El Reno, Oklahoma tornado in a 18 wheeler.

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mark allender : Please don't have children.

Eric Beland : Ho ok, i see now why some people get killed by tornado..

Ken Fredrick : "I don't know what to do." Well, keep driving....right into the tornado.

Bill Reedy : I guess the brakes on that truck didn't work. You seen the tornado, You seen people parked on the shoulder. You seen people driving on your side of the highway. Your driving in the left lane for 6 miles for no reason and you passed I don't know how many exits, and your wife is yelling at you to stop, I lost count how many times and yet you just kept on going?!! Amazing!!

Trainking922 : Pulling over onto the shoulder immediately would've been smart...

MegaSlowe : "How do I get over?" You slow down, and turn the steering wheel slightly right till you are on the shoulder. Then, straighten the wheel and come to a complete stop, and wait for tornado to pass by a mile in front of you.

Patrick Tuttle : I have been, I've been driving for 20 years,you don't keep driving .

Twombles Twombleson : Brilliant decision to keep driving into a 2.6 mile wide tornado packing 300+ mph winds. I guess the 20x your partner told you to stop weren't enough???

S Tyler : If you don't know what to do then how about STOP THE FRICKEN TRUCK!! A schedule is not worth your life!

Marco Zucconi : "They said not to stop under a bridge" Yeah, better run into the tornado LOL

Fancy Bear : "Well I dunno what to DO, babe"....so I guess I'll just drive right into it, and kill us both.

YankeeTen13 : This guy should not be driving, period, When you are driving and you see a tornado, and as it turns out this tornado was 2.6 miles wide, you either pull off the highway and get some place safe or you pull off the road and get down below the level of the windows, and pray. BTW that McDonalds sign was a message, get off the road and get something to eat in a safe building.

H. J. D. : How about an ounce of common sense. You both got damn lucky.

truckinbuzzard : Wow. All of that notice about what was up ahead, and you just kept driving towards it. You do not deserve to have a CDL. You put a loved one in harms way, and didn't have to. You are a moron, and someone who doesn't need to be behind the wheel.

Michael Henry : I am at a lost for words ...... I drive trucks .... see danger, avoid danger ...... this idiot continues to drive into the storm, passing plenty of opportunities to pull over ..... even calls dispatch requesting an emergency "shut-down", got it and then continues to drive ..... WOW, even wife said others are stoppong .... then answers the phone, while driving, violation.... then says "I dont know what to do " .... " where do I turn around, I don't know what to do " ..... man, give up your C.D.L. and find something other to do, because I would hate to be on the road with you, making decisions to drive towards the storm .... you, sir get "Donkey-of-Day" ...... HEEEE-HAAAAW, HEEEE-HAAAAW .....

Brandon Schlicht : lol this couple is not the sharpest tool in the toolbox. She's from Texas that has tornadoes but yet again has no knowledge on tornado safety? There driving I 40 west with the tornado southwest of them moving southeast to the east at this moment, at this point if they kept driving west they would have gone north of the tornado (would've gotten hail and wind but muss the tornado). Hell the "tornado" they think they see is a isolated area of rain as the tornado is in the black mess to the right of the rain. Kinda hard to watch when they basically have no clue what they are looking at or what to do. Looking for somewhere to pull over yet they passed a weigh station and a rest area, and they basically drove right into the storm all the while passing several exits and before that had plenty of time to go north while in Oklahoma City or better yet they should have STOPPED somewhere in okc and waited for it to pass and take spotter classes the weather service does for free, just a few suggestions.

Brad T Casali : "They are idiots," the driver said, referring to motorists parked under an overpass, while he drove headfirst into a tornado.

Gabe Mata : Wow usually i like to give the benefit of the doubt to people but this shows what happens when people panick. Woman tells driver pull over many times, driver says where I cant and continuous to drive towards a tornado. Keep in mind he just passed miles of roadside that was clear. But he was right about the underpass I'll give him that.

cantcomeupwithausern : wtf.. how about stop?

Sedated By life : Omg... "I don't know what to do, babe!" Um... Do what she freaking said AND STOP. WTF! a tornado is coming and you decide to just keep on trucking right into it in possibly the least safe vehicle to be in during a tornado let alone high wind storm! Shows how much you care about your "babe". You deserve the Darwin award. You're definitely a couple steps to the left on that chart. Watching carpet bombs is cool too but it's not a good idea to drive full bore into one.

bayard01 : What on earth made you relentlessly keep driving toward a 2 mile wide cloud of spinning death for no apparent reason just out of curiosity?

Thomas Therrell : Most erotic tornado footage Ever!

Joyleen Poortier : If you can't pull your truck to the side of the road and apply brakes then you should not be driving trucks. Please shut her up. You are dangerous, get off the road.

FormulaRogue : “There’s no place to pull over” what about maybe....hmmm..... the side of the road?

Mrs Libertas : When you’re the only vehicle on the highway traveling INTO the path of an EF 5 tornado

Wendy Goicochea : I live in El Reno. It was a rough day.

Alex Miles : If he'd hurried up a little more, they could seen what it's like to flip an 18 wheeler.

gibbs1966 : Where is part 2?

jason allison : RIP Tim Samaras

Paige Burress : Your husband was absolutely right. Never stop under a bridge. They turn into wind tunnels and do more harm than good. It also leads to blocking roads, which causes a road hazard and may selfishly put people behind you in harm's way. Also, the tornado was south of the highway. When you pan left at 6:05, that's it under the green-blue tint. You're actually lucky you didn't stop anywhere that you filmed in this video or you might not be posting it today. The tornado rode east along the highway for several miles just a mile east of where you started to pull off at the end. Glad you both made it through okay.

Jesse Sorensen : Isn't this what weather reports to help avoid...?

David Pembleton : you all make Forest Gump look like a genus

jonathan lavezzi : Clearly someone is completing for this years Darwin Award 🥇

Jim Cramer : As I am watching your video, I realize you are nice people. You unfortunately ended up in a very difficult situation. I am thankful you came through this ok. You might have been killed or seriously injured. I hope you never have to go through anything like this ever again.

Val J : Why in the world would you keep driving full speed. You said on the Radio that you were trying to pullover, but it sure didn’t appear that you tried to even slow down until you got up close and personal. Even through all the yelling of “babe, oh babe, there it is babe”......

trevortornadoes122 : This video is literally the perfect example of what *NOT* to do in a tornado.

CandyBandit1296 : I couldn't watch the whole thing. Can't pull over? You're driving in the fast lane dude. Do you know what the shoulder is?

arricca spann-riley : Omg u were right about the video I had to take a break to watch.. I am glad u r safe.

Tiki Torch : LOL -  ever the husband and wife, even in the middle of a historic tornado.  Glad you made it okay.

Liza G : My husband's.a.trucker and.no way would.he drive that close.to.a.tornado. you're not a safe driver..and.btw..your.wife.was.terrified...you had places n time.to pull over. Idiot.

D Adams : I would know what to do in that situation. STOP!

Mark Willis : awesome! I think its fuckin cool! exactly what I would have said

TNVolFisher : To all new, or inexperienced drivers- if you’re anywhere near a tornado, and especially heading straight towards one, you don’t call your company and ask permission to shutdown. You don’t worry about the rule book of never parking under a bridge. You don’t pass several different bail out points......you IMMEDIATELY stop the truck, though safely (not in the middle of the interstate or road), and you do whatever is necessary to protect yourself, and whoever might be with you. I own my truck and trailer, and I can promise you I’d leave it to the fate of that tornado, rather than risk my, or especially someone else I love, life over the load.

theshowstopper979 : Is the woman having a panic attack or an orgasmic

Matt F : when i was OTR about 11 yrs ago ..i was approaching a super cell near big spring tx......i pulled over on the exit ramp and let  it go on its way....i was about 5-6 miles away from i it and i was nervous as hell...afraid id get blown over...etc...so i cant even imagine what was going through yous guys minds...as for freaking out in the video.....approaching the largest tornadic storm (2.6 mi. wide)   on  record ...est. 260mph winds...and it killed 3 veteran storm chasers...i think id be a little scared myself...glad you guys made it ok!

bo dee : We know what she sounds like in bed😂

James Simon : Thanks for uploading this, a real reaction to a truly shocking act of nature glad ur safe!

Cow Boy : Now you see why I leave my wife at home .They are team drivers for j.b.hunt

Brandon Henning : Moron calling dispatch asking if he should shut down.