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Crypticc : This movie could have been a disaster with the wrong casting choice. You have to be a really talented actor to be able to sell a character like this. Give McAvoy the Oscar dammit!!!

hipnhappenin : God this guy just uses his whole body when he acts. I've loved James for years. I'm glad he's getting more recognition.

Mr. Bubblegum. jr : James mcCavoy is one of the best actors in the world. Even one of my favorite actors

AFKMartian : Barry seemed like the most pure personality

tyson66331 : "Everybody just take a minute! OhHhhHHh, BaAbyy Girrhl." I like Barry.

BNILES41 : Watching him lose the light is both crazy and heartbreaking indeed. I can't wait until Glass.

Michelle Pulido : James McAvoy's performance in this movie is one of the best i have ever seen, James has always proven that he is one of the best actors of his generation and he continues to surprise me. He deserves an oscar already.

Guess Who? : Professor Xavier went crazy after reading too many minds, I see. Haha

Eldritchfan : Only at the end do you realize you've been watching the origin story of a supervillain.

Maddie Kim : James is such a talented actor

ToiletPartyExtreme : The irony of Kevin having 24 personalities is that we don't see all of them.

Hugh Mungus : Oscar.

iqbal noor : wow that really great actor,he even not american. but really got accent

Chandler Redmond : I love how you knew instantly when Patricia took over just by body language.

Noah J. Herrera : i have so much sympathy for Kevin. like, jesus. he thought he was still in 2014 and you see with the transformation how much his mind has emprisoned him. 💔💔

Andre Frazier : I havent even seen this movie and it looks fucking brilliant... James Mcavoy just went through multiple personalities... ugh. what brilliant acting

LARA DIETRICH : I think that the hardest and most amazing performance was giving both Barry and Patricia different personalities. I mean, James's straight, Patricia is a woman and Barry is gay, he managed to give them credibility!

Anakarina : He absolutely deserves an Oscar for this performance.

Twitchy witchy girl I think you are so nice : I wanted to give him a hug so bad when I saw this.

Joseph Culp : Just that little subtle little detail of him covering his chest up when he becomes Mrs. Patricia is enough alone for him to get an Oscar, so much depth and body language was put into this fantastic performance.

Sweatysean Lamp : It’s heartbroken to see Kevin suffering of his multiple personalities...

Linda M : Barry, perhaps was the 1st out of the 24 personalities

Daniel Bautista : I feel so sorry for Kevin (James McAvoy) For the next film, if David (Bruce Willis) touches him and sees visions, he will say “I’m sorry, I’m sorry this happened to you.” David, speaking tearfully. There is hope that David Dunn can save him from the Beast, but the only way to do it, is to kill him.

Dean David : I've been waiting for this scene to be on youtube. thank you.

destructodude : I like the idea that Kevin, the man whose mind is split apart between dominating personalities, is the only selfless one of them.

STOB IT : Really hope he gets an oscar, he deserves it for this performance and every other movie he has done, hes a brilliant actor

Cy The Grate : This movie was madness (no pun intended).

itsammar1 : Can someone explain the tissue in the door? what''s the significance of that exactly

Giorgos Fοvakis : And the oscars ignored James Mcavoy...

John Petrinolis : Props to McAvoy just for being able to switch between accents like that.

xamunas : When kevin said kill me, he said it twice

Nina B : the best acting i've seen in my entire life. and he most emotional scene

salah izhak : i love how he is lost and confused of where he is, and mysteriously look at the doctor like he didn't have nothing do with it

juan cañadas : I remember this part on the cinema when Kevin said Kill Me,man it was hart to watch. Really good job James.

LARA DIETRICH : Oh and perfect body too, I'd add 🤣

LARA DIETRICH : Amazin' performance😵

Mixman : I feel really bad for Kevin.He seems like a really nice guy,who got supressed by the others,who understand how dangerous can he be while being "asleep"

Rez : James managed to show more range in one scene than some actors can in their entire career.

lyneetah : How did he not get the Oscar for this is my question

Tetherack Holmes : I LOVED this movie! I’m not usually one for thrillers or horrors because I’m a huge weenie, but I was really into this one!

DuperBolt : While I love having the beast as a new villain in this universe, I still kind of want a happy ending for Kevin, Barry etc.

Daniela Lillo : I love the light work when Hedwig comes

Tania Walia : I have a question. The other personalities heard what kevin said about killing himself however how did jade not know about Dr Fletcher being killed

JesusISthe One : 0:50 when he said kill me 😭 then when she was gonna he said "no wait wait wait wait " 😂😂

Sandra Tarazons : Greatest acting I have ever scene. What a true talent. I started to watch his movies after I saw him in The last king of Scotland.

Heather Dawn : I really enjoy how much his facial attributes kind of change, especially when he goes from the nice little; Hedwig.. to the more broading, intimidating 'Dennis'... and even when he leads into 'Patricia.." it's absolutely beautiful. James McAvoy, deserves all the academy awards. XD

Courtney Wilson : Is anyone else saddened by this scene or is it just me? Lol

Inferno : troll master

Jack of Blades : So it’s about a guy with a mental disability and split personality??? Wtffff?? What?

oh yeah : Jesus christ, that girl was so annoying. She's been crying the whole movie, and screaming "we're all gonna die". Hated it