Chaos at Camp Woodward | Spitting In The Wind - A Parkour Series | Ep.3

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StormFreerun : Yes boys! That dive kong Marx does is fuuucked

STORROR : wow so good

Alex Schauer : sooo good thank you yes please more! <3

manuel dominguez : 13:47 That is the best community I've ever seen. The proud of everyone to that guy. Was amazing <3

Tomáš Čapek : loving it, but I just need subtitles for everything George and Robbie say

Salvatore Gaetano Parkour : 6:43 well that was disturbing haha

Jordan Westad : G Mc G!

paul vere : That George shit Mann 😂😂😂

Thanos Michailoudis : This series its really motivation for me..Your joy, your energy gives me nice message for continue my dreams.. Continue your work guys..PEACE!!

Jan Simon : 10:00 - childhood ❤️✌️

Banana Phone : Watched this video 5 times just for the George part

Eliveno : All you guys are so random, but it’s so funny😂😂😂

DARK FREERUNNERS Sourav Lakra : Lovely...I min no words to exeplen.😍

Dev Freerunning : Love this series

agentbopps Agency of Ninja : I laughed so hard at the Lego Star Wars thing because of how obscure it is. Does he mean when the game breaks and the character won't stop running one direction, dragging the camera into a wall?

Vincent Bohanne : I enjoy so much theses episodes! Thank you

elefent : george i love you

kilian salomon : 3:38 i got that skateboard picture signed with my new motus pants😍🔥

TaggartPK : I could watch George talk shite all day. Pure busted our holes laughing at this

Stefan What : So nice vibes and the people that go crazy with that skater guy at the end that moment is just priceless.

vincent c : Loving it! Enjoying so much of the old school film and subtle silhouette edits (idk what is it called)

Julien Williams : this is so fucking hype. My favorite pk video in literally years

Vin's Vids : George😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Petr Žemla : So far the best one imo! Lookigg forward to seeing and hearing more from GMcG! 🙏

Jonty Bray : Another amazing episode!

PHAMTOMS king : So cool , one of best videos of parkour

Dee : Massive respect to the person who persistently tried and landed that skateboard jump

Jimmy Ryan : Loving this series it’s class 👌🏻👌🏻 🇮🇪

Jamie Lackey : Best episode so far, Really good work guys 👍👍

Hei ko : 5:47 His right foot, wtf. Awesome Series guys!

Andrew Mcginty : “Come to Northern Ireland for a week” not a bad idea yano

Talles Felipe : greetings from brazil

Rhys PK : Love this series can't wait for the next episode.

Evan Carlisle : 10:00 - your welcome 😌

ParkourVienna : Yes! very nice :) Thanks for putting in the effort in the post

H3 Freerunning : this may be the greatest video I've seen in 2o18

Gert Dieter : Yeah keep these coming😍😎

ledgey Plays : Notification squad ❤

Team Ranger KOLKATA : Freaking Good !!

Gabriel Dantas : Muito massa o video de vocês, representam demais

thrill Parkour : defiantly fave ep loved it so much!!

Mio Wins : Joooo I just love this series so much good vibes 😍😍❤️

Krishna Benavides Drinot : Minute 6:26, can someone tell me the name of that song? (So funny the scene)

Watson Life! : Love it! They get better and better each week!

Experimental Viking : 5:00 ...that's a nasty fall

Rumle Kjaer : Been waiting for this one!!!!

GPF Parkour : Sick moves. 👻

Dimitris Minos : Sick guys

Tomy Nmlss : really GOOD guys, Awesome.

Marco Newman : Damn the editing is fire on this Episode!