True Facts : Carnivorous Plants
True Facts Carnivorous Plants

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Mani TV : Yo my science teacher showed this video to our class and he regretted it.

H i : You: “dew” Zefrank, an intellectual: *”Duewr”*


Mohamed Abdulla : "If you need calcium eat a milkman" Your mother sounds like quite the adulteress

Evil Anvil : 4:08 It kinda freaks me out that that thing has human ears

Muffin Pants : Bob can’t hear you he has AirPods in

Great Juice : Somehow both educational and entertaining.

Maxer13 : *Even plants eat meat! These vegans...*

Dinorex 109 : Venus flytrap=taco grass Sundew=sticky grass Pitcher plants=swallow grass Got anything better?

mariekt : this dude's commentary😭😂😂😂

Rayeed. exe : 2:50 had me dying, who said smart people aint funny

R B : *Five years ago... I mean, five MILLION years ago...* 🤣🤣🤣

Sharkyy : 2:51 oh hi Lucas nice to meet u again

KiLl3r Cat : For the 1% who see this... I'm here because of my recommendation ok?

Steven Terry Hill : I guess you can S#*t where you eat.

Mizuki Duki 2 : “This spider does not give a f- *beep* “ (Me when it’s math time)

Random Headshot : Even plants eat meat, checkmate vegans

cyberfennek : Imagine how painful it must be getting digested slowly while you are still alive. Burns the plants with a flamethrower.

Kade The Geek : How did this get in my recommended feed? And, more importantly, how do I get more of these?

Jjboy Gumanit : this funny narrator gives life to the video

Caike : At first I thought this voice was kind of familiar, then I realized this was the narrator for Dear Kitten!

RJ TP : *"I DON'T WANT WATER!!! I WANT MEAT!!! FOOD!!! MEAT!!! I don't want water, I wanna chew"*

King James : The commentary is absolutely hilarious 😆 😂🤣😂🤣

Alecia_Always : "This spider does not give a f€\%"

Stonedman : Then one day they started growing out of pipes and shooting fire balls at Italians.

FreedomHero4 : I expected the next video after his return to be months away. This is so amazing.

TyreseThaG : "Just be hastag blessed"😂😂

Iggybop : "The inventor of the kickstarter toilet cam finally caught a break"

Dr. Royalty : Morgan Freeman 2.0

Jortand : Thank you YouTube recommendations. I love his man.

CJusticeHappen21 : Forget salads. Imagine how plants feel about bouquets. A cosmetic display of severed plant genitalia.

Silver Scorpio : "....while the pitcher plant benefits because someone sh$ts in its mouth." Don't ever change Ze!

Gabriel Mutuku : I wonder if they can digest small chunks of meat such as beef and pork.

Melissa P : Hysterical. My boys loved it. Now they want to grow carnivorous plants just to watch them eat.

DanielDaniel1 : DEEEeewwww. Such a satisfying way of hearing that word

Justin Y. : Can you please not disappear for 3 more years? K thanks

Hell Yeah : 2:49 why does this make me laugh 😂😂

I found My chants : He protecc He attacc But most importantly.... He gets a nice snacc

JOKER Wayne : why you be soundibg like morgan freeman

Mine gacha : Fly trap:I will give you a jacket Cocoroch:yes but, too tide

Seymour : Im glad this is a thing . Again

John Fink : Comedy and science in? Thank you all so much.

VoltZ : If there's a hole someone will go in there and poop in it. True Wisdom

Dave LaBonte : Dang rip frog that was like a kermit snuff film.

Defective Turret : 2:50 damn that got me well. He dont give a fuuuc.

A Name : We truly have him back... CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH!

Pans 098 : The Venus flytraps are me when I’m hungry.

Kla 72 : Hey,I saw that. That is so f*cked up

Assistant : 1:43 me at this moment: NOOO NOT THE FROG