Magic Door Prank

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Twoset commenter// W.A. Mozart : "some kind of black hole my wife was talking about"

solatiumz : So NO one looked over that wall? Really?

devona washington : the real question is what was he's wife talking about ???🤨🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

DinoboyAsh21 : I thought the trick would’ve been more complicated...

Miracle Bailey : The sister said, nope, nope, not today Satan. Lmaooooo

Kyrie R : If I saw that, I'd run to the door open it and say FOR NARNIA!!!! Expecting me to go through

T I M O N : 1% cool 99% "some kind of black hole my wife was talking about"

xxditto : Oke DORAMEON we need the dor haha

Meas Kagnchanna : Some kind of black hole my wife was talking about 😂

Anthony LaVine : Thats how you get to platform 9 3/4

YourTechGuide : would have been nice if you told us how to do it at the end, not at the beginning

Buk Lau : Monsters Inc irl

Night core832 : "Some kind of black hole my wife was talking about"

ManiKandan Damodaran : 03:14 she's like I've seen horror movies..I know how this ends.. *nope*

Tommy Halligan : How did you get that camera angle without them looking

Sky High : I wonder what black hole that old guy's wife was talking about

Riley K : Nothing in this video is real

qifen William : Who's watching this at 2019?

Midnight Gacha : If me and my cousin saw that we would put socks on our hands and trousers around our neck then grab some shovels and scream FOR NARNIA!!!!!

ame buta : the black lady. nope not today classic.

FearlessFlourish : awesome prank!, would have been even better if the door closed faster in my opinion :D

The clown fish : He went to Monsters inc. universe

GuapKING : This is a perfect example of people will always believe the extraordinary

Prince Raj : If trump watched it he would say I WILL BUILD WALL AROUND IT

Surfy Player : he used the power of doormamu to close the door

Rits Nay : Three years after its still in my recommendation...😑😏😒😂😂

HENRY THE RC CAR : 1:15 by this guy's reaction, i can tell he was a dog in his past life! 🐕👨

HENRY THE RC CAR : 0:45 the face you make when you have no braincells.

Alnitzs : 1:16 He sound like scout in tf2 at saying "Ta Ha"

Quimper111 : Facepalm, the human deduction experience...

Dire : All these people are like dafuq?

tay tayloralesia fan : This was the best 3:27 U just got troll

Charly Cordoba : I like her!!! 2:14 😍😍😍😍

Xendurr : *Top 10 weirdest things that people have found*

M.M.D girl channel : 0:54 it girl say wtf is that

Dylan Watson : That black girl though! "Nope" 😂😂😂

TruthNAction : @MagicofRahat So many so called pranks online these days are either demeaning, offensive or totally invasive...but not this, props to you my friend!

Easy Dick : The last lady picks up her bag & says "I'm outta here"..

Jon Lima : I was struggling on how he supposed to do that illusion before watching then I felt like a moron after watch how simple it is... =/

GOD : this is what you call prank where no one gets hurt


Alamdeep Singh : Do part 2 of this 🔥🔥

Doug S : Takes way too long to close.

Feat AnimaBITS : Maluco foi pra Nárnia

Saravjot Singh : That's Doraemon's Door!!

Fari Crazy girl : Come on open the door Its my wife..Ahahhaaaaeehheehoohhaaa..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

SHAH MRUGESH : Wonderful Idea 💡 Nice Prank

Aman Sharma : Doraemon's anywhere door😂

harshil rathod : 🎩 😂 🧥👍 👖 👟

Taha Yasin Dereli : I thought i was watching Doraemon