Bill Burr Makes the Hosts on GoodDay NY Uncomfortable

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darth boner : LeT mE aSK aBoUt uR ChRiSt-StAiN bAcKgRoUnD

ToeCutter : They are talking to Bill like they're trying to handle a dangerous explosive and are afraid it might go off.

jshudo44 : I love how the people behind the camera can be heard laughing.

Mikael Falk : Roflmao! Lame host: Don't you think you went too far? Bill: Don't you think the catholic church went too far? Haha

Daniel W : the male host needs to get a refund from his tailor. You can see halfway up his legs.

jeFF Fury : I love how when he says about catholic church going too far some member of the crew at the back loses it and cracks up laughing!

kornfreak78 : Bill Burr is the greatest comedian alive today.

Michael DiPaolo : The woman speaking to him is the daughter of a mobster and labor union racketeer in the Gambino crime family. Just keep that in mind when it comes to offenses.

Nick A. : "YOU NEED TO GOOGLE" And search for outrage. No he doesnt.

Random Someone : "They just move them around like killer whales" 🤣😂 sadly this is 100% what happeneS.

Lex Lutha111384 : Bill Burt’s brutal honesty is priceless

Armoni Q Fields : I just love how these host totally dodged the Pedophile Priest reference....Bill is the Man...

Syllable Skill : How fake is that woman? Probably got something in her ass before marriage when drunk but now claims to be part of the good crusade.

TannerTheMatrix : "By the way you're ripped" - Bill Burr "What?"

AWSOMEPOSSUM16 : "Don't you think the Catholic Church went too far?" JUST AWESOME

zislec : She wasn’t ready for good ol Billy freckled nuts 🥜

M. G. : ''I wanted to talk to you about Jesus after this." Hahaha!!! Classic Burr.

PotentialMVP : "Let me ask you about your Christian background." -_-

Sammy Hallam : hosts clearly didn't do their research. Clutching your pearls doesn't work with Bill, baby.

beefknuckles : 100% chance that the "religious people online" he offended are non-existent and she was the one who was offended lol.

Taco Tacotington : The Guy host liked Bill but was doing his job. Which is to be uplifting and he did it. The woman was eh.

Jesse Enser : Lol she hates him

guy behind the guy : Why respond to someone who's being negative to you on Twitter? Cuz it's fun.

ProudNothing : That LAAAAAAYYYY DEEEEE threw a wrench right into their chemistry.

Arlitha Goppert : pull the stick out lady, lol. it's just comedy. . it may keep your brain from imploding.

Azante : F isn't for family... F is for friends who do stuff together U is for ukulele N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea.

spyder000069 : Bill Burr. You either get him or you are fake AF.

English Pride : Typical fake-ass hosts...oblivious to the real world.

Sean O : He spun the "disrepect the church" back on her with a sledghammer. Priest pedo's, whammo.

deanosumo : "Don't you think the Catholic Church went a little too far?" lol, they started it

jacmeade : These are two of the most inept interviewers I've ever seen.

Ashwin Ramaswamy : This is hilarious. He was clearly told to keep it clean and nice and 'positive' but he couldnt help making meta jokes about the instructions. Someone as insightful and in your face as bill can't not tap into the dark side of things, even when everyone else wants to act like everything is rosy and beautiful.

akshay rathore : Bill should do a morning show tour. It will make for an amazing compilation

Space Moneky : His last statement was the best!! XD "I want to meet those religious people that got upset, I want to quiz them on their religion" classic

Zoologic21 : ba do do do, me undies, me undies, no more yellow couch

Karl Hungus : Wow. Morning douchebags this show should be called

Zoologic21 : I've watched Bill do so many interviews, as any fan would, that I've started to notice whenever he's bringing up the show or his background, he always refers to Frank as an "amalgam", and clarifies that he's not from 'Good Will Hunting' Boston, always making reference to the film, namely the apples scene haha

MrUseless247 : You can clearly tell she wasn't a fan. I kinda wish the guy would let her TRY to grill Bill Burr. She woulda came off looking stupid. Gotta love Bill Burr, always great in an interview.

Jahaziel Castillo : This lady was annoying.

LocumRex : "some people thought you went a little too far," WTF was she thinking? Throwing the religion curve ball at him like that. They deserved all the cringe they got.

Cody Codes : How dare she say keep it positive when she's the one who brought up all that crap.

Scotty P : “Oh is that offensive to illiterate people” Bills the man

TVATodd : Burr is always so on point and himself. He owns who he is and what he thinks. It's refreshing. Not to mention hilarious.

Brandon Lee : Bill Burr is a legend.

KmanAust : This is why Bill is the man. Tell it how it is brother !!!

sleezyastheocean : Burr roasting these shills.

GodSpeed TheGreat : The lady made this so awkward, Bill just plowed right through her horse shit

Arnold : Does every Fox News affiliate channel have to hire the dumbest reporters?

Josh Cc600 : Ah haha this lady had no idea who Bill burr is.

Ni Hao Ma Mate : She was not ready.