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Omer Osama : He didnt even mind talking to him 😂

Colby & Sam : “ I can do this all fucking day dude “ “ it’s night time “ I’M SCREAMING “ I can do this all day I told you” “ I TOLD YOU ITS FUCKING NIGHT “ I’M CRYING

Colby & Sam : I’m sorry this guy is so funny “ my safe word is pineapple juice I like pineapple juice “ “ real talk I got snacks in my car can you get them? “

Coles Corner Official : He was so funny😂😂

ItCondogg221 : Patty: I got all day bro Fugitive: it’s not Day I told you

CliffLife Keith : funniest shit ever

Poop The Man : Poor Kayla she has to hold that camera every single day like for respect

Xeta : Batman Superman Spider-Man Booty-hole man!

Logan Paul : Butty hole man

Niko Montaino : What happened to this dude?


dragonfire _303 : He is going to meet alot of people nicknamed bootyhole man in prison

Bashier Kutaich : And longest intro on YouTube goes toooooo "PATTYYYYYYYYY MAYOOOOOOO"😂

Hannah Salley : Omg. Funniest sh!t ever. “WATCH YOUR FINGERS BOOTYHOLE MAN! oh he’s strong!?”

Bella Costell : i have to admit he was funny😂

____Runner2205 ____ : This guy is ether really dumb or really high

ZNaviHD : i have a few safe words. pineapple, steak and "fan" with a swedish accent.

Panda Playz : I liked this guy

丅ŘเғΩŘςέ : This guy a legend

Osama Bin Ladeb : Andrew coulda gotten away so easy

Rich Rach : 21:59 I'm a feminist! (° ͜ʖ°)

susan banyard : He is high af

Daniel Kilburn : This guy was well funny 😂

Dontaviousdbnobles Brevelle : Patty: I can do this all day bro. The guy: hey it night time.

BeastaKonTV : Patty should have tazed him earlier

Alyssa Carter : 24:40 😂 when he slammed the door oml 😂

XxDeathStrikexX5503 : Patty:Wheres he goi.. WAIT THATS HIM GET IN THE CAA

Zypher - Agar : 0:02 play at 0.25 speed Oml😂

Masterplanet 420 : Ok I like this guy he’s funny

Zachistka : Video starts at 17:13 if you wanna skipmshoutmouts.

Davie Mcquan : I'd of let him go just for the jokes 😂

Sloth Poop : "IT'S NOT DAY I TOLD YOU!"

Barbara Peters : he a lil crackhead talking about uuuuuuhhhh u strong

Tyler Carey : I love your new intro

Hunter Gossett : This dood funny

James Ladley : This guy is the best 😂😂😂

Frank Ibarra : Andrews voice kind of reminds me of Donkey from Shrek

Kimberly Lara : When your into is longer than your content 😂

Awesome Dude : Dude this guy is on some drugs.

Kaitlyn Jenkins : Let's bail Andrew out

Xeta : “Some of those are limited edition!” Like boi how can quarters be limited edition

Felix Funlovsky : "You think in in Pilates?"

Life With Milan : Yay a hunt

Eli Ware : I'm dying when he said come here let me whisper somthing in your ear I thought of that song " hey baby mama let me whisper in ya ear "

Kush Savage47k : Why didn't u talk to him an ask questions he is funny af I hope he gets out an keep doin what he doin that man is funny

1evilgsta1 : hes like a main character to some crime comedy flick

Chris Gamer : It's not day I told you!

Sean Playz : who here from Daquan?

Barbara Peters : the shout outs took half of the video😂he wasn't kidding when he said that it was alot😶

Zachistka : And watch yo fingers bootyhole man!