Christianity and Abortion: Never an offer of help, just advice and condemnation

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pp3k07 : Is this P.C Principle in real life or what?

Bryan Kemper : While I agree with you that we should not be yelling at women and we should always offer help to women in these situations, I disagree with you calling Christians crazy for showing the truth about abortion. I have to ask you this, why are those pictures horrible? They are horrible because they expose the truth about what abortion is. Abortion is NOT an issue, it is the American holocaust. It honestly seems to me that this message is an excuse for not being involved anymore in ending child sacrifice in America. I was around in the 80 and 90s rescue movement and what you talk about here is not what I remember, I remember men and women who loved Christ and loved these women enough to lay their lives down for them. I remember the Gospel of Christ being shared and help offered outside of these abortion mills. I am sorry if you did not see that, but know that that is what happened and is happening today. Abortion remains legal today be permission of Christians who do nothing about it.

Eric Scheidler : The need to offer abortion-bound mothers real, substantial help -- material, personal and spiritual -- is certainly critical, but I think you're being quite unfair to the pro-life movement in your characterization. Perhaps in your involvement with pro-life activism you never encountered any of the pregnancy assistance centers, now numbering over 3,000, that offer a whole range of assistance to these women, or the sidewalk counseling ministry that, from the very first years of legal abortion, has reached out to listen to these women and help them. Such ministries have never been of much interest to the mainstream media, or to the self-righteous among pro-lifers, but they have in fact always been the most significant aspects of pro-life activism. MOST of what pro-life activists actually do, on the ground, is offer the help you're talking about.

Zaria Peace : he preaches NOTHING FROM THE WORD OF GOD

Carol Nov : Pastor Burgen, First of all, thank you for standing up in the 80's to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. I also was active during this era as I am still today. I was covering news of Rescues in that time frame so I was up front and personal for many events nationwide. I did not witness what you describe. Perhaps I saw things from an unusual perspective. You see, I always watched documentaries on the Nazi Holocaust and wondered where the people were to speak out. That was part of my motivation to be so involved- to photograph and document not only the Rescue movement but the abortion industry in general. Perhaps the fact that I was one of a few to actually rescue the broken bodies of innocent children from the dumpsters of an abortion clinic that I saw things differently. I saw abortion up front and personal - so even if someone "yelled" - I had a real perspective on what was at stake. I was also one who did reach out to the women. In fact, I did not  generally carry a sign, because I wanted the flexibility to talk to the girls with no encumbrances. I offered them my home, money, support and you know what  - few took that invitation in those days. But- today- because so many in those days  stood up to say abortion is murder and so many showed the truth, as graphic as it is, of abortion - many women are turning around.  Your depiction of our movement leads others today to see history from a false perspective. In the 1980's pro-lifers faced hostile police, pro-choice escorts, injunctions, RICO threats and zero media who would report our side. But much has changed. We pushed thru and challenged many of those unjust edicts and today we have helped clear a path for pro-lifers to reach more women outside these death chambers. I get what you are saying personally, but, given the misrepresentation of pro-life people I think a public statement such as what you describe above does unjustly vilify the entire movement. I recognize that, like you, I have grown much in the past 30 years. But we were all infant in those days - we were forced to respond to a horrific holocaust and did not have the savvy and marketing skills so many have learned. I would beg of you, in love, to offer a better perspective of our history to your congregation. In your sermon, you preached on GRACE - yet - you used the backs of those of us who have dedicated years and years to both reaching women and saving unborn babies a violent death to make a point. How is that graceful ?

Jill Stanek : Pastor Burgen, I appreciate your mea culpa on not offering pregnant mothers in crisis help back in the day, only condemnation. But you appear to have dragged the entire pro-life activist movement into your confession. Your depiction may have been accurate for whoever you were surrounded by, but it's not an accurate portrayal of the pro-life activist movement as a whole, then or now. I also fear you may have steered your congregation away from praying and protesting outside of abortion clinics, which is still done and direly needed - a last ditch effort to save the lives of babies on their way to slaughter (Proverbs 24:11-12), mothers from a lifetime of regret, and even to convert clinic workers.  I must also take issue with your disgust of the "horrific pictures" of abortion victims. Images of victims have been used in every social justice movement since pictures were invented. Even before that, William Wilberforce used drawings of slaves in the bottom of ships to depict the horror of slavery ( You name it - from Lewis Hine's photos of child labor in the early 1900s (; to the Holocaust (; to the photos of a beaten Emmett Till in his casket featured in Jet magazine that touched off the Civil Rights movement (; to the iconic, Pulitzer Prize winning AP photo of the naked napalmed little girl during the Viet Nam War (; to the Newsweek cover photo of the fireman carrying a dying toddler after the Oklahoma City bombing (; to the Time magazine cover photo of the woman whose nose had been cut off by the Taliban (; to 9/11 (; etc., etc., etc. You get the point. You wouldn't disparage any of the aforementioned photographers for taking and showing photos of those atrocities. Why disparage pro-lifers for showing the only baby photos these children will ever have? Part of the reason abortion persists is because no one sees it. NFL player Ray Rice had already admitted he hit his fiance, but he was only fired this week after people saw it. You as a pastor must understand the importance of visuals. I appreciate the larger point you were trying to make, but you mischaracterized the pro-life activist movement in doing so, and you may also have hurt the effort to stop abortion among your congregation and people who view your video. Abortion is the greatest ongoing act of mass human genocide committed since the beginning of human history. Over one billion people have been killed by abortion worldwide in just the past 20 years. I hope you and your congregation are doing your part to stop the annihilation of the most innocent of those created in God's image. Thanks.

Vegin Chile. : My husband had to leave the US because of immigration issues and I chose to follow him with our five children to South America. We lived very poor and could not afford the education system in South America and we paid thousands to an immigration lawyer. Somehow I became pregnant and as a CHRISTIAN I never considered abortion in my entire life, and I got an abortion because I believed that there was no way I could handle another child, I was also very sick with lupus brought on by stress. That abortion has weighed heavily on me.....And yet we had no help in our situation, I don't understand where the church went when we left the country. My only hope is that sacrifice that Jesus made for our family on the cross. I just can't carry this level of grief of the immigration situation, my illness etc. LITERALLY my only hope lies in Jesus

Antioch Carrillo : Let's see what God says about abortion. "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man" Genesis 9:6 Sounds like they should be executed

Sea Bass : This guy is a poison

Eric D : I can't imagine any Christian thinking abortion is OK, since a life is obviously being killed. The question of how to address this issue is challenging since each situation is different. To the government - protests are probably in order. To a nervous young lady about to go through it? Probably counseling and offering alternatives to abortion would work. Threatening and name calling are not likely to be effective. Now, there are women who have abortions without giving it a second thought, and those people scare me. That is pure evil.

earlysda : 1:34 Yes, abortion is "horrific". But somehow to this speaker showing that to the mothers is more horrific than actually murdering the preborn child???

Joe Martindale : So everyone here would much rather call the women, "sinners!" and jump straight to condemnation? You all would rather do that than offer help or service? When the hell was condemnation greater than the love of Christ? The second you condemn someone, you immediately defeat any chance of building a rapport with that person. Getting to know someone and hearing their story is the FIRST STEP in showing love (letting your guard down). I don't care what out-of-context bible verses you throw at anyone, the love you show someone is far greater than anything you believe you can say to get them to decide, "huh, maybe I won't get that abortion".

cision : Numbers 5 is an abortion ritual performed by a priest. Numbers 31 is God commanding the slaughter of children. The bible is clear on god's position concerning slaughtering and enslaving children. Your book is the problem. It holds no weight.

Kathy Tanksley : People should not call those girls names and or scream hateful things. But abortion is wrong