SMF: The Key

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Markus Almendadez : So stupid

Jovanny Lomeli : do baby Mario loses Cosmo and baby peach to

Mack plays : love it

MoreZobe : cool

Spyrodude 101 : 3rd

JoAnn Lozano : +SuperMarioFanlox good job once again

Super Zach 2005 : Do you have a Mario party 5 luigi to sell to me I'm British ?

Jerry Ornelas : This is a RIPOFF of super Mario logon or you can call it sml

Sega-Nintendosuperstars : Lol great vid

BryanVlogs16 G : Bruh how can u fucking get 18k subs this channel is so bad

FalloutT51armor : This is an obvious copy of sml

Aidan the epic gamer : Fuck ur self faggot

Aimee Coon : Loaded

Aimee Coon : Not loading

Super baby mario plush : hi people

Ewan Green : I've got to give you credit, that last part was funny as hell

Ewan Green : HOW DO YOU HAVE 14K SUBS?

Caleb Sloan : this video is no way to pick up chicks

The face who runs the place AJ styles : I subscribed

REDNUMBER1FANJEFFY : they were doing sex XD

Sandy Nava : what the fuck

Christopher Mossburg : Fanlox I'm sorry about what happened in Skype my skype name is cupcakeman34

That FNAF Boy : +SuperMarioFanlox why would you do that at the end descuaing

Mason Myers : How did you get all the amibos and plushes

Lucky Chance : wtf is this

zombcraft plays : do a video called baby mairo gets a girlfriend

Isaiah likes Memes : WTF IS THIS

Ian's New Adventures : What was Mario and peach doing in the room

Joey Crites : thay had sex

MechainizedEttin : SuperMarioFanlox I subscribed to u

Maria Juarez : hey man ☺

camcam and eavan : do a video about Cosmo falling in love with a human

GZB Savage : I new that Mario and peach were going to kiss

doom joseph : yes good job!!!!

EthanCW : Lol You can clearly see that the bathroom was open for recording purposes.

LightningChara Animations : +SuperMarioFanlox looking forward to your new video

LightningChara Animations : +SuperMarioFanlox epic video man and also I'm thinking about making you a video,keep up the good work :D

Ocelot55 55 : Make baby mario's new toy in April 30th. Pls

Ocelot55 55 : SuperMarioFanlox check my channel out

supermariodaniel prouductions : do a video called baby mario meets the leporcan



Connordakota - Roblox & More! : SuperMarioFanlox works alone and he still does great videos. Great job, Fanlox.

Manuel Navejas : #Cosmo

Manuel Navejas : #SMF #SMF #SMF #SMF #SMF

LPSCats Tv : 199th

Super Linko Bros : Or now 19

Super Linko Bros : I am 17

Robbie Savage : Swag vid

Ciara Mazen : Why did you say a bad word. You said girls but the bad version.