Risk of Rain 2 - How to Properly Transition to 3D
Risk of Rain 2 How to Properly Transition to 3D

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Risk of Rain 2 shows how you can properly take a 2D title and transition it into the 3D world Discord - https://discord.gg/yjQNSdC Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/thedailyquests Twitter - https://twitter.com/dailyquestsyt Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheDailyQuests/ Business Inquiries - dailyquestsyt@gmail.com Subscribe - http://bit.ly/2sac1pq


Clint Davis : Could I get some cucumber thrown in to your word salad?

Ja'Mar Jones : Longer vids for sure, but content is always dope!!

Arvel Sudarta : longer format ofc

efwefwef frwfef : i prefer the longer videos, especially ones where you discuss older games from the Korean f2p mmo p2w takeover ark

Jason U : Longer format. ✊

Selim Sultan Akbar : Well it depends on the setting of the game, the gameplay and the laws of the in game world. You gotta hit that sweet spot, make the camera and controls tight like a nun's ass, and you're pretty much surfing towards "my game is being analised, torn apart, broken, stolen, taken advantage of for views or intelectual debates, hated on and in a few years all the nostalgic geeks will take post on it and call it the second coming of christ". That is a winning formula for me!

Spidershark : Fun fact: The development team is 3 people.

Franz Dunkley : Lol , this guy is a trip. Good stuff

The Zookster : what's the deal with all the dislikes

Franklyn Solano : So many dislikes wth

TheEschwank02 : you almost made my brain explode

Digital Garbage : my man my dude I dunno if my headphones are just super loud but the audio levels are just a bit out of wack, LOVE this though, I was hoping someone would cover this game, love ROR