This video challenges you to work out whether its true or not

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The Bock’s Pygmy Octopus is able to lighten its own skin, before releasing a blob of inky mucus, which is the same size and shape as its owner. The body double is dense enough to hold its shape in the water, and leaves a predator with a difficult choice. This video might be true, but it might be a lie. Question what you see, and challenge your beliefs. Can you determine fact from fiction...?


Daniel : This is great! I must say I'm skeptical, but I'll go with true. The pseudomorphs don't have to be perfect, perhaps, and there are artists who have experimented using ink underwater to give some great ribbon-like blobs which to a predator might just be enough to fool 'em! Looking forward to more!

Wobrote : I hope people vote before reading my comment, but: . . . . . I think it's fake! How on Earth could whatever the octopus uses to expel its ink mould it into an octopus shape?! However, if it were real, I'd like to know what would happen if you removed one of the creature's legs, would the ink shadow show only 7 legs?! How intriguing. I think videos like these are very beneficial in an age where you can't trust a word you read. Hopefully it will teach some critical thinking ;)