Very Cool Spring Break Video

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Gus Johnson : wow, what a beautiful world we live in. please follow me on twitter so i can fool myself into thinking i don't need to go outside. @Gusbuckets

abelina sabrina : Trenton's dad had to come pick him up

Livin' Like Larry : You should have worn a speedo, that’ll gettem chasing you.

DammitSinged : _Trenton sounds like the most Mid Western name ever._

adam mac : Gus, you're a lot like that pine cone. You don't really belong there.. and it hurts when someone steps on you.

Caleb Tennison : Hand to God, Trenton doesn’t honor bro code.

Brock Lee : *H E B R O K E T H E S P R I N G*

Bobby Duke Arts : Frick is the new dadgum

JediJoe2001 : Is that the guy who forgot to put tape in to record the tree falling? Hmmmmm

Knorkrax : I am more aroused than I should be.

Grace Motley : I love it

keeponrockin : Dude you could have a cornrow down your stomach

MrEdUrAt : Where's working man 9?

Soulfully : AWE FRICK

Simte : Oh no... *IT'S TRENDING.* AHHHHHH...

TJ Kobussen : I think gus might be starting to lose himself. He's becoming his characters.

Bumbo : yeah

toblrwn : Here before Trenton *trending

AvocadoAtrocity : TWENTY S-- EIGHTEEN.

Jason and a Camera : _Brenton, go get Trenton_

Catherine Greene : Speedo and gold chains would of been a nice touch.

Oc Airsoft : Lol downtown Laguna 😂

Meta Kaiser : That luscious chest hair ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ryan Geissinger : *S P R I N G B R E A K !*

5MadMovieMakers : I get really sick of people who litter everywhere with sunscreen

g l b : Gus can be my lifeguard any day 😏

Joshua Benton : Laguna!!!

bbkangs : Cameraman: zoom out then *ZOOM IN*


Leonel Gonzalez : Why didn't you wear a thong? That's how you get all the ladies

Orion Rosario : Gus is God

Shaba Laba Ding Dong : Wow zac efron has nothing on this dude

Natalie Alfera : *A w f r i c k*

Noel Rodriguez : Why didn't this show up in my subscription feed??

Taylor Breckenridge : 🐻

guyus yulioos kaisar : these porpoises cant dunk


rorysmakingamovie : i wish that hair on your belly was me

AURANIUM : Nice chest hair

Lolo Solo : I want to rub my face on those amazing hairy thing.

qwerty uiop : Aw frig!

shesmah1 : *T R E N T O N*

Planet : Does that girl have a channel or something? She's been in a few of his vids now

Ryukachoo : The sunglasses getting more and more crooked shot by shot, then fine in the last shot

chance nicely : So is that like a no?

Jesus Faist : You're like 26 and 36 at the same time

8BitFun : Put Sabrina in more videos

trenton brewer : Not one single YouTuber has used my name in a skit and this was so weird watching this and him use it so much

diegomineiro : Why are all those people wearing clothes at the beach?

benuttt : i wish you filmed this on a camera from 1998-2003 because this is such a home movie