SAN FRANCISCO Travel Vlog | Places To Visit | Himani Aggarwal

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Traveling On a Shoestring : Himani, This was an awesome video. I loved the information and made sure to subscribe as to not miss another trip of yours. Hope you love San Francisco

CheeryGiggles : Beautiful scenery

JKJTV : what a wonderful place wish to be here too

Food and Footprints : Coit Tower looks like a must-visit, what a view! Seems like you really got to see a lot on your visit

Food and Footprints : Really enjoyed this vlog! You started it off the right way with the early morning flight and maxed out your first day. Enjoyed your explanations and the video made us want to visit San Fran even more!

Shelby Triana : Loved this vlog, Fisherman's Wharf looks like a fun place to spend the day :)

Brooke Brunson : Hey girl great footage and just subbed. Loved your intro

The UberDude : Thanks for taking me to San Francisco.I really enjoyed your video,and you had great picture as well.I want to go next time hit me up.

Leathur Rokk : this was delightful! It made me miss San Francisco.I was lucky to live there in the mid 90s,but, i could never have afforded to pay rent there.I loved riding the cable cars.I used to get monthly transit passes so everything was included-the Muni, the BART subway, and the city buses,even the cable cars.And, standing holding the pole with the wind in your hair is THE way to ride a cablecar! Does the other cablecar yell at your cablecar when they pass?They always did while I was there.I LOVE this city!I ate lots of Ghirardelli chocolate.I walked allover the city,including Lombard Street.And i did walk all the way across Golden Gate Bridge.Its an easy walk.Albeit all the telephones for would be suicides i saw on the chainlink fence.This bridge leads to Saucalito. I did not walk back though.I took the bus.

KeyToLife : This video is VERY nicely made!! Thank you for sharing! My fiance film our travels too and San Francisco is at the top of our list!! Thanks for taking us with you! Newly Subbed! <3

Vinay Patil : Hey Himali, really nice content.

Jazonjazz Official : looking great with this travel, this is so beautiful place to be.wish to be here too next time..

Niharika Singh : This is perfect! Loved the video <3

Vasundhra Prakash : Well done! I was feeling as if I am actually roaming around San Francisco

heena Saran : Great work Himani. You captured the city beautifully 👍 Very informative 😊 Keep it up sweetheart 🤗