10 Craziest Out of Bounds Discoveries in Games - Part II

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Erik C 'Piano Man' : In a world that’s so oversaturated with rehashed top 10 list and the like, it’s refreshing to see a YT channel put the time and effort in their lists to find new content. I haven’t heard of any of these. Keep up the great work.

MirroredSmoke : Ok Youtube... i watched it


Some Thing : Is it just me or is the Tomb Raider one disturbing as hell?

Cyrus : This video gives me 2007 vibes.

TPV Productions : If you have ever dove in to a level editor yourself and started designing levels. You will realize people put this stuff in as a joke just to f with people and you add your own little secrets.

João Pedro Souza : Quem veio ver as imagens das cabeças sem a censura ?

gory tho snool : Why do I find these types of videos disturbing??? Like kind of scary?? Especially since I'm watching this at 3am

STAG162 : I believe there's one you haven't included yet, and that's the Guild Wars 'out of bounds' glitch, which Arenanet never bothered fixing, because to them, technically it's not really a glitch. You need to start outside of Eredon Terrace in the Factions expansion, and if you've allied with the faction that is controlling the area at the time, you can talk to the Merchant outside the gate. Eredon Terrace is an explorable outpost with not a lot to explore, just a safe spot to AFK really. So to get this glitch working, you need to pull mobs towards the NPC's at the gate. At this time you need to have the Merchant targetted just as he is about to disappear inside Eredon Terrace to avoid the mobs. Then you need to use a teleport skill (depending on your profession) to teleport yourself to the merchant as he goes inside. If you're still in the same instance, it worked. If you went inside the outpost (too soon or too late), then you'll have to try again. Once you glitch the map, Eredon Terrace becomes a LOT more explorable. There's quite a few terrain glitches and invisible walls once you get there, but I believe the reason that Arenanet never fixed this is because it still counts for exploration (Cartographer title), adding a handy 0.8% map completion. This 0.8% can be found elsewhere without this glitch, but this is more fun.

Neco The Sergal : 10 out of bound discoveries that didn't rehash old shit everyones' seen for the last decade from every other video? SHOCKING!

Anime Chan : For the tomb raider one, i think that was supposed to be one of the levels but maybe got cancelled for some reason, and got forgotten...


Nicolas Martinho : Hello, I'm from Brazil, there's a Japanese game called: Capcom Vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000, in the menu if you go in the 'Option Mode' a song starts playing, after 15 seconds, at the background of the music if you listen closely, a man say "Kaiser, uma grande cerveja, a cerveja dos momentos felizes" (Kaiser, a great beer, the beer of happy moments), Kaiser it's a brazilian beer, after a research I discovered that this voice line was taken from the "Comercial Cerveja Kaiser 1987" that you can found in Youtube, i wonder why a beer commercial it's in a Fight Game.

Edward Du : Fine Youtube, I'll watch it!

The G4M3R Attila9899 : Borderlands 2! I love that game! (one of my fav childhood games)

Andreas Nordvall : Didn't a lot of ex-Rare employees move on from having worked on GoldenEye and Perfect Dark to later do the Time Splitters series? The bananas instantly struck me as a nod to Rare and the Donkey Kong series.

Scrumpton Mc.Laddy : I remember i found an out of bound area in Left 4 Dead 2 on the perish, i was able to climb the bridge and get across the blocked off area of the bridge at the end, i also was able to get behind the fences and was stuck there until i died

Egmont Parkour : In grand theft auto 3 there's a parking lot with a 4-5 meter high wall, but if you manage to fly over it (with the dodo) there's a text on the wall in full caps saying YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE. And also there's a ghost town under the map. the way to get there is to fly there with a dodo behind a mountain or something (again) and you will see that its where the cut scene of the beginning of the game starts, just search it up EDIT I searched up the wall Easter egg and it actually say's "You weren't supposed to be able to get here you know"

Fire Nation Files : *Allan, you didn't add any details!*

HorrorHawk : does anyone else remember swimming of the island on PUBG to the mainland and finding apples in the green barn with the doors shut?

Thiago Zillinger : Só vim por causa da Censura de Dava Jonas! kkkkkk

Zizi Mugen : 8:30 I believe the flashing serves the function of calling attention to itself when a developer is viewing a map. If the texture is flashing, then it's a beacon for the dev to fix. But if the dev missed a spot, it might still be here.

Jeff Fisher : I went out of bounds, ended up in North Korea

Ian Tong : Honestly most of these can be explained by "Some dev did it by accident or was too lazy to fix it"

FilipeFBA : Quem veio pelo Davy Jones dá like

13th Evergreen : Wasn't the Goomba a hint at the Paper Mario game that was supposed to be released, rather than Mario Sunshine and was an Omage to the Game creators? The Timesplitters bananas are what Free Radical Design is all about. Crysis is a good examples of what I'm talking about. In Relic, there is a river shack across from the other side of the river with the excavation site. On the chair by the shack's edge is a radio. The radio explains about a banana crisis. In this video of Crysis at the 2:50 point, there is a Banana Weapon https://youtu.be/BgisjSg7a4A Free Radical Design, just Love's Bananas mate.

Ice Bear approves of how long your username can be : Yah the real question is, why was this in my recommendations all week??

money : Why is this video recommended for me


Christian : Ok Youtube, I'll watch the video

Sapuh TV : Vc vai ganhar inscritos por causa do Davy

kingdomhearts1251 : When you click on the video because of the thumbnail, but then the actual video is enjoyable and you forget about what you clicked on the video for (the thumbnail), but then the video isn't clickbait, so now im 100% happy with this video. In short clicked for thumbnail, but stayed for video.

A Era Gamer : Davy Jones ?


God Of Timewaste : I think the glitch city and the sp00ky ghost within might be a manifestation of the game's memory, and more specifically, the ghost is possibly a character that was not fully implemented, but not fully removed either, so it's still in the game's memory. I might be completely wrong, but it's a possibility.

Intergalactic Enemy : Half life 2 has a few spots with a yellow/black MISSING TEXTURE spot, but normally its pink/black checkers. I think one is under the leach water at the beginning of "Highway 17". Dont remember too well though.

Bertrand_Sushibar_Russell : My Craziest Out of Bounds Discoveries in Games: *BIOHAZARD 2 IS NAMED RESIDENT EVIL IN AMERICA*

MilselimX : There are countless out of bounds glitches in bf3, my friend and me liked to discover them all.

OzonesElbow : 5:23 - I'm 98% certain that the gun is placed there from the VERY first build of the game where the map was used to test physics and shooting amongst other mechanics. I've seen a rare video from those early days, I think they even used WAW playermodels as placeholders.

Canal De Memes : Só eu q veio aqui depois q assistiu o video do Davy Jones ksskk

Donovan Simmons : 9:55 The helicopter makes sense when developers want to show off the game to either investors or other people working on the game.

Sarrador Invernal サブ・ゼロ : Quem veio pelo Dava Jonas?

Ezion Silva : Quem veio pelo Dava Jonas?

Patrick Emidio : Vim pelo dava

RRezer GB : Quem veio pelo Davy Jones ?

NandK ANIMATIONS : Is it just me, or is this really creepy for some odd reason?

powerful thanos : i stumble across one or two glitches from time to time but something like this is like finding pandoras box !

3xf0l3x Gamer : Vim pelo davy jones

Carameru Dee : The head in re2 omfg

WHITE BR : Gostei,sou brasileiro quem e brasileiro deixa o like,eu vim pelo canal Davy Jones tradução para ingles I like it, I'm Brazilian who and Brazilian leaves the like, I came by the channel Davy Jones