Demonstrations of DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle Technologies

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DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle Technologies (GXV-T) program aims to improve mobility, survivability, safety, and effectiveness of future combat vehicles without piling on armor. The demonstrations featured here show progress on technologies for traveling quickly over varied terrain and improving situational awareness and ease of operation. These demonstrations feature technologies developed for DARPA by: 1) Carnegie Mellon University, National Robotics Engineering Center 2) Honeywell International 3) Pratt & Miller 4) QinetiQ 5) Raytheon BBN Technologies Learn more at:

Comments from Youtube

Bit Little : DARPA says "here's a bunch of stuff we've had for decades and never got round to using, and now we can show you. Just wait till 2090 to see what we built in 2018!"

Ralph Louis Mendoza : Darpa is just showing old and declassified things to let people know they’re doing something with the government ‘s money.


Jaron Schreiber : I guess you guys reinvented the wheel there

Enkel Bega : And this is the unclassified tech, imagine what they have hiding in the candy shop.....super exiting

Peter August : This is great. 10 more years and the US army can use this technology to automatically change afghan people in the 3D Video to shooting targets. This way the Tank Crew wont even notice that they are killing random people while playing GTA Kabul.

Rise Spartan : Ya its cool and but I didn't see one cup holder...

Thom E. : Is my sense of humour bad when I find it funny that her name is walker?

SteveAkaGoatpile : and all Im thinking is. expensive, complex and nearly unservicable.

Texan 214 : Obviously if we are seeing it, it is already obsolete.

thebakerman1 : If people only knew what they really had...

The Legend : 3:09 that extends up to f- ... SIX FEET

Sho Jo : Gotta admit those transforming wheels are pretty badass. 🔥🔥

Hassan Qayyum : it protecc it attacc but most importantly... its tire change to tracc

My Luminaire : Darpa, get a logo update. It looks like a kid played in ms word 95 :D

dutchsinse : the movie STRIPES comes to mind @ 45seconds ! :D hahahahaha… URBAN ASSAULT VEHICLE ! xD

NKStrand1 NK Co. : DARPA is the best, I look forward to working for them.

Charlie Shakur : but where is the DARPA chief lol

CasinoR : Don't trust darpa look what they did om the island of LOST

Sinwoo Yoo : US Military always shapes the future, which is way better than other's peaceful attempts. Isn't it ironical? I love all your efforts as the real pioneers :)

kourosh great 2500 Year. iran7000 Year : USA superpower vorld 💪 🇺🇸 💪 🇺🇸 💪 Classy 👌 👌 👌 Classy 👍 👍 👍 army 🇺🇸 💪 🇺🇸 💪 🇺🇸 💪 🇺🇸 💪

Placebo : All I see is maintenance maintenance maintenance.

HachiZenki : Now all it needs is a minigun and/or Mk. 19.

Threat Assessment : These globalists WILL NOT STOP Until they implement driverless cars!

Justin Noker : That raptor was pretty badass, especially if it can off-road autonomously

jorgensenmj : "Initiate vertical take off!!!!" "Flight capabilities offline" "Reboot dammit!!!"

Hitmaniak17 *Cars and Cinematics* : Reconfigurable wheel-track that sick!!! 😍👌

William Heggie : This is amazing, but I still think it would benefit from the addition of several lasers. I don’t know how, but I bet Americas best engineers would find some good uses for them.

donalvaroautomocion : Sinceramente FABULOSO. Soy un apasionado de los trenes de rodaje y esquemas de suspensión y el Raptor es fabuloso, muy táctico, desde luego, solo deseo que podáis implantarlo en el campo de batalla.

krueger : Crazy thing is...that's old tech for DARPA and they are finally allowed to show the general public...wonder what they are working on as of now

LiquidHigger : Need that last vehicle to deal with the potholes in my area.

Luuk : Would work great for birdbox 😂

James Marcus : might want to get more Jerrys your thinktanks are mighty vaccant dirtpa

John Doe : Wow, white people are amazing.

Leonardo x : Where can I apply to work there ? I can code :)

Matej Bilić : I'm not a huge fan of this. The Sherman was very popular because drivers could repair it very quickly with simple tools. This seems like it takes an electrical engineering degree to fix

The Metal Butcher : Electronic hub motor is the coolest to me. I guess that's why I'm studying mechanical engineering.

Cowboy Ray : Something about this relaxes me😎

Sappah Daddy : so for the first half of the video they're just making a bigger VR headset?

OFF Fishing : Holy crap that was cool af

Tokin : Ok so I have a around $1.5k pc sim cockpit with three monitors, force feed back, active pedal force feedback. A five point harness and motion pushing g simulated movement. I feel like all military personnel should be housed in a completely enclosed chockpit. They are training more then just pilots in these. They also train driver a cross all disciplines.

Nelson Gonzalez : Damn! Those reconfigurable wheels are awesome. The vehicle with adjustable hydraulic suspension looks pretty badass!

Banu191919 : The wheel is reinvented... wish only good things.

Justo Talkalottashit : Darpa - Showing Civilians the technology they helped pay for 50 years ago.

Stew : Finally taking the windows out and enclosing people in armor. One thing that always bugged me about space movies like Star Trek hey look here is the bridge like a bullseye on this big circle. The Bridge should be in the center of the ship.

CT7 Evil : AMLO debería comprar estos vehículos para combatir el huachicol.

droctagon3k : looks cool, but what about reliability and vulnerability of those wheel / suspension components.

Bandit Playz : Idk why they research this for 10/20years and they still use humvees

jg 102316 : Wonderful science project. This won't last in extended combat service without many more times the maintenance hours. Keep it simple