True Facts : Carnivorous Plants

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NaLu Dragneel : this funny narrator gives life to the video

Randomgurl Kawaii : 2:55 looks like a growing fingernail

John Graboski : Not exactly ideal for my 6 yo with all your bleeps, Mr pottymouth. Thanks but no sub

Alexandru Ion : Cack ! !

Kris Valenti : Dear Kitten...

Great Juice : Somehow both educational and entertaining.

BTS kate : Do they eat or bite us?🙁

Nathaniel David : OMG HAHAHHAHA i love the voiceover

JustBeYourself : This commentator sounds stupid. Very irritating

Expedito Espino : hi

Mohamed Abdulla : "If you need calcium eat a milkman" Your mother sounds like quite the adulteress

Ammar shahzeb : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpron star maiya

Kyle The Cool Guy : \

Sharkyy : 2:51 oh hi Lucas nice to meet u again

DoomPlague57 : I dont think I want a salad for lunch anymore

シリウスjr. : 最強トラップやんww

Cameron Scheer : WTF he threw his pet frog in a Fly Trap!?!?

Allen Walker : To bad I was showing this to my four year old grandson, and had to move on due to language.

Pringse M. Marak : Amazing

Bitch Lasagna : Bob


Bitch Lasagna : Poor Kermit never had a chance

Lachy Davies : 2:50 is the best part 😂

Robert Darling : NOOO THE FROG

Matt Timmons : Does anyone know the name of the music thanks

Shady Sister : The frog noo

corrupt soul : This is the one that the vegans can appreciate

Sir Pancakes : Poor frog


Captain Kai : Who the Hell misreads one million as 5?

Multi Theme : I’m not a vegan because I love animals it’s because I hate plants

Wraith Ninja : if plants eat animal and vegan eat plant they are not vegan anymore

The 19th Fighter : 2:10 And then a schlami shows up and spits on it?

Kingtheboy 2088 : His voice is very realaxing

Du bist genial! : English speaking world is always cursing

Maxer13 : *Even plants eat meat! These vegans...*

friend 3 garm : 1:23

friend 3 garm : At 5:83

friend 3 garm : Fly trap:I will give you a jacket Cocoroch:yes but, too tide

richard golden : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂crazy funny

A wild Filing cabinet : If this seems grotesque to you, imagine how a salad looks to a plant

HyperMangi : 2:35 Looks like a Robot Insect.

Snowflake AJPW : Can you plants stay in my house? Pls eat da cockroach I hate them So you can eat them And have our meal "plants eat cockroach" OK the

Ninja Awesome : 48 secs in the rolly polly dies

Egg Puppy : The way he says dew

Wobbmin : Congratulations on getting into Smash Ultimate.

AriTheSodaPop keke : *Can They Eat Contacts*

Mani TV : Yo my science teacher showed this video to our class and he regretted it.

Roobin 5 : This spider does not give a f*cc

Stan YT : 5 years ago no sorry millions of years ago