This Is My Boomstick! - Army of Darkness

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_HUNRUSPWNZ_ : 3 shots without reloading that's badass

Master Coyote : You know you're a beast when you can shoot 3 times with a double barrel shot gun without reloading

LazyPanda : Only a coward would bring a gun in a sword fight. But then again only a fool would draw a sword in a gun fight.

Caine7ify : This is my . . . BOOMSTICK!

Wake Me Up Inside : Bruce Campbell would be the best marketing ploy ever. Companies can just have him go into towns, threaten the civilians with a shotgun, and then tell them to buy the company's products.

Antitime Se : Shop smart...Shop S-mart. YOU GOT THAT!?

jherrenor : am i the only one to find it funny that Lord Arthur has to kick the swordbearer away just to get it out the scabbard? that's just rude

Alvin De Rama : "The Pen is mightier than the sword"??? Heck no, the BOOM stick is!

borzwazie : 13 primitive screwheads disliked this.

Quarz_dk : so he fires 3 shots without reloading even though he only has 2 cartridges in the barrels

tempviduse : Bruce Campbell deserves way more roles.  I loved him in Burn notice

Zachary Erickson : What rotten luck. I wanted to see this but goddamn Netflix only had the 2nd Evil Dead. THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK!

Walther PP : boomstick vs sword. boomstick wins!!!!

ughh. : Alright you Primitive Screwheads, Listen Up! you see this? this is my boomstick!

LazyPanda : Rifleman: THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK!!!

MrPacrak : My friend's dad is the guy who plays King Arthur

smgergo : Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

CloakNStab : 3 shors, two barrels. IMPOSSIBRU!!!!!

John M57 : "Hail to the King, Baby!"

Secundo : Creed of Chaos, hardheads show yourself

Jesse Holt : How does ash reload his double barrel with one hand?


PanikGrafik : Goddamn it this movie is so good

AIRA_XD [ENG] : scott brown

123stripes : only the one who can fire three shots with a two barrel shotgun can be the hero.:)

jigsawzoubir : Greatest ad in history.

Soul Survival : Is it wrong for me to love Ash!!

kelley davis : I love Ash so much xDlol

Fordsie : He shot that double barrel shotgun 3 times with no reload. Heh

Kraz H : and that gun was shot 3 times... :p

First Last : scott brown

Einsam Scheissekopf : Bruce F*cking Campbell.

USSR , Russia : Why didn't he use a SPAS-12?

Slurpee the Unholy : Does anyone know the name of the music that plays when he spins the shotgun at the end? Can't seem to find it anywhere on the film's soundtrack and it's by far my favorite musical moment in the film.

JORGE NAMNUM : 1:29 iggy azelea

sritger : One of my favorite movie scenes ever!

Vincenzo Visconti : when you choose "imported weapons" in victoria 2

My face when i see a good pussi : When teacher show the class-end exams to class

STBM_ : E-force

Ethan Shrestha : SAS 4 Reference of the 1887 Shockfield in Halloween Edition

Hakudan2 : classic

Adolf Hitler : in Garry's Mod, it have 8 capacity of ammo xD (This... is my BOOMSTICK!!!)

Philip Cooper : Only in 'murican movie can one shoot 3 times from a double barrel gun...

MyLittleDiscolite : This movie is a classic

Theo Adal : puta que pariu mermão se é loco cachorro

Big boy Eugene : Alright right you primitive screwheads listen up this is *MY BOOMSTICK*

ComradeSch : One thing that's driving me nuts is how he manages to reload with a chainsaw over his other hand. I can accept that he reloaded the shotgun off-screen, thus firing 3 times from a double-barreled shotgun, but reloading requires two hands, so either he dropped the chainsaw or somehow reloaded with his teeth.

Jordan Q : Junesong Provision anyone? Pls someone get this reference

Riesenfriese : Not only did he fire 3 shots from a double barreled shotgun, but he also poisoned their well by throwing that thing in with a bullet wound...

Kras Silver Fang : The Boom Stick trully is magical, it has 3 shots