Bill Burr Makes the Hosts on GoodDay NY Uncomfortable

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Victor Espinoza : Great way to call out her bullshit. "People were offended..." Who?

orangeorphan : "Look how yellow this couch is." lol

ProudNothing : That LAAAAAAYYYY DEEEEE threw a wrench right into their chemistry.

Jonathan Duran : Haha bill burr is the man

Random Someone : "They just move them around like killer whales" 🤣😂 sadly this is 100% what happeneS.

Tuck Carruso : 1:20 "I'M TELLIN' YOU, YOU NEED TO GOOGLE!!!!@$#@#"

Bobzeda : These morning show hosts are a couple of half-wits

darth boner : lmfao its hilarious to see bill on the news, he shits on all these type of people twice a week on his podcast

Sam Lowe : The guy anchor knew EXACTLY the analogy Bill was making.

PD : Just watch the guy as the interview progresses. He goes from morning TV host to I want to be like this guy and by the end he’s got his leg kicked up and he’s laid back on the couch like he’s so cool. “You just miss the old New York and you’re not the only one“. That’s funny stuff.

Miss Crenshaw : I. Love. Him. I’ve always respected his honesty.

hetaes : People look at him like he's a relic. Do they not understand that most of middle America (the working class) think exactly like he does? People are tired of the PC bullshit. Only the uppity, scared to rock the Marxist boat, are the ones appalled by his mentality.

mikekoz68 : That christian woman seemed mentally challenged

Zoologic21 : I like seeing Bill happy and living his life laid back. Look at him, goin out, repeat suit, unbuttoned shirt like it was no biggie, man doesn't give a fuck. I admire that.

Braka : 7:07 hahaha ignored

Dillon Lee : Omg bill is a fucking genius. The comparison to killer whales from sea world and the Catholic priests in the church is a very good observation.

Dylan Cabral : They’re not even talking to him, they’re talking AT him.

perfecto25 : Bill Burr is BOSS. Legend.

AWSOMEPOSSUM16 : "Don't you think the Catholic Church went too far?" JUST AWESOME

Andy Aldrian : I want to hear whats being said in their earpieces - "Ok change the subject... steer him away... DO SOMETHING!" LOL

Menelik : This is a morning show you can't bring up all those crimes LOL.

E.T. : This guy is evolving.

Jacob Karley : "Let me ask you about Christianity"

drumtravelfun : 1:36 Boom.

Chris Leavenworth : F IS FOR FRAMILY

GamblerOnahotrun : that lady is one borring host

Ahmad Naimee : Lady go read a book

Phil McCrevice : That woman is almost totally useless.

jaime hernandez : *Bill Burr looks a lot more relaxed compared to his recent colbert and conan interviews. You can tell he's more zen*

Azante : F isn't for family... F is for friends who do stuff together U is for ukulele N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea.

Jeff Weiz : "Wait till your father comes home!" Oh that classic threat, heard that one alot

Luka Hays : He just does not give a single fuck. Love it.

Anon Anon : At 1:55 this guy is like "I'm not totally following you..." He knows exactly what Bill Burr is talking about but he doesn't want to get the banhammer from his job. He thinks that shouting louder than Bill Burr would bring more attention to him... poor host looks scared for his job if he even acknowledges what he is saying. *fingers in ears* "blahblahblahblah"

Indy Debauchery : He ignored her the whole time. Fucking classic.

Wayne AngMo : greatest comedian

MrPrice2u : Don’t poke a snake with a stick....

Michael Sailors : Bill Burr is a goddamn legend.

Anxiety Ebriety : look how they keep those robot smiles and bounce around like robots. Sit back people and just talk.

PotentialMVP : "Let me ask you about your Christian background." -_-

Syllable Skill : How fake is that woman? Probably got something in her ass before marriage when drunk but now claims to be part of the good crusade.

Hollywoodsaint 57 : Bill Burr...NEVER change brotha!!!

Ralph Babaganoosh : It's so strange to hear him not cuss lol

OnePieceLover1175 : I bet guys like these secretly enjoy guests like Bill. All this political correctness, goodie two shoes guests must be mindnumbingly boring.

larc Bren : priests are pedos that shut her up

only funny : I really feel for Bill. Being fan for years and more importantly listening to all his mmps HE was the one who felt uncomfortable at some level talking to that woman. Such a moronic primitive shit. Takes us all back at least a decade.

Nathaniel Davidson : Bill Burr is razor sharp

Lex Lutha111384 : Bill Burt’s brutal honesty is priceless

Scotty P : “Oh is that offensive to illiterate people” Bills the man

Randy Siverson : She started trying to get salty and Bill shit her down and then they both ignored her hahahhahaha

No Name : Clickbaaaaaaaaaaaait....nothing uncomfortable about it at all.