビーブーム・・平成になる前の古き良き日本 このような動画は大変に貴重で残すべきだと思います。 コメント書いた後に、もう一度亡き両親を思い浮かべつつ 見ながら飲んで寝ます^^;

StraberrYKiler6789 : His boss owns his apartment building, still houses him so far away he has to spend an hour on the train to get to work for the company that decided where he lives. LOL

sbow3 : 異なった年代のフィルムを混ぜて作られた映像。車を見ればそれが判る。父親と娘が入浴しているシーンについて色々意見があるようだが、親は勿論邪な意識を持つはずも無く、幕末に来日した外国人が「大人の男女がこれ程までに子供を可愛がる民族を見たことが無い」と言わしめた如く、この時代辺り迄の日本では、「子供を可愛がる親(大人)」の執る行動として、普通の事であり、ある意味日本的な光景だったのかも知れない。今のおおかたの日本人は、やはり違和感を持つのだろうが、それは、良し悪しは別として、いつの間にか欧米の道徳観念が日本人の生活文化を変えた一例なのだろう。

steve gale : Fk, there are some sick minded perverts posting on this page.

Scare Crow : I walked into the living room to find my wife breast feeding our son. "How long do you have to do that for?" I asked, "When is he going to be too old for it?" "Well, it's a physical bond between a mother and her child isn't it? It's only society that deems it unacceptable above a certain age." I replied, "Shut up, Harry, I was talking to your mother."

Nathaniel Winston : It is a shame that liberal globalists hate places that honor their cultural identity. Forced diversity doesn't help anyone

Iskalla : Japan is still the greatest nation in the world. It's a shame Europeans decided to replace themselves with arabs and Africans.

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : Being japanese is not a race. There's only one race of humans on the planet, called the human race. This mistake is excusable in the 60s and 70s when this was filmed, but it's still being used in 2019. African race, asian race, white race. Such complete nonsense. We have differences in ethnicity and enviroment, that's all. Some need stronger pigments and some need extra protection around the eyes and more compact bone-structure, this to best adapt to the enviroment. Tiny genetic variabilities. By simply using the word race you are contributing to divide us. We are all brothers and sisters at the end of the day. Stop being stupid and ignorant. To think that in the 70s people still thought that africans were a different species and had a different cranial capacity. Such stupidity. There are houndreds of different ethnic groups around the world, and i'm able to have babies with every single one of them, and the further genetically you get the healthier babies you will have, that's natures way of saying, good job! Diversifying your genes.

cgtalk ! : Japan, the most polite country in the world. Got to love them

tazago : come to japan. enjoy japanese life. we are now in depression economy. but we hold olympic games. we japanese are not that bad people.

david esktorp : China in the 90s would be practically identical to this.. multinational corporatism / globalism destroys every culture it touches.

じめじめバブル : 1:49 草

Christopher Lee : Japan in the 70's looks and works exactly the same as now. This is my observation and I hope this is not offensive.

gotwa229 : "Most of their foods are similar to Chinese cooking." WTF? What a lame and inept description. I can't think of any two more dissimilar foods. However, if you're a typical westerner where you're still hung up on people that eat steamed rice and use chopsticks, sure, they all look the same to you, don't they? LOL!

Daniel Berthellemy : Why is this in my recommendations in 2019 ?


OnePunch Man : Switched from a nice family to freaking industrialism

Rodimus Prime : even in the 70s it was already the future

zephc : An irony of this video is that the note that they didn't develop their highways like the US and Europe did, has at least in the US been a major problem in where dependence upon polluting, space-consuming, and dangerous cars is the norm, but you can get by comfortably in most Japanese cities without one

Error : Came for the Thumbnail. That's one weird bath.

Vlad5543 : Wow these anime looks so real

Lauwy Happy : I love this video thank you very much.

Novess PL : Man, it looks likeliving in Japan was so great. Sometimes i feel sad that i was born in 2000. I would really like to experience life in 70's

Wanderhoof : ”But, most of their meals are similar to Chinese cooking..." 違う! 日本料理と中国料理はとても違う!

Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan : Noodle soup? You mean ramen? Lol

Lucas Maciel Fonseca : Wow People seemed so happy back then, very different from today.