The Time Zack Morris Prostituted Lisa To Pay A Credit Card Bill

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Our Founding Liars : Zach is def active on the dark web. Keep asking questions

wstine79 : Even when he is doing something to help a good friend, he still comes off as trash.

dodson43 : As a kid, you didn’t realize how much of a scum bag Zack was, but thanks to this series, never stop making episodes.

clarissa krigger : I actually was uncomfortable with this episode when I was younger

wishywashywara : I swear Zack gets progressively shittier every episode.

Sir Prize : Didn't Zach pimp Lisa out before too?

miss daae? : *he'll put anyone on any corner*

Joey Cameron : I can feel that anger and disgust building in the narrator's voice with every episode.

Bethany O'Neal : Minus the cut she gave her other daddy.

Awkward-Hipster : This wasn't the first time Zach prostituted his friends

gokinsmen : To be fair, it was _Lisa's_ credit card bill. Zack was just helping the only way he knew how: child prostitution.

Yiana : The blonde sociopath strikes again!

Elijah Grimes : Everything looks scummy if you remember it exactly the way it happened.

Jennifer Jones : Damn, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. Zack Morris is ABSOLUTE TRASH!

Yiana : The one thing I look forward to on fridays....what has my life become?

Kristin M : S M E L L S T U R B A T E

Gabriel Schleifer : And I'm sure nobody stopped to see the implications of a white guy more or less "selling" his black friend.

thirdimpact : There should be a reunion movie where everyone realizes at Bayside's 20 year reunion how much of a sexual deviant and monster he is. They then discover that "Zach Morris" isn't even his real name, and that Franlin Desmond Ritchfield (his real name) is a known terrorist and serial killer. They then find Belding's decomposed corpse stuffed under Franklin's bed. Slater and the rest of the gang bring him to justice, just in time for the reunion.

スケールVanessa : Zack Morris is how gaslighting became a thing

Derek Johns : "Trust me."- Words that have never ended well to whoever Zack Morris has ever said them to

Brent Pilgrim : “Strap that thing to his face like a snorkel” lmao 😂😂

Larry Crabs : Smellsterbate!

freshnshytz : A different voice inflection than usual in that last "Zach Morris is Trash", this must be getting personal for you guys

Janelle McNeil : “He’ll put anyone on any corner. It does not matter to Zack” LMFAOOO

H F : Out all the episodes this is Zac at his worst smh Zac Morris is traaaasssssshhhhh

Kristopher Anderson : "Jesus Christ does he just wear that all the time, what a dork..."

Marmy : This is my favorite series on this channel.

chill mccool : man i used to watch this show all the time when i was a kid and i never picked up on how trashy zack is

Christopher Szakacsi : Minus the cut she gave her other daddy. Jesus.

J Po : "Zacks already scumbagging at a 12th grade level" 😂😂😂

Mr Sack : I never knew this episode existed until now. Looking it up, it was the second episode of the series after Zack stole the show from the original series star, Miss Bliss, and it’s insane that this went on for 4 more seasons unchallenged (not counting the college years). It’s like Zack watched Ferris Buehler’s Day Off and saw it as a challenge.

Puggalug : Were the people that kissed Lisa ever seen again? Why not?

Devin Navarro : This is it. This is the worst thing he’s ever done.

aleah marie : How did the series not end with Zach in prision?

animalntaz : ...How much money was spent on those automated lockers that could have gone to Lisa's credit card bill? And plus was there any real security measures to what is considered free clothes in OTHER peoples' lockers? So many questions.

Artstar2 : Once they have gone through every episode of Saved By The Bell they should move on to The College Years. My guess is Zack was still trash in college.

Mickey Price : The sad part is people like Zack usually make alot of money when older, unless they end up in jail

Reinis Miks : Jake Paul before Jake Paul


Levi Ackerman : A nice show to go along with my breakfast :)

Callidous : I've never watched this show, but I assume it's for adults and ran only after 10 pm.

MadameTamma : I don't understand. There were so many good opportunities for Lisa to just punch Zack in his smug little nose, but she didn't take advantage of any of them.

Codecell756 : How does he get worse every episode LMAO

Cal Wiggums : The folks' responsible for creating / producing / editing this series are _funny as f_

jdzspace33 : If you see Lark Vorhees now (actress who played Lisa), you will plainly see she never got over this episode.

christopher rembert : $386...... That's over $750 today.

Kail Habib : The girls who grew up watching this and had a crush on Zach prob grew up so confused for liking such a horrible person...then had kids, who after watcjing their moms and aunts make horrible dating decisions, got older and hated every straight white male. This explains 2018. Thanks, Zach Morris.

this little homie : I don't know what's worse: the fact that Zack can be a pimp, the fact that he has props or the fact that Dashiell just called Zack a "dork".

Madhouse Beats : "smellsterbate" "jack and sniff". lmfao this is why I hit the like button before the video is loaded.

Brian Miller : It's great to have a new ZMIT, since it's the anniversary of Kelly dumping Zack for Jeff (9/14/1991)