Bill Burr Makes the Hosts on GoodDay NY Uncomfortable

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Why you shouldn't book Bill Burr on morning television. Hilarious! If you enjoy the video leave a like, comment and subscribe for more!

Comments from Youtube

ToeCutter : They are talking to Bill like they're trying to handle a dangerous explosive and are afraid it might go off.

deanosumo : "Don't you think the Catholic Church went a little too far?" lol, they started it

John McLellan : “Don’t you think the Catholic Church went a little too far?” At that moment, a million airhorns blared around the world

Matias Gomez Janzen : "i know this is a morning show, you can't bring up all those crimes" _b i l l h a s n o l i m i t s_

beefknuckles : 100% chance that the "religious people online" he offended are non-existent and she was the one who was offended lol.

TannerTheMatrix : "By the way you're ripped" - Bill Burr "What?"

zislec : She wasn’t ready for good ol Billy freckled nuts 🥜

Gustautas Mačiukas : "You know they don't even call New York the alphabet city" - interview woman "Why, is it offensive to illiterate people?" - Bill Burr xddd

Phil G. : ''I wanted to talk to you about Jesus after this." Hahaha!!! Classic Burr.

jacmeade : These are two of the most inept interviewers I've ever seen.

Ashwin Ramaswamy : This is hilarious. He was clearly told to keep it clean and nice and 'positive' but he couldnt help making meta jokes about the instructions. Someone as insightful and in your face as bill can't not tap into the dark side of things, even when everyone else wants to act like everything is rosy and beautiful.

AWSOMEPOSSUM16 : "Don't you think the Catholic Church went too far?" JUST AWESOME

Charlie Rosenthal : “Was that offensive to illiterate people?” OMG that was great thinking on his feet!

Space Moneky : His last statement was the best!! XD "I want to meet those religious people that got upset, I want to quiz them on their religion" classic

aimless wander : "MOVE THEM AROUND LIKE KILLER WHALES" I DIED!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

ENTER NAME : He murdered the lady when he brought up the Catholic Church

Random Someone : "They just move them around like killer whales" 🤣😂 sadly this is 100% what happeneS.

Cody Weaver : How dare she say keep it positive when she's the one who brought up all that crap.

Sean Jones : Would everyone please just ignore the serial molestation of children by catholic priests? Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

Vic Birth : "why did I bring that up?" "why DID you bring that up... this is a morning show, its supposed to be an easy one..." xD he's so good

Coolins335 : 01:38 you can hear the crew laughing behind the camera

jeFF Fury : I love how when he says about catholic church going too far some member of the crew at the back loses it and cracks up laughing!

rongermanjr : these “hosts” are a few sandwiches short of a picnic, aren’t they? god damn, i can’t watch this, they’re so cardboard & dense...

alienresearchlab : "They thought you were being disrespectful." Bill: Who's they? Lady: Ummm....??? Hey lady - that's why you are hosting a lame morning talk show and Bill's out making millions of people laugh and getting paid.

Uh Oh : Burr is so effortlessly the best .....

Brandon Lee : Bill Burr is a legend.

darth boner : LeT mE aSK aBoUt uR ChRiSt-StAiN bAcKgRoUnD

Jon LaFontaine : ba do do do, me undies, me undies, no more yellow couch

mrinal pathania : Lady: could we find a small clip that we could clean out?? Freckles: is it just the intro song???

Varsity Yuppie : Burr roasting these shills.

KmanAust : This is why Bill is the man. Tell it how it is brother !!!

Daniel W : the male host needs to get a refund from his tailor. You can see halfway up his legs.

Paul Gibbons : Pmsl - ' Don' t you think the Catholic church went to far? Moving these guys around like killer whales that killed a trainer' - LMAO.

Nate Zeune : “This couch is so yellow it looks like the sun.” is my favorite line 😂

Sand Man : They were so afraid that he would say something crazy Lmao

Jordan : "Don't you think the Catholic Church went too far?" *mic drop*

Carlos R. Martin Toledo : offensive to illiterate people lol

Jared Kick : "Some people are saying... " *TRANSLATION* "We think... "

Josh Cc600 : Ah haha this lady had no idea who Bill burr is.

Karl Hungus : Wow. Morning douchebags this show should be called

Lucas Van : just by being around that woman proves Bill's points every single time...

Mikael Falk : Roflmao! Lame host: Don't you think you went too far? Bill: Don't you think the catholic church went too far? Haha

Tom Delano : everybody gets too offended these days

Zetsuron : "Were we able to find a clip we could clean up?" "We got something, we got something!" Bill: "You FOUND something! Wow, is this just the intro song?" LOL Best on-the-spot quips!!

Lou Cypher : Yea Rosanna that was all you that's bothered with his jokes.

FungusMossGnosis : This is the woman that asked Jerry Seinfeld about his Muslim background.

Rusty Shackleford : Is the guy host wearing Capris? Gaaaaayyyyyyy

Andrew eby : "I know this is the morning show, you can't bring up all those crimes". 1000% savage, Bill Burr is a legend.

Matt Hendler : "I can't believe how sensitive and offended people today get" "Woah you can't say that about the catholic church"