Let Me Bang Bro REMIX ft. Julian Lane

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Maurice Spears : Remix suggested by youtube page hjamal

The Fight Game : Maybe do something with the post fight Canelo-GGG announcement?

That Creepy Guy That Hugged A Naked DC From Behind : "Rape is the new missionary" - Germaine "El Spider" Ngannou

DaBTEDI : yea ill let you bang.. meet me at the park

_inYoface _ : this is gold lmao

goldentrophy : Glad to hear the Rockhold "Huughhh" make it's return lol

Macktube X : can you do a video on Nate Diaz interview on MMA Hour

Sena : Let me Bangbros - Johnny Sins

Thpinal ! : Let the poor guy bang bro...🙄

Bounty Hunter Kakazu : I do let you bang...

Teddy Cracker : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Chris 'Achilles Knee' Weidman : Baby Ruth

Roman Sutton : Whoever fights this guy should use this as their walk out song

poop : Liked, shared and favorites. Instant Classic!!

Zach Shult : Bangbros sponsorship incoming

caramelthunder1980 : Respek for John Witherspoon. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG

Omar Hernandez : after this idiot watched this he probably felt like shit.

John Huldt : Great every time. Your editing (and musical) skills are epic.

M- Bro : omg this is funny as hell :D

Karemaker : Can you do a Ragin' Al Iaquinta remix? Him cussing out the UFC / Dana / fans? His post fight interview and recent MMA hour appearance should provide a plethora a golden material. Keep up the great work brahhhh

Lauchlan Sutton : First

ED Cooper : hahaha

Jesse Taylor : Hahaha oh yes this needed to be remixed! awesome!

Rick Harrison : That was. Simply. Perfect. Genius job man. That "bang bro" with the cracked voice never gets old.

Pietje Puk : I knew this was coming.

Killer Shamo : Sponsored by BangBros™

Kozmikōcēlōtl : BRO lol another classic my dude

Chris Watson : Julian's next sponsor.....Bang bro's.

JoobJaibot : Legends has it that he's still lookin' for someone to bang... This remix is LIT. Pure FIRE!

Great Value McGregor : Bless us with another Canelo remix bro

CONOR MCGREGOR RETARDED FAGGOT SON : "let me touch bro"- conar mctouchbutt

R.B. : Love that clip of Rockhold "uhuhuh".

Mittelmensch : Uhuha Rockhold, priceless

Dragon 100 : THIS IS SICK 😫😫😂😂😂

John De Leon : Sound so...... sexual

LIFELIGHTS : how about Mousasi remix : Conor is the king ....................king of your mother ? or : one for you , one for your mother ....


Matheus Barbosa : Hahahahahaha that was good

Kozmikōcēlōtl : Haha cody

Christoph Az : LMFAO!

Del Rey : i am DED

Christian Nunez : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

LOL KID : This sounded super gay but hilarious

Maverick Styles : Lmao

Santo DeLobo : How about a remix of back in the day when Karo Parisyan sang "all my judo throws are the best, best throws in the world, all the other throws, are done by little girls" lol or BJ Penn "YOU WANT BJ PENNNNN WANT BJ PENN VS GSP!!!!!" or Brock "CAN YOU SEE ME NOWWWWWWWWWW, CAN YOU SEE ME NOWWWWWWWW" throw back :D

Some Guy : No homo lol

Sasquatch10 : Andy wang crying remix?

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver : You're a legend for this one, man... Jesus hahaha

Poppa WoLFF : He sounds like a kid throwing a tantrum

Hexxxplicit Truth : this jam bangs hard