10 Craziest Out of Bounds Discoveries in Games - Part II

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Erik C 'Piano Man' : In a world that’s so oversaturated with rehashed top 10 list and the like, it’s refreshing to see a YT channel put the time and effort in their lists to find new content. I haven’t heard of any of these. Keep up the great work.

MirroredSmoke : Ok Youtube... i watched it

Ice Bear is allowed to change username in 90 days : Yah the real question is, why was this in my recommendations all week??

FunOrb 7 : roses are red voilets are blue this video was on my reccomended and on yours too

ScientistCat : Should I point out the irony of going out of the borders in a game called Borderlands?

kingdomhearts1251 : When you click on the video because of the thumbnail, but then the actual video is enjoyable and you forget about what you clicked on the video for (the thumbnail), but then the video isn't clickbait, so now im 100% happy with this video. In short clicked for thumbnail, but stayed for video.

0PLITS0 : Being a developer (not games but web) there're lots of things that can be left in the final product either on purpose or not. You may put some things for testing purposes to help yourself or the team or highlight something and you have the option to choose. You could use some humour or inside jokes to cheer up yourself and your colleagues. And you may forget or for a reason (maybe just for fun) leave these things pass to production. The other case is to make a glimpse on purpose. It could be just to leave your mark on the product with a sense of humour or personal culture. If I was the first to reveal a secret glimpse on a game it would be easy for me to proove that I was involved in the production process. The other funny or creepy thing to see is comments in the lines of code of others. In some occassion you can clearly see the developers mood the time he was working.

Ze French Accent : Maybe 25 years ago, I decompiled the Amiga game "Agony". As I was browsing through the code, I read in awe a message that went along the lines of "In Memory of ..., Rest in Peace". I cannot remember the name of that person, but I was dumbfounded to have found some sort of digital tombstone. It reminds me of the shrine in the barrens of WoW dedicated to a Blizzard employee who had passed away

Jonno Plays : The bananas are clearly a location marker for the developers. It allows them to visually understand where their work space is in a large 3D environment with many useless spaces. They may have left it there rather than code them back out since nobody would ever see.

Natalie Altemose : There's one in Spyro 2 Riptos Rage for ps1 that I wouldn't call "crazy" or anything, but I was able to discover it without codes when I was a little kid. In the level Aquaria Towers, in the "room" with that Hunter is in with the manta ray, you can swim out of bounds. Normally, if you try to swim out of bounds here, an invisible force will push you back into the level. But, if you hold down the square button (like a charging swim) and aim Spyro DOWN TOWARD THE GROUND while fighting the force in the direction you want to go, you will be able to go out of bounds. It has been over 10 years since I've done this, but I seem to remember it triggering some sound/voice files of random characters throughout the game. If you check it out and find it, please upload!

slick the slick guy : Dude, truth be told. you make these lists with so much better and unique content than other youtubers!

Keltic MC : I feel like glitches such as the helicopter were just the developers wanting to put it in the game but decided not to at the last minute so instead of completely deleting it they just put it where they thought nobody would find it. It's also probably indestructible because they never programmed it to take damage.


The Shank : I remember when I was a kid, I was playing Link's Awakening and getting knocked into a hole in one of the beginning areas, it took me to some random room suddenly and I couldn't kill any of the enemies or even get out. After dying, my child mind was determined to go back, but I just couldn't get back to it, even reenacted what sent me there with zero luck. To this day I still wish I could go back and explore it all again.

Galaxy Chan : For the tomb raider one, i think that was supposed to be one of the levels but maybe got cancelled for some reason, and got forgotten...

Fancy Pun Banana : Guess you can say that Yoshi's Island styled Goomba in Super Mario Sunshine is pretty, shocking.

fieryelf : There's an old one that's not accessible anymore. Back in the old days of "World of Warcraft" if you used blink as a mage to go through the instance entrance to dead mines and used slow fall as you fall through the world, you would end up in an unfinished version of Outland. I'm sure you can still find videos of it on youtube. There was a similar thing in Stratlhome but whatever place it sent you to had no textures if I remember correctly.

EndHunter89 - Minecraft : this video been for on my recommend for like 1month and few days XD

João Pedro Souza : Quem veio ver as imagens das cabeças sem a censura ?

Hamm Slays : Have you covered the Halo 3 out of bounds half naked dude yet? Hes in the last level

CamCoder : I found a Illuminati sign in Mario Odyssey's out of bounds!

money : Why is this video recommended for me

Fire Nation Files : *Allan, you didn't add any details!*

burteriksson : On 8-bit Nintendo's (NES/Famicom) "Goonies 2" you can find this room with an Eskimo saying: "I'm eskimo. There's nothing here."

GREENDEERE22 : Background music?

Thiago Zillinger : Só vim por causa da Censura de Dava Jonas! kkkkkk

Gustavo Gek : Eu jogava motocross madness quando eu era criança E até cheguei a ver esse easter egg, mas só agora fui ver como é sinistro


Sarrador Invernal サブ・ゼロ : Quem veio pelo Dava Jonas?

Ezion Silva : Quem veio pelo Dava Jonas?

A Era Gamer : Davy Jones ?

Josué Victor • : PIMBA

Enrico Gamer : Pimba

Joseph Valencia : That Resident Evil 2 find is really cool. To think, for twenty years we've been running through that screen not realizing that there's a DISEMBODIED HEAD in the corner.

HorrorHawk : does anyone else remember swimming of the island on PUBG to the mainland and finding apples in the green barn with the doors shut?

Brian Metcalf : In Elderscrolls Skyrim, after entering the city of whiterun, you can jump the walls, back into skyrim. After entering the main gate, to theright behind warmaidens, there's a barrel sitting in it's own walled off area. If you jump on the barrel and carefully jump towards the lowest wall, you'll re-enter Skyrim; pretty much just bg textures for Whiterun, but if you walk underneath the city, there is a chest under Skyforge; nothing cool: just leveled loot and a lot of coin. I think it's a vendor's inventory chest. Anyway, if you walk underneath the city, you'll be pushed back through the ground. Im sure there's other stuff in whiterun's back drop skrim to explore. Does each city have a back drop to load? If so, are there more hidden chest and easter eggs? Hmmm

Bob : Dava jonas

Henks LV : cūcība. Vēlējos vispirms redzēt pirmo daļu.

Wasabi Steak : > Borderlands 2 animated missing texture I'd reckon that a flashing texture with text that says "MISSING MATERIAL" is soooo much more easier to notice than a static checkerboard pattern that could probably be mistaken for intended textures in an indoors map. It's really for the QA to find than for the level designers, and if the QA doesn't know anything about default placeholder textures of the Unreal Engine, a checkboard pattern may pass the tests. Now, this particular out-of-bounds discovery isn't something that the QA or even most players would find through normal gameplay, so it's expected that it might be left behind.

Rousettus : I'm sorry if you've already covered this (I only just found your channel through this video, watched it and the first one and didn't see it in either, so..) but in the PlayStation game Treasures of the Deep (the original) I found a weird but cool out of bounds thing too. I forget exactly what level it was, one of the first few, I got off my sub and was able to swim over the hilly landscape that keeps you on course, kept going for a bit and found a huge Dunkleosteus prehistoric fish waiting for me there. Obviously it was a shock to see, it was so different from the sharks, dolphins, turtles and other expected animals (save for the one weird giant eel that's part of the actual game play. That was odd on it's own.) The fish never attacked me, just swam in one spot calmly but freaking me out a little just because it was so unexpected. I'd only rented the game once as a kid so I can't give much more detail on how to find it again, but I never forgot it!

Golden Witch : Never knew about the Tomb Raider one, and I'm a hardcore classics fan, especially of IV (but then I rarely cheat, and if I do it's in-game cheats/glitches such as the clipping one). Another great Tomb Raider one is in the first level of TRIII Gold. When you're standing on the castle and look out towards the sea at a certain angle, you can see the Loch Ness monster swimming in the distance. That's kind of an Easter egg in itself cause he's not that easy to spot. However, the real fun comes when you use the 'air-swimming cheat' to make your way over there. Turn the cheat off once you're close enough, and you'll be able to walk on the very distant 'water'. You can see very clearly now that Nessie is a 2D object at the very end of the map. Might want to refrain from touching him though, since if you do you'll quickly find out he's actually a spiked wall object textured to look like Nessie. The (mini) game, unlike I&II's Gold, is pretty hard to find, but there's footage of it here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l4Sd7K-vL0w And a longer look at Nessie from the distance: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0mkQt88z8lU Considering the clipping glitch that allows you to get to ridiculous places, there's a bunch of these in TR (there is even an infamous medipack that is impossible to reach UNLESS you use said glitch. It also makes speedrunning very interesting) but this is the best one I could think of off the top of my head. Fun series, something different from endless boring 'life hack' lists. YES, WE KNOW TOOTHPASTE CLEANS THINGS.

That one Guy : I feel like kug was a enemy that would look like goomba, and if Mario tried to step on it he would lose hp which explains the similarities and the punishment for jumping on him, this would be a very neat detail to keep the player on their toes and would be a fun new enemy to add in this day and age.

PartyWolf11Official : There's a out of bounds glitch in fallout 4 after u get the free fall armor u can walk through a corner of the building where u find the free fall.armor at and travel through any building in fallout 4 fast and , walk under the.map once u fall outta the building.

Christian : Ok Youtube, I'll watch the video


Red Revanant Arc Demon : What is name of the music?

Travis Garbutt : You didn't know about these do they were fun the baguette and That's Amore in Grand Theft Auto that no one knows about even plus the Iron Man suit

Tony AlPaquino : I experienced that cal 50 lmg in CoD 4

VeoBroLIVE : ThagED

Super User : I really don't know why do they do this?!