10 Craziest Out of Bounds Discoveries in Games - Part II

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Erik C 'Piano Man' : In a world that’s so oversaturated with rehashed top 10 list and the like, it’s refreshing to see a YT channel put the time and effort in their lists to find new content. I haven’t heard of any of these. Keep up the great work.

El Noveno Vlog : Estooooosooon nueve plagios y robos de contenido echos por YouTubers :v

El Pack de Reuben : Por que Tri-line? Por que?

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ScientistCat : Should I point out the irony of going out of the borders in a game called Borderlands?

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-R C- : Usted ha sido robado por el gato de Springfield

Tapshyon : It bothers me that he doesn't know what goomba is

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Jonno Plays : The bananas are clearly a location marker for the developers. It allows them to visually understand where their work space is in a large 3D environment with many useless spaces. They may have left it there rather than code them back out since nobody would ever see.

aldo gutierrez rojas : Trilline te robo el vídeo , de seguro dirá que es un experimento social :v

João Pedro Souza : Quem veio ver as imagens das cabeças sem a censura ?

Daniel cruz : haber gente hablamos de tri line, debe haber sido una coincidencia

Keltic MC : I feel like glitches such as the helicopter were just the developers wanting to put it in the game but decided not to at the last minute so instead of completely deleting it they just put it where they thought nobody would find it. It's also probably indestructible because they never programmed it to take damage.

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EndHunter89 - Minecraft : this video been for on my recommend for like 1month and few days XD

Neco The Sergal : 10 out of bound discoveries that didn't rehash old shit everyones' seen for the last decade from every other video? SHOCKING!

GREENDEERE22 : Background music?

lorencio faze : Triline porqueeee

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Julio L : Justo en el Kokoro tri-line. Y yo que tenía una idea muy respetuosa hacia ti. Robar contenido es de lo más asqueroso y patético que un youtuber puede hacer. :((((((((

Santiago Escruceria Del Pino : Gracias Tri-lane por traducirnos los videos, al fin y al cabo el nos comparte la información que hay en la red

Juan Andres Vera Gonzalez : Dejen de criticar y agradezcan que triline nos haya traducido un vides tan interesante :V

burteriksson : On 8-bit Nintendo's (NES/Famicom) "Goonies 2" you can find this room with an Eskimo saying: "I'm eskimo. There's nothing here."

Grand General Chaotik : I think the bananas were either jokes or placeholders

Henry Zhang : 4:05 "oddheader rules" in the bottom left

Gaven Pyeatt : I think that kug is a enemy that was supposed to be painted off walls and was never finished with the code and the game thinks it's the electro koopa like things

Brian Metcalf : In Elderscrolls Skyrim, after entering the city of whiterun, you can jump the walls, back into skyrim. After entering the main gate, to theright behind warmaidens, there's a barrel sitting in it's own walled off area. If you jump on the barrel and carefully jump towards the lowest wall, you'll re-enter Skyrim; pretty much just bg textures for Whiterun, but if you walk underneath the city, there is a chest under Skyforge; nothing cool: just leveled loot and a lot of coin. I think it's a vendor's inventory chest. Anyway, if you walk underneath the city, you'll be pushed back through the ground. Im sure there's other stuff in whiterun's back drop skrim to explore. Does each city have a back drop to load? If so, are there more hidden chest and easter eggs? Hmmm


Some Thing : Is it just me or is the Tomb Raider one disturbing as hell?

Mickey Mouse : I feel like kug was a enemy that would look like goomba, and if Mario tried to step on it he would lose hp which explains the similarities and the punishment for jumping on him, this would be a very neat detail to keep the player on their toes and would be a fun new enemy to add in this day and age.

Leonardo Flores Sánchez : Trilini si cipii di iqui Yo en lo personal creo que fue coincidencia(por que no creo tampoco que hubiesen muchos juegos que mencionar).