Magic Door Prank

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Mozart momo : "some kind of black hole my wife was talking about"

solatiumz : So NO one looked over that wall? Really?

T I M O N : 1% cool 99% "some kind of black hole my wife was talking about"

HENRY THE RC CAR : 0:45 the face you make when you have no braincells.

HENRY THE RC CAR : 1:15 by this guy's reaction, i can tell he was a dog in his past life! 🐕👨

Kyrie R : If I saw that, I'd run to the door open it and say FOR NARNIA!!!! Expecting me to go through

Itsme Ghost : "Some kind of black hole my wife was talking about"

ItsMiMi : This lady represents for the black community 😭😂 2:18

Dinda animation : 2019?

NotSpraat LoL : How did you get that camera angle without them looking

YourTechGuide : would have been nice if you told us how to do it at the end, not at the beginning

The clown fish : He went to Monsters inc. universe

indra soebagjo : The first lady has a nice rack!

GrizzlyRobloxGamer 210 : I tried this to my mom... She is still looking for me.

Dragoon GT : “Some kind of black hole my wife was talking about” 😏

FearlessFlourish : awesome prank!, would have been even better if the door closed faster in my opinion :D

Warrior Gamer : 1% actually ABOUT the video 80% “some kind of black hole my wife was talking about” 19% don’t press read more

Gamer88 Girl : The famous line “some black hole my wife was talking about” comes from the greatest prank in magic of rahat

bartua : We like to think we are smart. We are not.

Ali Mosavie : Some kind of black hole my wife was talking about

Dylan Watson : That black girl though! "Nope" 😂😂😂

Faisal Aboalhaj : 2:59 the kid’s reaction is priceless

Sub to pewdiepie Screw t series : “Some kind of black hole my dad wife was talking about”

Terminator : Narnia, here I come

twistedsith : i love the people who just run away in terror lmao


Aarthik Mehta : *_It's the Anywhere Door of DORAEMON_*

Trader Staf : Заем подруга так рот открыла? Муха же может залететь и насерить...

Brandon Gamez : So 10000000000% no one looked over that tiny wall

Smash Squash : Nice i llusion

OB : All these people are like dafuq?

Fiercest Phantom : 😂 Somekind of black hole my wife was talking about 😂

Alnitzs : 1:16 He sound like scout in tf2 at saying "Ta Ha"

Stubets Gamer : Guess he needed to go pee

alesi0551p hola : Like si lo vez en 2019

Rits Nay : Three years after its still in my recommendation...😑😏😒😂😂

Pascari Robert : Omg the first woman looks like singer Jessie J!!!

Fiercest Phantom : Lol i laughed when i saw the face of the first victim 😂 😂 😂

Yash Roasting Show : People will think:"omg! Doremon Gadgets in real life!

Fr0ger : That’s how hogwarts got started

Lin Nyunt : I think the pause between walking through and the door closing is too long. If they could make it more instant, it would be a killer trick.


THE CLASER : What a anywhere door😂 He's our DOREMON😎😎

Bayern Rules : The last one walked away like a feminist like she was triggered

Keenji : *there called worm holes! Not black holes*

Fari Crazy girl : Come on open the door Its my wife..Ahahhaaaaeehheehoohhaaa..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Princesss shx_nie : When pranks used to be real and not 15 minutes long

Alexander Coto : Who els think that was cool omg

JustBeingAlex : *i love how people get scared*

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : how can you open that iron door without a button, lever or redstone? are you a hackar