True Facts : Carnivorous Plants

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Revolting Swan : If you need calcium, eat a milkman

Wobbmin : Congratulations on getting into Smash Ultimate.

Maxer13 : *Even plants eat meat! These vegans...*

All Might : 2:49 Best part 10/10

Kyle : "Except If You're This Spider. This Spider Does Not Give a F*uck" Zefrank1- 2018

Justin Y. : Can you please not disappear for 3 more years? K thanks

Mobius Loop : "The inventor of the kickstarter toilet cam finally got his break". I lost it LOL

falseprophet141 : This guy JUST can't say "Dew" like the common man. He's gotta "duuueewwrrr" it

shadowslayer205 : Another true fact about carnivorous plants: You'll get to play as one in Smash.

helloasroma : _damn nature, you scary_

LemonOVA : Vegans worst enemy

Notoriouz BOB : That ending was very weird considering my name is Bob...

Gregory Ashton : To add to this, the Venus Fly Trap can effectively count the number of times the hairs are triggered, so as not to accidentally shut.

Sharkyy : 2:51 oh hi Lucas nice to meet u again

A wild Filing cabinet : If this seems grotesque to you, imagine how a salad looks to a plant

Justin Y. : The Phoenix has risen again from the smoldering ashes

Hi It's Me : Checkmate vegans

Ainsley Harriott : I know what I'm showing to my vegan friends next...

Mohamed Abdulla : "If you need calcium eat a milkman" Your mother sounds like quite the adulteress

Corek BleedingHollow : I like carnivorous plants but this video and this dialogue is sending cold shivers down my spine.

Izzy : I saw the notification and let out the world’s most indecent moan. *Yes daddy give it to us.*

Great Juice : Somehow both educational and entertaining.

Mani TV : Yo my science teacher showed this video to our class and he regretted it.

Shady Sister : The frog noo

ChocoMochi : Kudos to the narrator for making my day😂👍


Multi Theme : I’m not a vegan because I love animals it’s because I hate plants

Omnitoons : 2:57 Victreebel Inspiration.


Nathaniel David : OMG HAHAHHAHA i love the voiceover

Justin Y. : God has risen again

Rokuro Enmado : this funny narrator gives life to the video


Dr. Royalty : Morgan Freeman 2.0

TTV coffeepillow4065 : I showed this to my class and I had to jump to my pc, your really unprofessional Lol jk I’m 14

tallasianchick : Zaddy zefrank doth blest us once more. Here here!

taco cat : *Legend said till this day bob still doesn't give a shit*

ImGus : What a great video 😂

Punk Rock Jesus : They totally dropped that frog into that plant's mouth lol.

Omega DGO : And now im binge watching.

ozi : it is, in fact, not deerw.

伊原TV : 最強トラップやんww

fruit bat 🍒🦇 : i feel like this is highkey just a ripoff of Randall lol it almost has the same music in the background and everything

Why are you here ? : I'm sorry Jimmy but I need my calcium

Dinorex 109 : Venus flytrap=taco grass Sundew=sticky grass Pitcher plants=swallow grass Got anything better?

Nolls : The legend has returned.

Junior gamer : กูเชื่อว่าคนไทยต้องดูแต่ไม่กล้าเม้น😅😂 #ใครใช่เม้นเลย

Topaz 13 : What happened to his Morgan freeman voice?

Ricky Mendez : I need to go to sleep.

BlackAnvil47 : 12/23/18....LMAO! Plus totally entertained.