Resident Evil 4 (Bentley Bros)
Live Action Resident Evil 4

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Angry Dude : More than 10 years...Man I feel old

Josias Nicolini : I watched in 2006 and again in 2016. It's a classic!

Agent T. Yang : Leon: Give me the ring Ashley: But my Father Leon: GIVE IT TO ME!

DamagedSlinky : I just love coming back to old videos like this one, so many memories

RABtoons : Best RE4 parody to date!

Poe Ghost : Good fucking God, has it really been 8 years? I remember watching this back in the day. What a nostalgia trip, lol.

69 Productions : i was 12 when i saw this now i'm 19 :/

braydenhutchinson : Same blood, what does he mean. AIDS? xD

Rubber Chicken : This is the best video ever made on YouTube.

Mirjana Pavlovic : 2018? Anyone?

xMovieGoku : man i was 7 when i saw this video... ahhh memories

Peter Wise : anyone came back to watching this after playing RE4 again?

|RA|Brits| : I must have watched this 20 times over the years, nostalgia

Uber Leet : old but gold, still the best RE ever

TylerRag : Good old times i remember this video had hardly any view's and i laughed my ass off because it was funny xD

The chosen one : 29:00 i couldn't stop laughing!

Boog_ : An instant Youtube Classic!! Still epic as shit!!!

RISUS : 2017 anyone????

Marc9560 : It's official, this video is now 10 years old! I can't believe how fast times gone, I remember watching these during Year 6 at school... Wherever you guys are now, I hope everything's going well. I know you probably don't read these anymore, but thank you so much for all the fun memories. Take care and cheers guys! :D

jv01 : "Agh, you broke my gun!" comedy gold

Josh JeanJacket Jaeger : Back when YouTube was awesome...

Bitch My Religion Is Madonna : This never gets old! lmao

vettriano : 40 minutes of my life very well spent xD thank you for all the lulz >:D

NOGI48 : Do you guys remember back then finding a youtube video that was over 10 minutes. This was the first time ever I saw a video that was over 10 minutes.

Valgar : Old fans possibly curious about filming locations the Bentley Bros used, put in "Barford St Martin" on google maps (just west of Salisbury). You can find a lot of the locations easy enough on street view, great nostalgia trip.

Onewolf101 : i had 14:00 as my text thing when i had a flip phone lol. man those days hope you guys are putting out stuff still

Victor Sutherland : When Leon and Luis were tied up did that guy have Cloud's buster sword? XD

ghostfacedude93 : This is the greatest video ever uploaded on Youtube. Love you guys

yoh456 : Still watching it in 2018 (April) Who's still watching it like me ?

SrgntRuffles : Jesus. I was 11 when this was out. I'm 23 now and I always come back periodically for nostalgia. Such a gem

Alonzo MB : I watch this atleast once a year, lol

ToruKun1 : Ashley hiding in the desk drawer is still one of the best visual gags I've seen.

Danilizard22 : Who's watching in 2017?

Micheal Plascencia : 2018 bois

Penn Plays : Man it's been almost ten years since this was uploaded and I first saw it. That's crazy, I remember this one night me and my friend stayed up until late in the night playing horror games, and then we watched this entire short film to unwind after. This is early youtube gold, I miss those simple times. Good work guys, happy to see this video is still up. It holds up to this day.

TheAlbinoDude : After all these years, this video is still gold. Why have you guys stopped making videos?

Yukari MAiG : It's been 9 years now and I'm still watching this. Good old time. :D

TheCreepyPeach : Is that guy actually dressed as Ashley?

Gilbert Trinidad : Ah. One of the classics of YouTube lol.

SillyMatt Jeff : Who watching dis in 2018? Such memorabilia video!

Bam Stradlin : i wached this when i was in highschool, so many memories

Andre Felipe : Join the old team, is time to make Resident Evil 7!

Gerardo Limon : I saw this in 2006 and it is making me feel old now... (I'm barely in my 20s haha) Still a great video though! THUMB UP to give these guys an awesome Top Comment for nostalgia's sake. thanks.

Тиранозаур Рекс : Damn, that knife fight is so epic

Rysis BTS and Streams : First saw this when I was 12... Nearly 21 now.. Good times

Kuronji : I know isn't it crazy? For a lot of us this was one of ours first youtube vids, was going through my favorite list of over thousands and this was in the first 5. Man...thanks guys, I had so much fun watching this with my old chums. <3

gh0stykins : holy balls i forgot about this

evilzombies192 : 2017 anyone???

Whoso Serious : This came out when i was 11 now I'm 19.