Chaos at Camp Woodward | Spitting In The Wind - A Parkour Series | Ep.3
Parkour meets camp Woodward makes for pure chaos

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4 Days of swimming, waterslides, failing to chase girls & a little bit of training! The Motus Projects clothing - Edit by Giles Campbell Longley & Kelan Ryan Music: Black Futures - Love Ft P.O.S Sejd - Vinterstråket - Networks - Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


manuel dominguez : 13:47 That is the best community I've ever seen. The proud of everyone to that guy. Was amazing <3

STORROR : wow so good

Alex Schauer : sooo good thank you yes please more! <3

Tomáš Čapek : loving it, but I just need subtitles for everything George and Robbie say

Salvatore Gaetano Parkour : 6:43 well that was disturbing haha

Jordan Westad : G Mc G!

Poop Disposal : Watched this video 5 times just for the George part

Thanoss Mich : This series its really motivation for me..Your joy, your energy gives me nice message for continue my dreams.. Continue your work guys..PEACE!!

Jan Simon : 10:00 - childhood ❤️✌️

Ludwig Borgkvist : Wooooow that was so sick guys! Random swedish post rock appears out of nowhere makes this video even better. So excited to see more 😍

Eliveno : All you guys are so random, but it’s so funny😂😂😂

Petr Žemla : So far the best one imo! Lookigg forward to seeing and hearing more from GMcG! 🙏

DARK FREERUNNERS Sourav Lakra : Lovely...I min no words to exeplen.😍

Hei ko : 5:47 His right foot, wtf. Awesome Series guys!

ParkourVienna : Yes! very nice :) Thanks for putting in the effort in the post

kilian salomon : 3:38 i got that skateboard picture signed with my new motus pants😍🔥

Rhys PK : Love this series can't wait for the next episode.

Jimmy Ryan : Loving this series it’s class 👌🏻👌🏻 🇮🇪

ledgey Plays : Notification squad ❤

PHAMTOMS king : So cool , one of best videos of parkour

H3 Freerunning : this may be the greatest video I've seen in 2o18

Mio Wins : Joooo I just love this series so much good vibes 😍😍❤️

Marco Newman : Damn the editing is fire on this Episode!

Dee : Massive respect to the person who persistently tried and landed that skateboard jump

vincent c : Loving it! Enjoying so much of the old school film and subtle silhouette edits (idk what is it called)

Stefan What : So nice vibes and the people that go crazy with that skater guy at the end that moment is just priceless.

Quinn Scriven : Best episode so far!

Tenzyon Tomkins : defiantly fave ep loved it so much!!

Andrew Mcginty : “Come to Northern Ireland for a week” not a bad idea yano

Rumle Kjaer : Been waiting for this one!!!!

pknv : Best episode so far. Just want to go out and train now!

Team Ranger KOLKATA : Freaking Good !!

TheGreatNordini : Favourite episode so far!

TaggartPK : I could watch George talk shite all day. Pure busted our holes laughing at this

Vincent Bohanne : I enjoy so much theses episodes! Thank you

Evan Carlisle : 10:00 - your welcome 😌

Dimitris Minos : Sick guys

Tomy Nmlss : really GOOD guys, Awesome.

Isaac McFarlane : That was perfect

Heaven Manga : In which location is this camp ? Please reply 🙏

PS Parkour : Nice Bro

Jonty Bray : Another amazing episode!

Dev Freerunning : Love this series

zCxlvinn : George😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Natalia y Paola : I love max

youssef srifi : final best momment

Gabriel Dantas : Muito massa o video de vocês, representam demais

elefent : george i love you

Xceed : Yeah keep these coming😍😎